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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

CPS Exposed!

In a recent deposition of Arizona DCS supervisor, Caryn Wagner by Shawn McMillan, (a renown warrior against the state’s wrongful removal of children from their parents), Wagner exposes what those all too familiar with State Sanctioned Kidnapping know:

CPS, their social workers, THE STATE overtly disregard the “Fundamental Rights” of parents and ignore the Constitution in stealing/removing children from their homes!

Attorneys Shawn McMillan and Mark Ankcorn have filed a federal class action lawsuit … McMillan has been fighting for the parents that he says are being ripped away from their children…
We see this over and over and over again. We know it’s a systemic problem, and we’ve been looking for a way to address this systemic problem so we can get real permanent change.

Not only does this video show that it is NOT STANDARD PRACTICE by the department to obtain a warrant for child removals, this social worker knows of NO time when a warrant was obtained in the removal of any child while she has worked there, (approximately 5 years!)  She stated “We don’t obtain warrants”, followed by “I am not aware of anytime any caseworker has ever got a warrant to remove a child.”

reneeArizona leads the country in the taking of children into state “care”, taking more than 40 children everyday according to their latest numbers of kids entering the system.  A recent DOJ investigation of Massachusetts CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

Here, we learn they commonly do so WITHOUT a WARRANT!


This seemingly irritated and dumb founded by the questions social worker is by no means the exception to how social workers across the country would behave and answer in this scenario.  In fact, the greatest service that could ever be done to FIX this very broken Child “Protection” System that is destroying children and families at a far greater rate than anything they are doing to “protect” children, would be to depose ALL social workers across the country!

Haven’t we all had enough of states across the country fixing a broken system over, and over again, for more than a decade, with no positive results?  Isn’t protecting children important enough to get it right once and for all?


$$$$ (2)The late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer knew more about Child Protective Services, (CPS), and “State Sanctioned Kidnapping” than what any other politician knew, and some suspect it was related to her death.  She …Continue reading

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4 comments on “CPS Exposed!

