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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Sociopaths and CPS

the sociopathTo understand the sociopaths that we are fighting, and that can do this to children and families, The Sociopath Next Door is a must read: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0767915828/?tag=mh0b-20&hvadid=3488183794&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_8j6r006zg8_e

How many who have seen what goes on in CPS and the Courts can recognize this in so many:  “Fundamentally, sociopaths are different because they cannot love. Sociopaths learn early on to show sham emotion, but underneath they are indifferent to others’ suffering. They live to dominate and thrill to win.”  Sadly, this is in large part what we are fighting.  How ever else can be explained how these people who knowingly set out to destroy children and families sleep at night with the overt lies and actions they have engaged in to achieve their goal?

“… the chief symptom of which is that that person possesses no conscience.” < THAT explains A LOT, with all the unconscionable things we see people do, over and over, without so much as flinching.  But did you know that sociopaths are more than 4 times more common than those who have Munchhausen’s?  Munchausen Syndrome By-Proxy is the mental illness commonly used by these sociopaths to take away our children!

The accusation affects enough autism families nation-wide that the Autism Research Institute commissioned the creation of a 41 page legal guide to help lawyers and judges better understand what is and what is not Munchausen Syndrome By-Proxy. The report can be found here: http://legacy.autism.com/families/MBSP_unabridged.pdf

Sadly, the sociopaths doing this, don’t care to read or even know the facts. The Sociopath Next Door explains:  “It is the ruthless versus the rest of us…”,

“We are accustomed to think of sociopaths as violent criminals, but in The Sociopath Next Door, Harvard psychologist Martha Stout reveals that a shocking 4 percent of ordinary people—one in twenty-five—has an often undetected mental disorder, the chief symptom of which is that that person possesses no conscience. He or she has no ability whatsoever to feel shame, guilt, or remorse. One in twenty-five everyday Americans, therefore, is secretly a sociopath. They could be your colleague, your neighbor, even family. And they can do literally anything at all and feel absolutely no guilt.”

GOOD will ultimately prevailshatter the silence over EVIL, but the Holocaust taught us that massive damage and death can occur along the way.  How unconscionable of our elected officials to stand by and do nothing while children and families are destroyed before their very eyes.  How barbaric for those charged with protecting children to be the very people destroying them, and “under cover of law”.  These people have to look themselves in the mirror, and even if they like what they see, it won’t change the truth.  It is simply what we must force to the surface in the face of these sociopaths and their abuse of power.

Evil comes on strongest when it is most threatened.  Evil does not like transparency, and wants its evil hidden and silenced.  The best way to counter this is to unite against it, and keep spreading the word and sharing this page because that is exactly what they are trying to obscure.  Help us get the word out of what is happening all across America to our children, to our families, to our rights.  Stand up.  Speak up, and FIGHT for GOOD versus EVIL.  God Bless.



And here are 10 Things You Should do if CPS is Investigating You

2 comments on “Sociopaths and CPS

  1. Emelia Moreno
    December 9, 2015

    I feel like I’m under attack by cps and on a personal level. There’s a man named Jason R. who’s apparently investigating me a and this man has been telling anybody and everybody what he assumes is my personal business! This can only be construed as a character ASSASINATION! He said when I finally spoke to him to his face, “Yeah about that. I’m sorry.” I told him, “No I really don’t think you are cuz you CONTINUE to do it! ” He did nothing but wipe the sweat from his brow! It disgusts me the way my grandbaby’s case is being handled! I take responsibility for my part in failing him but while he was in my care as soon as cps told me he needed a checkup I took him within a couple of days. When he needed to see a dentist I took him within a couple of days and the dentist determined that he needed extensive work done to the point that the dentist scheduled him for oral surgery a week and a half later! But right before he was removed from my care and it’s been a month now and NOBODY has taken him for that dental care and he was already in pain when he was with me! CPS does NOTHING to care for our children and care only about their own agenda, WHATEVER it is! I only know what it isn’t and that’s what’s best for the children! They say the child has this issue or that. Well hell yes they do but not because of what was or wasn’t going on at home but because CPS ripped them away from the people that truly love them and place them with total strangers!!! The whole CPS system makes me sick to my stomach! AND a cps case worker told somebody I know, “We all do what we do but nobody questions us about it.” Now what kind of double standard bs is that?!!!


