A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Isaiah Rider speaks out on DCFS


Need everyone in the country to PRAY for what the state of Illinois is doing to Isaiah Rider RIGHT NOW!

Illinois Stops Teen from Going to Mayo Clinic – “Legalized Terrorism” Claims Distraught Mom

Isaiah Terrified of Being Forced to Chicago Again

Isaiah very much hopes that this decision is overturned, because he is terrified of the “solution” that is now being proposed – being sent back to Chicago, the place where he was medically kidnapped from his mother, and where he was raped. It is also the place where they couldn’t help him, where they told him repeatedly that the pain was “all in his head.”

Calls to the Governor for a year now have failed to do a thing, but why let him off the hook?

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner at 312 814 2121            IT TAKES 1 MINUTE and imagine if 300+ million people were to call (current US population, but calls from around the world are welcome!)

Supporters are also calling for calls to be made to the White House on Isaiah’s behalf. The White House comment line is 202 456 1111

APRIL 14, 2015 is one year anniversary of Isaiah’s Medical Kidnap

Just days after 17-year old ISAIAH RIDER was made a permanent ward of the state of Illinois, a state he DOES NOT reside in, a state he only visited in order to have surgery – – – he speaks out: “DCFS, do you understand how much worse the kids lives are when you take them away, how much worse my life got?” 

“I hope every one of you sees this message. I hope you get mad at me. Say all you want. Hate me, talk bad about me, write little court things about me, but one thing you’re not going to do, is take me away from my family.”

Via parentalrights.org: “Today Missouri resident Isaiah Rider was made a ward of the State of Illinois so that doctors who disagree with his mother regarding his medical treatment can continue to do as they please to a defenseless 17-year-old boy.  This is a disgrace to our system of constitutional law.”- 3/11/2015

Michelle Rider explained what happened:
“Isaiah was just made a ward of the court in the state of IL. A Missouri residing resident is a ward of another state. He can’t even get proper medical care, we have been waiting on Illinois to be able to get him into see a neurologist to follow-up on a brain lesion discovered in December … This doesn’t even make any sense at all. How is it any ones best interest for a state and agency 550 miles away to decide and dictate the best interest of a person?My son is very ill, and as his mother I can’t even be with him.  Anyone one who has eyes, ears, a heart, and a voice – Please don’t ignore this. A young innocent man’s life is involved here. The court of public opinion matters, your voice matters and Isaiah matters. A young mans life is at stake here and we need help. A year now and so much devastation, and it only continues. Please help. We truly need help.  -Isaiah’s mom

FROM Team Isaiah:  Share and Shame and let this go Viral!!!!

Don’t be fooled by the smile, this is NOT a nice man of integrity and honor.

This is the DISHONORABLE man they call a judge in Cook County in Chicago IL. He has allowed and taken part in the cover up of a crime against a minor, Isaiah Rider in State Care. He has destroyed lives and allowed major harm. His name is Nicholas Geanopoulos. This man is not an honorable judge or human being, he is a criminal. He has wrongfully taken captive a teen who doesn’t even live in his state. This man failed to protect and provide a safe environment to a resident from another state forced into foster care in his City. He is fully aware of all of the issues regarding lack of medical care, rape, assault and he has done nothing to protect this young man. By his complicity He too has participated in the crimes that have taken place against Isaiah and his family.

This man denied Isaiah the right to have his OWN private counsel in December, only allowing him court appointed counsel. We have to be transparent because these people are choosing not to be.

This man failed Isaiah Rider. How many other children has he failed ???

FROM ISAIAH:  “Don’t underestimate me.”

We need more young people like Isaiah and Andrew to speak up!

This is a very compelling and powerful video made by Andrew Demeter. Andrew is a young American political activist, amateur filmmaker and journalist.  He is also the founder of TeenTake a channel that can be found on YouTube.  Additional info regarding Andrew Demeter including his bio can also be found on Wikipedia.

This short video depicts a very true and while very tragic, accurate timeline of events for Isaiah and his life.

The response Michelle received when thanking Andrew for his help :  “I know it’s a tragic story to tell, but my hope is this video will propel the message and allow us all to lift the burden of your despair and bring Isaiah home!” – Andrew Demeter

Articles to share and try to get help for Isaiah and his family are listed below. This was all put together by another supporter! Thank you for all your time and help!! This family needs justice !!!

Please report this story, and support Isaiah’s Law (needed in EVERY STATE before it happens to YOU!)  

The case caught the attention of Missouri Rep. Ken Wilson who’s filed a bill he’s calling “Isaiah’s Law.”

While it won’t impact the Riders’ case directly, the measure is meant to protect parents in Missouri who seek other opinions regarding their child’s medical treatment.   http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2015/02/09/supporters-plan-push-for-isaiahs-law/

Thank you.

All Media Links


This list will be updated as new media outlets report/interview.  Please check back for updates!

