A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

VICTORY against CPS corruption and tyranny!!!

ZoeyWe are so happy for little Zoey and her family, and so proud of how they prevailed against so much evil.  In Zoey’s mother’s own words, below, we hope others can be helped, and elected officials will wake up to the horrific destruction of children and families “under cover of law” and their watch!  America, these families need your help before their kids are put up for adoption.  So many victims of state sanctioned kidnapping don’t know their rights, how to fight, or are gagged, intimidated, and threatened into submission.  PLEASE help these children and families BEFORE … They come for you!  

Today’s NEWS from Free Zoey  z free family

We are free! We won!!! This is our first family picture as a free family. Just finished with court. Jurisdiction ended and custody of our daughter has been returned to us. This happened two months after we fired our attorneys. Best thing we ever did was fire them. We now never have to deal with these people again……..until our lawsuits where they will be the defendants. 
Time to sleep so I can work. To all those out there protesting today…..thank you! We would have been out there if we didn’t have court and work tonight.feeling accomplished.

The back story:

Z E&ZThis all started due to a bunch of lying officers stating that Zoey’s father, (my fiancé ) was drinking and driving with her in the car. This is why CPS came into our life and later, lying social workers kidnapped her using armed force with a swat team after she had been returned to us after his supposed DWI. From the beginning, he has claimed his innocence and said he simply took his eyes off the road to look at navigation and hit a curb and fire hydrant that was less than a foot off the road. Welcome to corruption and let me share with you how lying cops and lying social workers can ruin someone’s life.z free  fr jail

The police report stated many things that we knew were lies. They stated they found a rim in the street. My car doesn’t have hubcaps and I have a picture with all 5 tires intact. They also stated I said he was drinking a 12 pack to celebrate finishing finals…..1) I would never say that and 2) I do NOT talk to police. There are a few other things that we can prove wrong on the police report, the best one being that an officer wrote that they smelled a strong odor of alcohol. For the last 8 months, CPS has put us through hell, wasted tons of our money and NC tax payers money, and worst of all kidnapped our daughter for almost 4 months. We’ve had to do random drug testing, including hair follicle test, counseling, psych eval and Steve has had to go to AA meetings weekly. Today we found out there was NO alcohol in his system. Thank you again to the lying officers and CPS workers that have made our life a living hell and our welcome to NC the worst experience we’ve ever had. We have an emergency court hearing that we called for on Friday. I’m thinking they better end the case immediately.
z star

This goes to show you that yes, cops and CPS work together, just as do doctors and CPS with medical kidnapping.

This little girl……our beautiful little girl was kidnapped from us after the lies all these people with authority had. How dare you do this to us and how dare you do this to other families!!!!

When our case ends, just know, our fight against CPS and the police are not over. We will always help other families and the agencies that hurt my family will be dealt with.

We are so proud of, and happy for you Elizabeth and Stephen.  Let this victory inspire and help the tens of thousands of others fighting exactly this destructive corruption and horror ❤

SAD UPDATE – 2/12/16:


Today we mourn the loss of a champion father who dropped everything to learn the law and get his beautiful daughter out of the heinous and corrupt clutches of CPS. But another reason to be angry and fight the tyranny of this abusive agency that harms children and families is that they stole much precious time this father had with his daughter in her very young life. For all the things we can’t control that separate loving parents from their children – – – sickness, death, and other reasons beyond our control, WE MUST STOP THE THINGS WITHIN OUR CONTROL. We must STOP the state sanctioned kidnappings of OUR children.

This child was taken by our government by swat team for no valid or justifiable reason.

They got her back only by firing private attorneys, learning their rights, and fighting with all they had for their own child who the government intended to put out for adoption!!!

Now this child’s father was taken by something beyond our control, a car accident, and we must fight to stop the injustices within our control – – – Public Corruption.

Our hearts are heavy as we extend our condolences and so much more to this family. We shall fight on until children unjustly taken are returned home, and no more are taken.

STOP ALL Federal (kidnapping) Funds under Title IV E that perpetuates the stealing of our children. Let’s bring ALL children wrongfully taken, home.

God Bless this family. You know we will fight on and surround you with our support, none of which can compare to your great loss. OXOX ❤ ❤ ❤


15 comments on “VICTORY against CPS corruption and tyranny!!!

  1. brialeha
    June 6, 2015

    I’m so happy for this victory! It is so disheartening how these monsters continue to get away with destroying undeserving families. I had been so deceived by DCF on 2/26/14 when I had been flat out lied to after police and DCF had already violated mine and my grandson’s 4th and 14th amendment rights. They were able to get the evidence they needed to prove the allegations made against me were lies. The police report said ‘Complaint Unfounded’ & they (5 total) refused to remove my grandson, Braeden from me. DCF returned and lied saying the police wanted to meet with me at her office the following day. I complied, regrettably, at which time they kidnapped my precious Braeden, giving me no explanation and just demanded I leave. I was shoved out the door. It was by the Grace of God that I was able to hold my composure. DCF committed perjury the next by claiming I had been under the influence and had been arrested. I have never been so devastated. They caused such a profound anguish with all their lies, it nearly destroyed me. Braeden was held hostage for 7 very long months. Today is the first day since Braeden was kidnapped that I felt a sense of empowerment standing by myself at the courthouse with a poster that started in big bold black letters ‘GRANDSON KIDNAPPED BY DCF’. I was told within 5 minutes I couldn’t display it because ‘it was a crime’ what I was stating. I remained calm and said, “It most definitely is, but it’s the truth and my Rights entitle me to freedom of speech.” He asked for my ID, went into the bldg, came back and told me I had to go out by the sidewalk. I said “No problem… Would you like a flyer?” I met many very nice people who were very interested in hearing my story. So many had their own stories to share with me, as well. I want to get a t-shirt that says it… My PTSD inflicted by these monsters was redefined today as Positive, Triumphant, Strong, & Determined! Knowledge is power! God Bless

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  2. Kory S. Booth
    June 6, 2015

    I too have personally seen the corruption of CPS, including lying I’m sworn affidavits to remove a child and extreme favoritism toward females (at least here in Texas). The entire agency should be dismantled and rebuilt in a just manner. I’ve even had a CPS-hired counselor admit CPS management sought to have her change the professional opinion expressed in her report because it recommended returning the children to their father whom CPS was biased against from day one.