  1. gerald
    September 21, 2016

    My issue is the system kidnapped my wife from the hospital if you have any contacts that can help, please remit and read on…
    Notice of Felonies, Official Oppression and Demand for Rights Restored
    For brevity this isn’t 80 pages and for tone the disgust of the wickedness done to our mother is purposely measured though remains URGENT! Please read and help! Date: September 21, 2016
    To: A Miracle For Us, — just how do we force feds to indict state actors and RICO professions of psychology and psychiatry? Premeditated trespasses, crimes of fraud, extortion, property theft, kidnapping, bodily assault, forced drugging, false (nursing home) imprisonment, elder abuse, and deprivation of Mary’s numerous rights! Please read and remit. Visit and link http://www.freemarynow.org thanks!
    From: The family Scarbrough: Michael & Mona Scarbrough, 4105 S. Cedar Place, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, 74011 in collaboration with step-dad Gerald.
    All should be horrified of the events January 16, 2015 to the present. We the people of the family (sons) of Mary Jane (Snell) demand an expedited response/remedy, not later than 10 days from receipt of this “Notice of Felonies, Official Oppression and Demand for Rights Restored” to allow our step-dad Gerald immediate, unobstructed visitation of our mother. To comfort her — that help has finally arrived — and acclimate her to being moved and deinstitutionalized from the last 20 months of emotional abuse, inhumane acts, forced drugging and many other abuses. Crimes (Residents’ Rights, ADA noncompliance, Honest Services Fraud and Medicare fraud, literally kidnapped etc.) done to our mother and that we gain temporary guardianship and full authority to determine care for her and help her reinstate all her rights, autonomy and individualization.
    Adult Protective Services in New Mexico must be ordered to help us and follow their mission statement! The client’s right to self-determination, the use of the least restrictive alternative, the maintenance of the family unit whenever possible, the use of community-based services rather than institutions, that inadequate or inappropriate services are worse than none (U.S. Congress, 1981)
    The family of Scarbrough seeking to intervene, real parties of interest, to stop the injury in fact: institutional elder abuse, drugging, emotional trauma and other purposes, on the deliberate destruction of Mary Jane (Snell) our mother. We believe our mom has been abused and exploited for 20 months by private and public actors in the state known as New Mexico. It’s our desire by ‘emergency means’ to relocate her to Oklahoma, so that we will be near her, love her, and enjoy her presence (family makes it a significant-connection state) and utilize integrative care to restore her to health and happiness in an environment to restore her status of being the competent living flesh and blood woman we know her to be. In Oklahoma we love our elders! We believe our temporary guardianship will be sufficient, we believe our mother will regain all rights due her, God willing, we know she, being unjustly institutionalized, has been harmed and damaged by the wrongdoers. We will ensure all necessary integrative nutritional and physical therapy; love and support will be proactively given to our mother and have her reexamined to regain her rights, so wrongly removed from her!
    RE: 1). Reporting Misprision, fraud, deceit, deception, and perjury. 2). Seeking temporary guardianship of my mother Mary Jane. 3). Seeking the immediate termination of presently appointed guardians and Sagecrest Nursing and Rehabilitation’s custody of our mother that we believe is based upon fraud, deceit and perjury. 4). Seeking the immediate termination, discharge and dismissal with prejudice of all orders presently enforced in cases D-307-PQ-2015-00003 and D-307-CV-2015-00133 for fraud, deceit, perjury, deprivation of rights under color of law, exceeding jurisdiction, exceeding legislation intent under color of law, violations of unalienable rights and due process, the petitioner MMC never appeared in court, and state actors – violating 63C Am.Jur.2d, Public Officers and Employees, §247 – committed against our mom and our step-dad Gerald by all adversary parties.
    (cf.) “Courts are constituted by authority and they cannot go beyond that power delegated to them. If they act beyond that authority, and certainly in contravention of it, their judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void, and this even prior to reversal.” Old Wayne Mut. I. Assoc. v McDonough, 204 U.S. 8, 27 S.Ct. 236 (1907); Williamson v Berry, 8 How. 495, 540, 12 L.Ed. 1170, 1189 (1850); Rose v Himely, 4 Cranch 241, 269, 2 L.Ed. 608, and (cf.) A void judgment is one that has been procured by extrinsic or collateral fraud or entered by a court that did not have jurisdiction over the subject matter or the parties. – Rook v. Rook, 233 Va. 92, 95, 353 S.E.2d 756, 758 (1987 and (cf.) “If the order is void, it may be attacked at any time in any proceeding,” Evans v Corporate Services, 207 Ill.App.3d 297, 565 N.E.2d 724 (2nd Dist. 1990).
    Our step-dad Gerald has worked diligently for 20 months to save our mother’s life, restore her to the community with all rights restored. New Mexico hasn’t protected her rights, rather has injured her greatly. In pursuing for Mary Jane (Snell’s) health, safety and welfare — the immediate removal from the dangerous position (location and status) contrived and manufactured for her destruction – all Gerald witnessed was/is the absolute failure by New Mexico’s government actors/servants Governor, NMAG (APS, NMDOH, Aging-Long-term Care Ombudsman etc.) to act! Federal funding/grants, thus, misused as mandated– programs are dormant and un-utilized. We need timely assistance in facilitating the rescue of our mother.
