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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

The 1851 Center takes on Medical Kidnapping, and FIGHTS for Parental Rights

Akron Children’s Hospital, (government run) sought to force chemotherapy on an Amish child when everything indicated the chemotherapy was killing her.  Even if she survived the chemo, it was almost a certainty that it would sterilize her.  When the parents objected to the chemo and sought a less invasive treatment that appeared to be succeeding, a State doctor claimed, and testified, that absent “immediate chemotherapy” Sarah would be dead within six months.

Fortunately for Sarah, the Amish community is not conventional, and refused to bow to government commands.”  reports the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law who stepped in to defend “suitable Ohio parents’ moral and constitutional right to make important health care decision for their children.”  [emphasis added]

When child services refused to take Sarah based on their belief that these were fit parents, the hospital was not satisfied, so they brought it to court.  The court ordered a guardian appointed to oversee Sarah’s medical decisions, so the family fled the country to avoid their child subjected to something that could potentially kill her.

Two years later Sarah is thriving without having undergone the chemo, she couldn’t be healthier, and the guardianship ended at a hearing yesterday.  It was determined that:

  • “[Sarah] exhibits no symptoms of lymphoma”
  • “There are no reports or indications that Sarah cannot keep up with her work or her siblings on a daily basis.”
  • “Medicine is not always right, as evidenced by Sarah’s survival in the face of ‘certainty’ she would die without treatment”
  • “There is no need for Sarah’s health to be on the Court’s radar”

But the Center contends the battle is far from over and claims “Ohio suffers from a cavalcade of health care “experts”, eager to deprive of us of our autonomy in light of their “certainty” that they know what is best for us.

… these experts have no skin in the game, arrogantly pontificate without fear of consequences, and are in fact frequently wrong.

Having protected Sarah’s parents’ fundamental constitutional right to make important health care decision for their daughter, we can only hope the precedent will reverberate across the country and STOP the horrific Medical Kidnappings that are so prevalent, and seemingly growing in numbers.  SEE A Threat to Every Child in America Today

The Center says of Ohio what needs to be universally acknowledged by ALL states:

“Ohioans cannot afford to trust their health or their children to government expertise. We have already been swept into a system whereby we are forced to fund much of what now passes for health care in our state and nation, whether we use it or not. But the matter of whether we must be forced to use it, is another matter entirely.”

The Ohio General Assembly – – members of which laud health care freedom, family values, and parental choice while campaigning for office – – cannot justify maintenance of Ohio’s wide-open and highly subjective “best interests of the child” test. This test allows county judges to overrule health care, educational, and other important decisions of suitable Ohio parents. Once overruled, children can be immediately seized from their homes.

This case exposed the worst of the alignment between health care “experts,” Ohio’s big hospital lobby, and faulty government legislation:

  • The statute at issue, still on the books, gives Ohio judges the freedom to overrule suitable parents when they hold a differing opinion as to the “best interests of the child.”
  • Government hospitals put forth so-called experts to testify that there is only one way to treat a particular ailment, and that “one best way” must be imposed through forced health care, even over parents’ thoughtful objections.
  • Average Ohio parents lack the resources to hire an expert doctor to rebut the so-called “expert” doctor that their government is using against them (funded by their own tax dollars).
  • So long as government locks in “the one best treatment” by forcing all to comply with that protocol, medical innovation and experimentation will suffer.

Knowledge is decentralized, and when in doubt, those closest to the situation, families (and not government experts with special designations next to their names) must make life-altering decisions.

Further, Sarah’s good health bolsters the case against forced health care that we supposedly cannot live without (literally, in this case).

It is now time for Ohio legislators to protect Ohio families from wayward judges. This can be done by reforming Ohio’s unconstitutional “best interests of the child” test.

In the meantime, Ohioans must continue to question authority.

Maurice Thompson
Executive Director
1851 Center for Constitutional Law


2 comments on “The 1851 Center takes on Medical Kidnapping, and FIGHTS for Parental Rights

  1. Patty
    October 3, 2015

    Investigative Response Committee – CPS on http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org Just click on the frowning Happy Face on right. Great support network for parents dealing with parental rights. God Bless the Sarah and her family.


  2. Hildy Straightiff
    October 5, 2015

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