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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

STOP Forced Adoptions!

Most people don’t know that that very many families have had their children wrongfully taken from them by the state. They are conditioned to believe that the government would only do such a thing for good reason, and the parents had to have done something wrong.  Not only is everything done in secrecy, but the parents of the children are very often threatened and gagged, so a lot of people aren’t aware of what is really going on.

The most renown case of this State Sponsored Kidnapping was that of Justina Pelletier, but it is far from the only such case.  She was a Connecticut teen who was medically kidnapped in Massachusetts by Boston Children’s Hospital, (BCH).  It took 17 months and massive public outrage and outcry to get her freed.  Also SEE:  lyonsHow long has BCH been kidnapping kids?

The worst nightmare of all, however, is when these children are forcefully adopted out to strangers.  Could that have been Justina’s fate if thousands of people didn’t line the street of the statehouse demanding to FREE JUSTINA?

ALL of these children Miracle Header> were taken from their families.  Many have already been adopted out, though the families continue to fight everyday for the children they so desperately love and miss.  For every child made a ward of the state, the state receives Federal Funding under Title IV E.  You can read more about that here.  Few want to believe that there are actually incentives for states to take children from their parents, but the more kids states take into their care, the more Federal Funding they get for what has become a multi-billion dollar industry. [https://amiracleforus.wordpress.com/2015/11/09/cps-explained-in-a-must-sign-petition/] .

Bonuses are given for states to adopt these children out of foster care to strangers, (there’s no money in keeping families together, so they don’t!)  You can read more about that here. [https://amiracleforus.wordpress.com/2016/02/15/bonu-chedule-for-tates-to-adopt-kids-away-from-their-parents/]

Babies, of course, are most in demand, but states get thousands of dollars per child for each adoption over their base line/prior numbers, so any child will do.  In short, the incentive to take as many kids as possible is the hundreds of millions states receive from federal tax dollars for the children they make wards of their respective states.  The adoption bonuses are in addition to that.  It’s a literal child trafficking industry that supports all the social workers, service providers, foster and group homes, courts, etc. that are necessary and increasing, as more children are swept into the system.

graphThe outcomes for all these children and families so adversely affected is very bleak, and the damage long lasting and far reaching.  Yet it is estimated that only 1 out of every 17 children taken actually needed to be removed from the home at all.  Notwithstanding how bad things can be in foster care, the removal itself is devastating and traumatic.

Since the media only covers the neglected or abused child that should have been taken, but Child Protection Services, CPS NAME(CPS), failed to do so, the public only sees where CPS is needed, even if they aren’t doing their job.  It’s almost as though they can’t get it right, but maybe there is a more sinister reason for the children under CPS supervision who end up in horribly bad situations, or die, while CPS did nothing to protect them.  With every such tragedy, there is always guaranteed to be much criticism of the agency, but just as assured is all the new money that will come in so that it never happens again – – – until the next time.
Public officials are quick to pull the trigger to protect kids, but know little of how they suffer in state care under that “protection”.  Nothing shows that more graphically than the 10 years of known serious neglect and abuse of children IN foster care, that was reported to DHS, but ignored.  DHS fires two top officials; agency hit with lawsuit alleging severe abuse  It is only when there is a media storm over a child who died or was severely abused who was not removed from the home, even though social workers overlooked serious blatant signs of abuse), are states are quick to embark on investigations, (into that child’s circumstances only).  Then they do studies, (that are never used to fix), start with MORE hiring and training of the same ilk, (because they were supposedly understaffed), and require more money to pay for it all.  Legislators and taxpayers who know nothing of what is really going on are eager to put more money towards “saving” children, when in fact, all this leads, to time and time again, is more children taken on the premise it won’t happen again.
Thus, this is the self perpetuating cycle of growing and funding Child Protective Services that inevitably fails children at almost every turn.  SEE:  CPS – Don’t let the name fool you! [https://amiracleforus.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/cps-dont-let-the-name-fool-you/]
Websites across the country make it so you can shop for kids over the internet, or at the mall.  (SEE: photo at right Illinois Department of Children and Family Services).  Some devastated parents who haven’t seen their children for months, or years, are actually finding their children on these sites.  In many instances the children’s parental rights haven’t even been terminated yet, but those are just details that can be dealt with later, if and when there is a “taker” for their child – – – the state already has them!
sophieIn this article we see a mother forced to sign over her parental rights to her baby who was in state care pending the long battle for the right to parent her children. The baby was obviously more desirable than her older child with special needs, but how does it happen that the state says the mother is fit to raise one child, but not the other?  Sadly it happens more often than anyone knows as the efficient way of stealing children without going to trial.  Threat, intimidation and worse is used by our government to coerce parents into “voluntarily” signing over their kids.  Medical Kidnapping in Kentucky: Mother Coerced to Give Up Daughter to Adoption in Order to Keep Son [http://medicalkidnap.com/2015/11/13/medical-kidnapping-in-kentucky-mother-coerced-to-give-up-daughter-to-adoption-in-order-to-keep-son/]
“….the judge called a recess which lasted about 40 minutes. Brenda’s attorney came back and said that the court was offering Brenda a choice – to choose between having her 14-year-old son Aaron come home by giving up her 3-year-old daughter Tanaieah voluntarily to adoption, or lose both children.”
In Massachusetts, a child was taken two days after the mother gave birth.  Two years later the MA Department of Children and Families, (DCF), was aggressively moving to adopt that child away from that family.  Had the US Department of Justice not investigated that one particular case, out of the thousands begging for investigation across the country, that child would most assuredly have been put out for adoption, never to be seen by that family again.  The DOJ stopped that forced adoption in progress, but what of the tens of thousands of other loving families who never had a chance against the taxpayer funded Goliath.  READ MORE HERE:
[ More people need to be aware of how, and why this is happening and Operation EXPOSE CPS has produced a flyer that can be reproduced to educate the masses so that the horrific practice of FORCED ADOPTION becomes more widely known. As it stands now, adoption is a warm fuzzy word that implies giving unloved, abused, neglected, or orphaned children a loving family. Too few know the truth or number of FORCED ADOPTIONS being commenced through State Sanctioned Kidnapping where children are ripped from their loving homes, often on fraud, lies and/or for federal funding and adoption bonuses.  (The biggest travesty of all, most people don’t even know about this important, precedent setting case, and Massachusetts hasn’t changed a thing!  They are still adopting out children that should never be up for adoption!!!)renee
Unwitting adoptive parents are told misinformation or outright lies relative to the circumstances of the children they are adopting and broken hearted parents who have not committed or been convicted of any crime are given a life sentence comparable to a death sentence. This is inexcusable in civilized countries, and yet look how prevalent it is throughout the world. HELP US STOP THIS. SHARE and EDUCATE because individual families are powerless against the vast resources of tax payer funded government agencies and well funded hospitals without public outrage and out cry!
We all saw what they did to Justina Pelletier.  More recently the DOJ STOPPED Massachusetts from doing it in the ONE (1) case that they investigated. Who will save all the other children and families that the DOJ doesn’t Investigate?

Please READ, SIGN, and SHARE this:

CPS explained in a must sign petition

One comment on “STOP Forced Adoptions!

  1. Geri Pfeiffer
    November 15, 2017

    We have al Qaeda right here in America disguised as #ChildProtectiveService caseworkers!!!! Destroying American families and emptying the coffers of Social Security on the warm bodies of American children!!!

    Our U.S. Congressmen created this nightmare with the Adoption And Safe Families Act.

    96% of American adoptions are secured and funded with federal dollars.

    Throw in Title IV and the vast majority of Americans will NEVER see a Social Security Check.



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