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DCFS continues harassment and custody of Isaiah despite court ruling!

2According to a recent post on the facebook page TEAM ISAIAH https://www.facebook.com/TeamIsaiahRider/ we have learned this:   “despite a recent ruling from the appellate court in Illinois that stated that Isaiah is 18 and he is able to make his own medical decisions, that he is able to decide his own care and the extent to which his mother is involved, and there is NO need for further placement by DCFS ….. state agents continue to Harass the Rider family including going to their home uninvited, calling them, emailing them, etc. We are deeply concerned that this type of government intrusion is acceptable and tolerated in our country.”

Isaiah’s Mom begs for their lives back

“Most people can’t even believe this is truly happening.  Most people have no idea.  

We never knew either, until it happened to us.”  ~ Michelle Rider

mother and sonIsaiah is one of the more high-profile cases of the Medical kidnappings happening around the country, and his experiences in Foster Care alone make the argument that Illinois, and their agency that takes kids and makes them ‘wards of the state’ do anything BUT “protect” children!  Shocking abuse and neglect in ILLINOIS DCFS exposed  We shutter to think of all the other egregious cases we are not hearing about, and the suffering of those children and families undergoing these same sorts of abuses by this outrageous government overreach and destruction of families.

But the Governor, who has unilateral control over his rogue agency, remains silent except for patronizing responses to calls where supporters are told “He is well aware of the situation, and it is being investigated” – – – BY DCFS! <<< the abusers themselves!!!  Moreover, supporters have tried to appeal to the Governor for going on a year soon, i.e., since he took office last January!
He had the opportunity to get this outrageous case off his plate as soon as he took office, and put it all on the past administration.  He did not.  Gov Rauner CAN FREE kidnapped children – Gov Patrick DID!
He had the opportunity to announce that because his wife sits on the Board of the hospital that kidnapped Isaiah, he was FREEING Isaiah to avoid any conflict of interest.  He did not.  “I’m really scared”: Isaiah Rider speaks out after being kidnapped and abused by profiteering medical system  
He had the opportunity to make a simple statement that, upon Isaiah reaching the age of majority (last August!), he would no longer be considered a ward of his state.  He did not.  FOX4 – Kansas teen who became a ward of the state of Illinois recently discovered he will not be released automatically when he turns 18.
He had the opportunity to stop his agency in its tracks when they bribed and threatened Isaiah with arrest if he exercised his rights as an adult upon turning 18.  He did not.  Illinois Social Worker Threatens to Arrest Teen Isaiah Rider When He Turns 18
He had the opportunity to refute the grotesque statement of Illinois Legislator who claims the state is the parent of children in state custody.  States should not be in the business of parenting!!!
The reason we focus on Isaiah above so many other cases throughout the country is because he is the POSTER CHILD for why FEDERAL FUNDING for taking children from their parents, and FORCED ADOPTIONS must be STOPPED!!!  The facts, and actions of IL DCFS in Isaiah’s case are blatant “in your face” examples of everything states are wrongfully and ILLEGALLY doing to children, (and now 18 year olds who have reached the age of majority). DEMAND your Congressmen take action against giving Federal Funding to States that provides incentives to do to more children what they have done to Isaiah, openly, abusively, and ILLEGALLY.  Who is safe from this happening to them if we don’t stand against this NOW, and what of all the others this is happening to that we don’t hear about?  
Find your Congressmen HERE.

PLEASE SUPPORT ISAIAH AND ALL CHILDREN CAUGHT UP IN THIS DYSFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM THAT IS CAUSING SO MUCH HARM TO CHILDREN AND FAMILIES FOR GENERATIONS!  For more information see this link, where at the bottom are dozens of links to news articles on this tragic case. We note it has not been updated since April 2015, so we imagine there are many, many more!

Visit A Miracle for US on facebook to learn more about this important issue that must be addressed, and to help support other families. 

u3ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of LOVING PARENTSu11

turquoiseSIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE . . . BEFORE they come for you, and do what you can to share this story, and raise public awareness so these families don’t fight this Goliath alone.

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    This case must be closed now


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