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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

BREAKING! Justina’s Law needs your IMMEDIATE support!

Justina Petition Extended
Help us Spread the Word Before July 29

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 Petition Text:

Yes, I agree! There should be no more medical kidnappings!  (See also, Baby Bella – Kidnapped from Boston Children’s Hospital while thousands rallied to FREE JUSTINA:  https://www.change.org/p/massachusetts-state-house-release-baby-bella-back-to-her-family? )

Whereas, Justina Pelletier was taken from her family and held for 15 months, and no parent should have to endure what they endured, and

Whereas, Justina’s parents had a choice between two courses of treatment for their daughter, and decided to follow the advice of her physicians at Tufts Medical Center as should be their right, and

Whereas, Massachusetts DCF unilaterally decided however that she should undergo different treatment, prescribed by Boston Children’s Hospital, and forcibly removed her from her parents care until legal and political intervention compelled the state to release her, and

Whereas, Justina’s Bill would allow parents legal protection to follow their chosen doctor prescribed course of action,

Therefore, we the undersigned urge the Joint Committee on the Judiciary to issue a favorable report to HB 1469 and to pass it out of committee to be considered by the full House and Senate.

            No family should ever have to endure medical kidnapping, so Rep. Marc Lombardo has proposed Justina’s Bill, guaranteeing parental rights and protecting against the power of the state in children’s medical treatment.

            Our MassFuture students (teenagers involved in the conservative movement) will bring our petition on Justina’s Bill to the Judiciary Committee at their 7th Annual Day on the Hill being held July 29.

            We need your help to spread the petition far and wide before that deadline. Please help by:

            Click Here to sign if you have not done so already.

            Click Here to visit our Facebook page. Please take two actions: like the page, and share the petition on your own Facebook wall, and in groups.



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