    At Kory S. Booth & Associates, I’m glad to offer services to fight CPS in Central Texas, and I know the statutes and rules better than CPS personnel. They have no qualms violating your conditional and state-provided rights. Fight this absurd corruption! Our children are our lives!

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    • Kory S. Booth
      June 6, 2015

      Sorry for the typos in my original post (cell phone autospeller…).

      As a lawyer, I am shocked at the system used by CPS. I too have personally seen the corruption of CPS, including lying in sworn affidavits to remove children and show extreme favoritism toward females (at least here in Texas). The entire agency should be dismantled and rebuilt in a just manner. I’ve even had a CPS-hired counselor admit CPS management sought to have her change the professional opinion expressed in her report because it recommended returning the children to their father whom CPS was biased against from day one.

      At Kory S. Booth & Associates, I’m glad to offer services to fight CPS in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, all at reduced rates because I abhor the thought of children suffering at the hands of CPS.

      I know the statutes and rules better than CPS personnel. They have no qualms violating your constitutional and state-provided rights. Fight this absurd corruption! Our children are our lives and our futures! Please considering sharing legal services offerings and using my practical, “hand on”knowledge because I want nothing more than to beat those child abusers right where it counts! http://Www.kboothlaw.com (512) 986-9150. I assure you that you will not find a more vigilant and cost effective attorney affinity because I cannot stand the “machine” that is ripping our families apart!

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      • Cher Christensen
        December 11, 2015


        Please contact me ASAP. 801-330-9170

        Thank you thank you thank you



      • Kathy Lester
        February 12, 2016

        Mr. Booth that is great to hear, sadly I am in California they took my grandson denying me placement on HEARSAY he was adopted is there any recourse now?


    • Ron Zarecor
      September 22, 2018

      It’s way past time to educate America on the truth about what CPS really has in mind and that’s to take our children and sell them off by any means they so desire
      your rights mean nothing to them and they will violate them everyone of them and they will invoke their qualified immunity witch once they violate your rights committing a crime voids their immunity. Everyone needs to invoke article 6 sec.2 The Supremacy Clause. it’s the Supreme law of the land and as a real person and not a corporation of the state you are an Individual Person and your rights come
      from your creator GOD before all else and not the State to be diminished in any form or fashion by any branch of government without violating oath of office to defend the constitution and the rights of ( We The People ) (You Are Entitled ) There Your Rights Exercise Them.


  3. sylvia stewart
    June 23, 2015

    Check out CPS in Evansville, Indiana


  4. matt
    June 23, 2015

    my case is sooo messed up it would take hours to explain..all i can say is that its been going on for 4 years now…and we are up for termination hearing at the end of next month (july) and honestly…i though i;d never give up…but…im at a near breaking point…i dont know what to do anylonger…the lawyers are all corrupt and money hungry…no one will help or sue…(until the case is over anyway) and to top it off..as a new (this last friday) development, at an ALJ(admin law judge) hearing for a service appeal..dcfs claimed that i posted comments on youtube that showed i was ooking to get or make an explosive..and that i put up the picture and name of the case supervisor…mind you..they where under oath…and also mind you…this was all just OUT OF THEIR MOUTH…(hear-say) and yet it got put into the report as EVIDENCE..so, now…im looked at as more or less a terrorist i guess….complete fabrication…and NO LAWYERS seem to want to take it on as i have been calling all damn weekend(since friday when i got the ALJ report by mail) im am truly at a lose…how can they do this..make things up from thin air..and have it in a court document as evidence..and further more..after speaking with the fbi..they said im fine..and woulda been arrested last year when this supposedly happened…but still…no lawyers want to help?? i give up…4 years of this type of crap…but this new crap just took the cake..i feel dead..


    • Christie
      August 31, 2015

      They are the terrorists! Don’t allow them to break you. That is exactly what they are trying to do. Our children are their meal ticket and family court plays a huge role in the corruption.


  5. Jennifer
    June 24, 2015

    Can u please email me? I would really like to pick ur brain! Snd ask a few other questions


  6. patricia faircloth
    September 7, 2015

    Thank GOD for this miracle! It gives me hope in North Carolina! They took my precious grandson almost 5 years ago. They are not bigger than Jesus!


    • Haven
      April 8, 2016

      Please email me tammylynnjackson@ymail.com

      I also am in NC, I’m taking on my OWN CASE!
      I was contacted by a few attorneys, apparently it was to close to home for this ‘good ol’ boy state. Who better to defend oneself, than ONESELF I suppose. I pray justice is served🙏🏻


  7. Elizabeth
    November 18, 2015

    This is Zoey’s mommy. If anyone wants to contact us, please find us at http://www.facebook.com/freezoey
    We will gladly share what we did to win. 🙂


  8. Michael Borusiewicz
    February 2, 2016

    Support for CPS victims in Australia… https://www.facebook.com/groups/LukesArmy My CPS story… https://www.facebook.com/notes/michael-borusiewicz/lukes-story-by-lukes-dad/168853136807469 Congratulations on your victory against these predators. Does not happen often enough.


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