A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Protecting families and children from the Child Protective System

“With overreaching by local and state governments into family affairs, the current CPS has not only damaged untold numbers of families but also undercut the legitimacy of parental authority through the continuous threat to parents of child removal.”

Children and families are literally under attack by a system bent on ripping them apart and destroying them under the guise of agencies perceived as, and charged with, “protecting” children.  Parental Rights are becoming non-existent under the weight of this system.  This book explains a lot, but to prevent the further erosion of Family and Parental Rights, everyone needs to become aware of what is going on behind the scenes, and become involved and concerned . . . before they come for you, or your children, or your children’s children.

The general populous is unable to grasp that THEIR children can be taken by the government because everything this country was built on defies that concept.  Society has been ingrained to believe that the government ONLY takes children for good reason, therefore any good parent would have nothing to fear.  Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of families that have been ripped apart, but because they don’t represent the majority of the population, their voices and horrors go unheeded because no one wants to believe children are taken from their families without very justifiable reason.

Nothing could be further from the truth and it is estimated that more than 80 % of the children taken into state care should never have been removed from their parents.  The government is finding more and more reason to intervene in parents’ raising of, and rights to their children.  The very thought that children could be taken from their parents and adopted out to strangers for financial incentives to the state is too draconian to ever believe could happen in the United States of America. But it goes on each and every day and massive damage is being done to families while the public naively goes around thinking – there must be something there, our government would NEVER take children from parents without good cause.

Time for everyone to get up to speed on something so vital to our society and future – the preservation of family.

4 comments on “Protecting families and children from the Child Protective System

  1. kayla sell
    April 24, 2015

    My children were taking from my home over false allegations. They lie in court and I’m sure they are violating my rights. Because I am poor I know they are preying on me because I can’t afford a lawyer. I desperately need someone’s help please my babies are not safe they are in kingship with my mother and her husband and they abused me and put Me in Foster care as a child. And now are doing the same to my children. I need help please someone contact me 6103781960


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  3. Mary Dirvin
    February 6, 2016

    Our court system is broken in New Jersey from the Children youth and families to the child support systems which are taking money from the parents of the biological children to pay for unnecessary and overinflated court fees. From my experience in New Jersey, a system that over regulates stable families who are easy targets for social workers desiring a convenient case load. A system that knows nothing about regulating itself.
    A system who spends more money looking for cause of a childhood disability ( blaming the parent without facts) than supporting the disabled.
    The incidence of potential for abuse is much higher in foster system. So many children when reacting to an unstable home are placed in a DCF home diagnosed Emotionally disturbed and placed on Psychiatric care , these children are medicated with antipsychotics starting at age 3.
    In instances of a child who is acting out from daily stress of a single parent home, the care givers ( daycare or schools) find it convenient to refer the child to a child study team who suggests that a child be evaluated and medicated before non medical interventions. Also the parents are told to exaggerate the reports of the child’s behaviors to obtain higher levels of service providers.
    Typically there are no supports for prevention of child abuse and neglect. No single parent respite ,no before or after school programs ,no year round reliable public transportation… no evening or weekend daycare programs for single parents and/or poor parents,no programs for disabled parents with low income .
    When you open your door to DYFYS the door may never be closed. Coercion of the testimony of the victim of alleged abuse and allegations which stay on a alleged parents record permanently. In the name of unsubstantiated abuse or neglect of a minor you may never work in your profession again.


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