A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

And then they came for you

Carrie RengoAbducted Rengo Mother: Send a message to America for me…

First they took 3 breast-feeding babies, and the national outrage lead the Governor to get an attorney to help them, (6,000 phone calls can do that). The normal chain … Continue reading   Send a message to America: “Children don’t belong to Government. The Government belongs to the People” said Carrie Rengo as they took her children from her because she and her husband attempted to flee their vice grip and intrusion on their lives.

NEXT UP, and to be posted soon: Mother loses kids to CPS while on vacation in Florida!  Spoiler: she got them back, weeks later, and only after they were severely traumatized and abused in foster care, and after she gave up and lost everything to get her kids back from a state she only vacationed in!!!   If this doesn’t tell you the government is taking kids for every and any reason, then perhaps this will:

Medical Kidnapping: kennedy-hospital2A Threat to Every Child in America Today <This site is NOT just Medical Kidnaps, but all aspects of the GOVERNMENT taking OUR children into custody Lakisha-Malik-with-pacifierfor everything from seeking a second opinion:Mad-Angel-daughter-e1426847623873

reneeIt’ been CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

Kids taken by government from their parents that should never have been taken.  In the case they investigated, that baby was in state custody for 2 years, and about to be ADOPTED away from her loving family that fought every waking moment to get custody back from the state. But the Feds pick one case and then move on. WHAT ABOUT THE 1/2 million children in state custody? Who is their voice and investigating their cases? How many are adopted out like puppies from a puppy mill?  b6

Parents need to stand together and unite to stop this horror.  The cover picture is Baby Bella, another child wrongfully taken by the state, and being kept from her parents for over a year now.  Massachusetts is moving to adopt her away from her parents, just as they tried in the above story where the Feds intervened.  Who’s going to stop this from happening?  The Feds have investigated their one case and made their findings that speak to this happening frequently, and across the country.  You can read all about Baby Bella here: Medical Kidnap, Calculated Heartache, and Destruction of Families

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