  2. Christopher Mcelroy
    January 13, 2017

    19 hrs..
    I have 3 years of cps records about a young girl who begged the judge to let her be adopted, she refused to see her sperm donor however she was forced to visit him. This guy/loser, has an extensive criminal history, he was arrested in april for drunk driving, refused the breatalyzer, and had it dismissed in August. He has never worked, CPS papers state he is willfully unemployed, He dets disability and Skis, in his BMW, All the CPS records state the same thing, he is a violent, unpredictable bully and is deceptive and manipulative. He has prior arrests for kidnapping, assaults, of course drinking driving and drugs. His records are sealed though because he is an informer for the FBI. When he was younger his mother told him she would no longer give him money/support him, He showed her alright! He coached his 5 year old daughter to say her nana raped her with a knife, then slick willy convinced the mother of the child that his own mother was raping her, This piglet had his 5 year old daughter go to harborview for a vaginal rape kit! I have all the reports. He currently has the girl who is 12, and as he promised yeaers ago, he is trying to sue CPS. hahahahaha, I have alerted the entire state about this filth, yet they do nothing. I also have sealed court records on another case, a friend of mine has been going to court almost daily filing motions after motion to get her son back from the violent wife and child beater, snitch that he is. He did a controlled buy for the pierce county sherriffs department, (2 lbs was mislabeled, then given another label then disappeared! The DAY after he did the buy for the police the cps paper states, that he thinks the mother is a good mother, and the only reason he is filing for custody is that CPS told him to. HE WAS GIVEN A !>% YEAR OLD BOY THE VERY NEXT DAY! We have found some things that tie the two cases together, a pierce county sherriff, and the prosecutor who refuses to file domestic violence charges against this guy who has a history of shooting off semiautomatics into the air in lakewood,
    We recently found a reporter and sent her our evidence, 1/3/17. on 1/7/17 the mother was supposed to meet a prosecutor on a SATURDAY? at the library downtown? I thought it sounded like a set up, and she had a bad feeling about it too, so she didnt go. Here is the scary part. She was on her way to visit her son with his christmas presents and somehow, her escalade had been tampered with and it rolled three times doing 60 miles and hour. This was not on the news. They gave her a ticket for negligent driving. We talked about how unsafe it is now that they know we are telling our stories to the world, She was so scared that morning and rightfully so. I spent last night calling washington state domestic violence, numbers, national domestic violence hotlines, I was hung up on three times, and told I cant help you lady. I explained that we cant call the police. I have given copies of my story to everyone, If something happens to us, and it already has, but my girl was lucky,then this story really needs to not sit on a shelf for years. PROOF POSITIVE THAT CPS IS GIVING CUSTODY OF CHILDREN TO VIOLENT SNITCHES, with the police approval and the best wishes of the prosecutors office. Our phones have been hacked, the computers, facebook emails, Its been a police gangstalking situation, and people dont believe that this level of collusion is happening everyday here in this rotten cesspool of politicians, cops, stupid social workers, and the worst of them all, the prosecutors Mark lindquist, oh king of methlehem, your name is written all over the documents not to prosecute these guys….I will send copies to anyone who might need more evidence, We will go class action if we can find someone who is not afraid of pierce and king county law enforcement and their well known gaslighting and wiretapping practices. I have not tryed to be anonymous, and neither has my friend. So lets make some changes around here? We, will be at the womens marfch downown seattle. I will be holdin a sign about the corruption of CPS. Join us, stregnth in numbers women. Thanks for reading, feel free to send this anywhere you like.
    Karen Mcelroy


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