4/15/15: A Miracle For US Blog

4/13/15 CBS St Louis

4/13/15: NaturalNews.com

4/11/15: NaturalNews.com

4/8/15 pjmedia.com

4/9/15 The Liberty Beacon

4/6/15: EpicTimes, The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show 

February 2015

2/19/15 SunTimes News, MO

2/18/15 Parent Security

2/17/15 KCTV5 

2/17/15 MissouriNet

2/17/15 Ozarks First

2/17/15  Illinois Report

2/16/15  Epic Times: Robert Scott Bell Radio Show

2/16/15 CBS St Louis/KMOX

2/14/15 Natural News

2/14/15 Legally Kidnapped Blog

2/9/15 CBS St Louis/KMOX

2/9/15 The Missouri Torch

2/8/15 Reddit

January 2015

1/24/15 WeAreChange.org

1/24/15 Linkis

1/23/15 Epic Times: The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show (choctaw info)

1/22/15 Sheep Media

1/13/15 SunTimes St Louis

1/12/15 The Captain Show (Michelle attacked by Ex-DCFS worker)

1/20/15 Epic Times: The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show (Michelle attacked by EX-DCFS worker)

1/20/15 Medical Kidnap

1/20/15 FreedomFloodgates.com

1/20/15 The Unhinged Mind Blog

1/19/15 Illinois Review 

1/15/15 The Missouri Times

1/14/15 CBS Local St. Louis, Megan Lynch, KMOX News Radio Beth Allison Maloney with audio clips

1/13/15 CBS Local St Louis, Megan Lynch with Dr Marc Feldman

1/13/15: KSHB Kansas City 41

1/13/15: The Sleuth Journal.com

1/13/15: Robert Scott Bell show (audio)

1/12/15: CBS Local St. Louis, Megan Lynch

1/11/15: Robert Scott Bell Radio Show

1/11/15: Epic Times/Robert Scott Bell Radio show

1/11/15: Natural News

1/11/15: Templton News

1/11/15: Top World Headlines

1/11/15: News Stop Diseases Blog

1/11/15: Scoop it blog

1/11/15: The Daily Rapid

1/10/15: Medical Kidnap/Health Impact News

1/10/15: Before it is News blog

1/10/15: The pretty lie or the ugly truth blog

1/7/15: Dave Hodges Radio show (Has some printed misinformation)

1/8/14: The Captain Radio Blog

1/3/15: Citizens Commission of Civil Rights St. Louis–Take Action MO News 

December 2014

12/7/14: The Dave Hodges: Common Sense show (MP3 of Michelle for the first time disclosing the rape & Sodomy about 45 min in)

12/26/14: Susan Knowles

12/23/14: Ice News.Net

12/23/14: Illinois News Network

12/17/14: Kansas City Star

12/16/14: Illinois Review

12/16/14: Newstral Kansascity.com

12/16/14: New York News

12/16/14: Headlines America

12/16/14: HNGN Headlines and Global News

12/16/14: Daly News

12/16/14: Viral News Chart

12/16/14: News locker.com Chicago

12/15/14: NBC Chicago 5 News report

12/15/14: CBS Chicago 2 News Report

12/15/14 dates back to October 2014: Medical Kidnap

12/15/14: Chicago City and Press online report

12/14/14: Liberty Beacon

12/8/14: Liberty Beacon

12/8/14: the Patch Chicago Heights

12/76/14: Medical Kidnap

12/6/14: Repulicanoperative.com

12/5/14: Kansas City Star

12/4/14: Robert Scott Bell Radio. Natural News.com

12/3/14: Rhonda Robinson report

12/3/14: Family Rights.azproject.org news

November 2014

11/13/14: Politichiks

11/10/14: Family Centered Care Practice

11/6/14: National Radio Host Gary Null (Dr. Marc Feldman international Medical Expert and Randy Kretchmar lawyer)

11/5/14: Seemorerocks Robinwesternra blog

11/3/14: Wn.com

11/3/14: Legally kidnapped blog

11/2/14: INQUISITR

October 2014:

10/19/14: INQUISITR

10/12/14: Tea Party.org

10/2/14: Conservative News and Views

September 2014:

9/23/14: Parental Rights.org

9/23/14: to AFR News online (reposted Parental Rights above story)

9/20/14: Kansas City Star

9/20/14: KansasCity.com

2/20/14: Wopular

9/16/14: Youtube Fox4News KS

9/15/14: Fox4 KC News

9/15/14: Kidjacked.com MO

9/10/14: Mad in America

August 2014:

8/24/14: The Blaze

8/24/14: Pirate News (the Captain)

8/22/14: Fox 4 KC

8/22/14: The Captain Radio Show interviews Randy Kretchmar

8/7/14: Chicago.indymedia.org

8/5/14: Off the Grid News

8/3/14: Daily Mail (UK)

8/2/14: Toledo News (update from July article)

8/2/14: Georgia Newsday

July 2014:

7/31/14: Stand for Truth Radio Show with Susan Knowles.com

7/30/14: The Captain Radio Show

7/26/14: The Captain Radio show

7/24/14 WECT news (updated from 6/14/14)

7/23/14: Police State online

7/23/14: Signs of the Times Sott.net

7/19/14: The Captain Radio Show

7/11/14: Fox4 KC Kansas City

7/7/14: McDowell Charered

7/7/14: Lois Kulinsky & Assoc

7/3/14: Kansas City Star

7/3/14 Wmcaction5 News

June 2014:

6/26/14: Robert Scott Bell Radio Show

6/26/14: Comcast Sportsnet CSNChicago.com

6/26/14: Medical Daily

6/26/14: One Herald

6/24/14: KCTV 5 Kansas City

6/24/14: NBC 5 Chicago

6/24/14: ToledoNewsNow Fox 11

6/22/14: National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse (last story)

6/20/14: NY Daily News

6/19/14: WGN tv 9 Chicago

6/18/14 : KCTV5 News Kansas City (updated 7/18/14) (also posted at World Now site)

6/18/14: Fox 4KC

6/5/14 : KMBC TV 9 Kansas City (updated 7/2/14)

May 2014:

5/28/14: Chicago Tribune

5/24/14: Chicago Tribune

Non Dated:


Health Impact News


Titus 2 Homeschoolers

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