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A Miracle for US's photo.Last month was National Adoption Month prompting me to question why these people are waiting? There are close to 600,000 children in foster care, why wait? Is it because they want a newborn? Maybe they will take a child but he/she cannot be older than 3-4…they want to make the child believe he/she really is theirs! People should not be allowed to wait for a child to become legally able to be adopted, this gives incentive to force adoptions on families that want their children, it breeds more corruption in our already corrupt government!

A Miracle for US's photo.Here are some statistics for you:

Statistics on adoption are hard to find, they are closely guarded! Adoptions can generally be broken down into three categories, Private, International and Foster Care.

International makes up about 25%, Private 38% and Foster Care 37%. Private adoption includes many types of adoptions, step children, voluntarily relinquished children, and as we have recently discovered some gay couples were adopting their partner in order to utilize health insurance benefits.

So if you deduct 10% from Private adoptions to account for those that were not relinquished children, it places foster care as the largest contributor to adoptions.

Could it be due to the Title IV-E Funding offered for adopting from foster care? Does it not encourage corruption to give incentives to place children into foster care and even more incentives to adopt children out of Foster Care, yet give no incentives for reunifying families.

More on statistics

Going back to yesterday’s statistics on adoption…  38% of US adoptions are private adoptions, we generally narrowed that number down to 28% by allowing a reduction for step children and other various “abnormal” adoptions. Today let’s lower that number some more…

In most states an unmarried father has NO parental rights to intervene in adoptions. The one exception to that rule is to register with the state prior to the birth of your child. I have attached an article that is worth the read.

In South Carolina, 2014 30,000 children were born to unwed mothers, only 279 men registered to be notified if their child were placed for adoption; OH 56,278 babies were born to unwed mothers, only 164 men registered to be notified of any pending adoptions. While these numbers might indicate a lack of concern on the father’s part, it is probably due to the fact that many people are unaware of the registry or that they would be unable to stop adoptions they had no knowledge of…

So considering these fathers are not advised of any pending adoptions, and in some cases lose their rights after finding out about the adoption and expressing interest in keeping their child, these are included in the private adoption category.

I think that private adoption number needs to come down some more, just because these children are not in foster care does not mean the same despicable tricks are not used… They failed to name the father as a party to the adoption, they failed to notify him until 2 days before the adoption hearing even though they had knowledge of him 9 days prior to giving him notice.

I also want to make sure I get the names of these two OBVIOUS human traffickers get out there…Attorney Raymond Godwin of Greenville South Carolina and his wife, Laura Beauvais-Godwin. Read the story and note the callousness of these two people towards parents vs. adoptive parents.

“Just because the birth father is a sperm donor and has that biological link does not under the law establish his parental rights…” Attorney Raymond Godwin.


“Re” Homing your adopted children?!? 

So I have discussed over the past few days how the statistics on adoption are “slightly skewed”, but what about the adoptions that don’t “pan out” for the adoptive parents? While statistics on adoption are hard to find, statistics on failed adoptions are nearly impossible to find…

Usually rehomed children are brought to light because of abuse or death to the child. There are no agencies that follow-up with these adopted children. Once the adoption is finalized, the case is closed and it is assumed that the children are in a better home than they were prior to the adoption.

Justin Harris, an Arkansas politician and his wife, fostered three sisters, but chose to adopt only the younger two. Less than a year after separating three sisters, they sent the other two little girls away, due to behavioral problems. Mr. Harris cited his reasoning as CPS wouldn’t help them and these two little girls were scaring their other children. He claims CPS threatened to charge him with abandonment.

So being that he is a politician, he should have realized that he could go to his local Court and file charges against these two scary little girls, therefore forcing the State to intervene with help; instead he turned these two little girls over to a man who would ultimately sexually abuse at least one of the two.

Nicole & Calvin Eason acepted at least 6 children from adoptive parents that no longer wanted them.  Nicole & Calvin had lost their own children to CPS for abuse. One of the little girls that was “rehomed” to the Eason’s is alleging sexual abuse at their hands.

These kids are being placed into these homes for their “best interest” by a system that benefits from the adoption of these children. Seems like in these instances the only “best interest” that was served was that of the State.

A Miracle for US's photo.Wrap up

So to wrap up my rant on the statistics for adoption, there are no clear numbers for adoption, but we can clearly see that most of the adoptions these days ARE NOT voluntary! Children are being ripped from their homes and given to strangers. I know a lot of people will say that they are doing it in the “best interest of the child” But can it really be in the best interest of these children to be permanently removed from their families? Some children are going through this multiple times, being torn from their true family to be adopted out and told that this is their forever family, just to be returned to the adoption agency or given to another family illegally, etc.

The money and services given to these families for adoption is supposed to make it easier for them to care for these children, but that is not always the case. There are also lots of people who have adopted dozens of kids, yet it is not for the money, I find that hard to believe.

The State makes money off every child they adopt out of foster care and as the numbers show, most adopted children come from foster care. They are advertising foster care everywhere you look, from commercials, to bench ads, to local restaurants. These children are being advertised like cattle. Search any adoption site, they reference the child’s hair color, facial deformities (if any), behavioral issues, their ability to get along with other children and/or pets, etc. If you are adopting to help children, should any of these things truly matter? Isn’t there a reason they need help?

The incentives to adopt, and especially the incentive to adopt from foster care needs to be stopped. Incentives to preserve families need to be instituted!

A Miracle for US's photo.Child abuse is a crime yet they have stopped prosecuting it as such!

Child abuse is a crime, however, it has stopped being prosecuted.
Instead, it has been moved into CIVIL court and has been turned into a money-making industry where children who are not abused are ripped from their homes and placed into foster care and adopted out.

Why is this being done? It is because of the 1997 ASFA that gives incentives to remove children from homes and even more incentives to adopt them to new families. This same act reserves NO incentives to reunite families. It has actually eliminated the need for family preservation, it actually list reasons to NOT even attempt reunification.

Family Court operates on the preponderance of the evidence, meaning what is more likely than not, they do not require proof of any allegations. The case worker stating it happened is enough for the Judge to believe the story they have concocted. The caseworkers only have to tell the judge that reasonable efforts were attempt, they are not questioned as to what efforts were made. Furthermore, now that they have placed your child in someone else’s care, that person is given as much rights to your child as you have! They feel that since the child has spent some time in the care of another, they have formed a bond and that bond should be respected and in the same breath they are not respecting the NATURAL bond of the parents.

Child abuse should be addressed in CRIMINAL court! All parents should be given a fair trial and fair representation and should have the option of a jury trial. many states do not allow a trial by jury and you are forced to be tried by a Judge who has become numb to the situations and automatically assume you are guilty, a lot of times making their minds up before entering the court room!

Cover photo:  Websites across the country make it so you can shop for kids over the internet, or at the mall.  (PHOTO is from Illinois Department of Children and Family Services).  Some devastated parents who haven’t seen their children for months, or years, are actually finding their children on these sites.  In many instances the children’s parental rights haven’t even been terminated yet, but those are just details that can be dealt with later, if and when there is a “taker” for their child – – – Meanwhile, the state already has them!

adopt a kidSTOP Forced Adoptions!  and the MARKETING OF STOLEN CHILDREN under the guise of NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH being all about unwanted, abused or neglected children!

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