A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Your voice made a difference – Now let’s bring change to Medical Kidnapping

keSocial Media Users Make Orange County Doctor Pay the Price for False Accusations

YOUR VOICE/ACTION had impact for Kennedy, but so very many other families need this kind of support and outcome – – – and the battle is still not won!

Online followers of seven-year-old Kennedy Willey bombarded Children’s Hospital of Orange County in California with calls, e-mails, and posts on its Facebook page when Dr. Zupanc’s allegedly attempted to have her taken into the custody of Child Protective Services late last month.  But how many people can afford to hire two medical rights attorneys and an advocate, immediately, when a doctor/hospital attempts to kidnap your child? kennedy air

Dr. Zupanc’s efforts were, thankfully undermined by another doctor treating Kennedy and the release was granted.   That also is rare, i.e., another doctor stepping up to defy what one rogue doctor attempts to do.

Kennedy was brought to the hospital April 23rd for a seizure disorder.  Against the parents’ wishes, Dr. Zupanc administered multiple prescription drugs to her, even ignoring that she was seriously allergic to one of them!  When the parents tried to stop the use of that drug, (for a second time), they were told hospital staff would “come back with a court order,” according to Dawn Willey.  That night Orange County Child Protective Services arrived at 11pm and kenneconducted a two-hour interrogation of Kennedy’s parents and threatened the Willeys that if they attempted to challenge any medical treatment ordered by Dr. Zupanc, a court order would be obtained.  Kennedy-dad-hospitalMeanwhile, Kennedy, nearly comatose and deprived of food for seven days, was continuing to have cluster seizures cluster seizures.  A week before being admitted for these seizures Kennedy was walking, talking, playing and much more.

When Kennedy was successfully away from Dr. Zupanc, the parents learned he had called the local CPS authorities claiming the parents committed severe medical neglect.

Five days away from Dr. Zupanc’s “care”, kennedKennedy had regained full consciousness, resumed eating, began walking, and has since been discharged from UCSF, but while the San Francisco CPS allegation was immediately dismissed, the Orange County case remains open.  In the meantime, this is a post from the Facebook on a page entitled “Pray for Kennedy May.”  (The pictures above were taken from that page)

“We have been home for one week. Most people think since we escaped with our child still intact and the ordeal is over we should just move on with our lives.

It’s not that easy. As a family, we are broken.

While Kennedy does not remember much, she remembers enough. These pictures were taken during her many withdrawal moments of “being green.” She is 7 years old and should never had to endure the abuse she suffered at the hands of a doctor. It took many days for her to stop believing she was green. There was absolutely no reason for her to have had phenobarbital at all, but the toxic levels she endured was criminal.

We have thought long and hard about the battle we are about to begin. Through prayer and your support we know it’s the right answer. This has nothing to do with revenge and much more to do with the nightmare of knowing this very thing could be happening to another family right now. The next child may not be as lucky as ours to make it out alive. And that’s not being dramatic, many people who visited us and saw Kennedy have since told us if we stayed they feared she would not have come home with us.

So while we are grateful to be home with both our beautiful girls, we hand over the broken pieces to God knowing He will put us back together stronger than before.

Please share our story and help us prevent this nightmare from happening to another family.”

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