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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Learn the TRUTH about National Adoption Day

CPS NAMEIt’s National Adoption Day and too few know just how many children are being stolen, and then given away from loving parents! Learn the truth!


Currently it’s as simple as a rogue social worker taking the children, and manipulating the record so that the parents have no chance against the taxpayer funded states that are incentivised by Federal Funding (SEE:  CPS explained in a must sign petition)  that Child “Protective” Services, CPS, uses to get CASH FOR KIDS CPS – Don’t let the name fool you! meme

The current plight of the Legault family is but one of tens of thousands this is happening to, and the harm being done to the children is beyond belief, and blatant!

Forced adoption is the equivalent of the MURDER OF A FAMILY! No family should be MURDERED with impunity and that is exactly what is happening behind closed doors!

sophieREAD, LEARN, SHARE and STOP this carnage of innocent families by our government.  Read how government will actually trade you one child, (the baby, of course), for the other!  (They let this mother keep her son, a teen, if she signed away her rights to her baby.  Otherwise they promised to take BOTH!!!)

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Tammy’s Thoughts on Today ROUND-UP

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Cover photo:  Websites across the country make it so you can shop for kids over the internet, or at the mall.  (PHOTO is from Illinois Department of Children and Family Services).  Some devastated parents who haven’t seen their children for months, or years, are actually finding their children on these sites.  In many instances the children’s parental rights haven’t even been terminated yet, but those are just details that can be dealt with later, if and when there is a “taker” for their child – – – Meanwhile, the state already has them!

adopt a kidSTOP Forced Adoptions!  and the MARKETING OF STOLEN CHILDREN under the guise of NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH being all about unwanted, abused or neglected children!

LEARN and SPREAD the TRUTH, and join in the conversation at  A Miracle for US –  https://www.facebook.com/AMiracleforUS/

One comment on “Learn the TRUTH about National Adoption Day

  1. angela
    August 15, 2016

    my 2 oldest were wrongfully tooken from me and adopted out on national adoption day.


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