A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

YOU can get this kidnapped baby HOME!

pOn Sept. 27, 2015, 7-day old Baby Peter was stolen from the hospital by CPS, (Child Protective Services: Don’t let the name fool you!)  This was the young couple’s first child, and they claim it can be shown that Baby Peter was taken on all lies and illegal tactics.  Regardless, a judge has ORDERED that the baby be returned to his parents as soon as the couple can secure housing, so the sooner we help them get the first month’s rent and security deposit, the sooner this family is reunited!

The couple had their own house before Cheryl, the mother, got a tumor and her father got cancer.  They moved in with her parents, and because the baby’s grandfather they live with and help care for, (a Vietnam veteran over 70 with a severe brain injury and stage IV cancer), cannot be interviewed and livescanned, the baby can’t live there with him.

There is more detailed information on
but the couple’s qualifications to parent exceed most first time parents.  2The mother is a qualified preschool teacher with Title 22 infant first aid and CPR certified, who has interned teaching toddlers with severe Autism, and has one year left to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education to teach K-3.  She is a full-time online student, well-trained in Early Child Development, and attends a private Christian University as well.  The father worked for about 5 years for the school district as a classroom aide for preschoolers with moderate to severe special needs.  He is also educated in Early Child Development.  He currently works two jobs, but coming up with the money for the first month’s rent and security deposit is further hampered because the only time they can “visit” their baby is in the middle of the work day.

Sadly, and unbelievably, this family is currently being fractured, damaged and devastated for no other reason than they are poor.  That could dramatically change if they could move on with their lives without the unreasonable constraints and demands of CPS, but when did being poor become justification for the state literally taking their child?  There is also serious concern that if they can’t get their baby back sooner than later, he will be adopted away from them.  This might seem inconceivable, but it is happening all the time.   [SEE more here:  STOP Forced Adoptions!]

peter1Your contribution, large or small, will help get Baby Peter back to his loving parents.  If helping this family financially is not feasible, sharing this story, and supporting this family on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Bring-Baby-Peter-Home- can also help raise awareness to their plight.

PLEASE consider doing all you can to BRING BABY PETER HOME!  As mentioned above, more information is available on the Go Fund Me page, and the parents provide updates and answer questions on their Facebook page.

Please donate or share: https://www.gofundme.com/bringbabypeterhome

Meanwhile, there is this from the father:

The first day in court, my fiance was almost given contempt of court for crying, even non audibly. What kind of a system, steals a person’s child without any evidence, without any abuse, without any neglect, or one shred of proof, and then tries to get them for contempt for tears?? This system is heartless, and it is unconstitutional, and flat out violates civil rights of Americans. Due process is not allowed, hearsay is admissible, workers have the right to REFUSE to be audio or videotaped. They are not reigned in by anyone, they are unchecked and can abuse their power to unimaginable levels, and all of this just gets rubber stamped through by a court that spends less than ten minutes on each case, and hears no actual proof, evidence, nor testimony. 

This needs to stop!! We did NOTHING wrong, the government should not be able to abduct your children based on what they have a feeling may possibly somehow occur in the future. Also we need to lift this veil of secrecy, and have due process, innocent until proven guilty, mandated recordings of all interactions with these workers if they are given this much power that they can decide which families to rip apart forever. Transparency, justice, truth, accountability. If proof can be shown the worker lied on court documents with false evidence being presented, then they should face jail time!

u3ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of LOVING PARENTSu11

turquoiseSIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE . . . BEFORE they come for you, and do what you can to share this story, and raise public awareness so these families don’t fight this Goliath alone.

4 comments on “YOU can get this kidnapped baby HOME!

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  2. tmoore4820
    January 16, 2016

    This Agency needs to be ABOLISHED..There is no “fixing”.


  3. Kimberlee Elbon
    January 19, 2016



  4. Laurie Ryan
    February 24, 2016

    Lets change family dhhs n cps


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