A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

I feel dead

We don’t know this person, but we know their story all too well.  If anybody has any words of encouragement, now is the time.

cps liesMy case is sooo messed up it would take hours to explain..all i can say is that its been going on for 4 years now…and we are up for termination hearing at the end of next month (July) and honestly…i thought i’d never give up…but…I’m at a near breaking point…i don’t know what to do any longer…the lawyers are all corrupt and money hungry…no one will help or sue…(until the case is over anyway) and to top it off..as a new (this last Friday) development, at an ALJ (admin law judge) hearing for a service appeal..dcfs claimed that i posted comments on YouTube that showed I was looking to get or make an explosive..and that i put up the picture and name of the case supervisor…mind family ctyou..they where under oath…and also mind you…this was all just OUT OF THEIR MOUTH…(hear-say) and yet it got put into the report as

EVIDENCE ..so, now…I’m looked at as more or less a terrorist i guess….complete fabrication…and NO LAWYERS seem to want to take it on as i have been calling all damn weekend (since Friday when i got the ALJ report by mail) I’m am truly at a loss…
how can they do this..make things up from thin air..and have it in a court document as evidence..and further more.. destroying familiesafter speaking with the FBI..they said I’m fine..and would have been arrested last year when this supposedly happened…but still…no lawyers want to help?? i give up…4 years of this type of crap…but this new crap just took the cake..i feel dead.

We hope this brings some comfort, but we know the fight is long, hard, and evil.

June 22 at 12:16pm · Great Falls, MT ·

I just wanted to give everyone who has had their children taken, and their rights, some hope. In 2004, I lost my children, in 2006, they took my rights and my children were adopted by 3 different families. I stay or stayed in contact as much as possible. Last August, 2 of my children lost their grandmother to a massive heart attack, which whom she left no will of what was to happen to them. I researched who the judge was, and wrote him a letter of what happened from the time I lost my children to the present day. I pointed out all the changes, and classes I took, and the interest I had in becoming their guardian being they cannot reinstate rights in Montana. That got me to become an “interest” to the case. My children ended up back in foster care/group homes. Well, we just had court last week, I have gotten all my weekend/holiday visits unsupervised and unlimited phone calls back! I also managed to get DFS (CPS), and their group home investigated for things I kept track of, that my children reported to me. I also proved the parenting I was doing via phone and internet that DFS was unaware of, and seemed to not care…to me..that was a MAJOR victory!! The only reason I did not get guardianship, was because my apartment is small, so I am currently looking for a bigger place, so I may bring back my children! Please..DONT GIVE UP!

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