    We require first for her safety – her to be immediately removed from New Mexico and to be with us in Oklahoma (we’ll provide necessary travel), she will receive meaningful care, then, those contacted herein, to further perform, to investigate and prosecute the wrongdoers in their personal capacity as flesh and blood men and women. Our step-dad Gerald can best give both state and federal grand jury evidence of ‘many’ Title 18 and 42 violations. Our step-dad Gerald has diligently reported crimes, and abuse/abusers of our mother to many agencies in New Mexico, and is ignored. New Mexico’s agencies as ‘accessories after the fact’ must be investigated for violating federal law, federal funding and our many trespasses and harms done to our mother! 28 USC 2255 remedies, Fed. Rules of Evidence 501 common law, U.S. Attorney’s Manual 210, choice of law federal trumps state statutes, Federal Constitution Article 6 Clause 2 — especially when our mom’s ordeal was/is a sham!
    The perpetrators are the unknown staff and mgmt., Doe’s., at MMC, Las Cruces, New Mexico that filed the malicious petition, unknown staff – Doe’s that did psychological warfare on Mary at Mesilla Valley Hospital (psych-hospital) throwing cold water in her face and holding her down like the old days of sterilization, frontal lobotomies and electric shock! Known perpetrators are CaraLyn Banks, William Kinsella, Sandy Meyer and Alaina Johnson, James T. Martin, Manuel I. Arrieta, Marlin Hoover, Celinda Levy, Isabella D., a Dr. Duran, unknown staff and mgmt., Doe’s at Sagecrest Nursing and Rehabilitation.
    Dear Sirs/Ms.
    Facts: Both, Martin Scarbrough my brother and I, Michael Scarbrough visited our mother and step-dad Gerald on January 19, 2015 at Memorial Medical Center (MMC), Las Cruces, New Mexico. We came to see her and determine the legitimacy of MMC orchestrating an ex-parte hearing, having our mother falsely declared incapacitated, falsely stating irreparable harm was being done to her, and appointed guardians and guardian ad litem. We found our mother fully engaged in conversation, joyful, alert, and happy to see us and very happy and in harmony with our step-dad Gerald, glad to finally have a diagnosis of thrush, receiving treatment and TPN to gain calories, and looking forward to going home.
    We gave affidavits’ to Gerald for the court, believing all would realize/comprehend the absurdity and maliciousness of the actions of MMC. Gerald had been ardently advocating for our mother in a hospital MMC giving subpar care and subpar accommodations, not even the heat working properly in the room! Our step-dad has studied nutrition and healthcare and worked in a nursing home 5 years and recognizes good healthcare from bad healthcare and recognizes dementia and Alzheimer’s and knows the bogus diagnosis used upon mother. We believe pirates of probate for profit, is white-collar RICO crimes!
    We believed and believe that intentional fraud, deceit and perjury committed by MMC’s apparatus/combine under color of law to willfully harm our mother and Gerald transpired. It was our will and desire as living soul flesh and blood sons of our mother a living soul flesh and blood woman, after visiting our mother on 1-19-15, wherein we found petition No: D-307-PQ-2015-00003 should be dismissed/discharged with prejudice. We wanted our mother to stay with and be cared for by step-dad Gerald (Gerry) Keith family of Boland. Gerry loves her and has been very good to her and was well able to help her recover from her temporary treatable thrush illness. We were given false information of our mother’s prognosis by the guardians. They’re liars! Their business should be dissolved by New Mexico’s Secretary of State for crimes against wards!
    We, then and now don’t consent and do object to all that this corrupted state court and accomplice wrongdoers committing trespass upon these two private people of the posterity and their rightful dominion. The wrongdoers have and are disrupting, and destroying our mother’s rights to life, liberty, property — to be protected by both federal/state constitutions, not to be violated by those under oath, in breach of oath and contract receiving wages and compensation and acting as fiduciary trustees.
    Wrongdoers thieved and immediately liquidated private property! They got it wrong and won’t back off! Our mother’s right to handle her own affairs as she has done were/are grossly violated! Continued thrush medication prescription (actual issue seeking diagnosis and remedy and hospital stay) duration until remedied, eating and walking (physical therapy) is really all she needed to accomplish and everything would have been completed by February 15, 2015, and she and Gerald would return to their normal life. Instead, Medicare, AARP and our mother were defrauded! Incapacitation and diagnosed as 6th stage dementia a total fraud and sham! We rejected the notion of guardianship and conservatorship for my mother. The petition No: D-307-PQ-2015-00003 identified seemed to be a fraud upon the court and our mother, and we sought, by affidavit, the case and petition by MMC be dismissed/discharged with prejudice, and make whole our mother’s rights and liberties.
    Thinking all would work out we left New Mexico. To have the abusive guardians just 48 hours later have our step-dad Gerald served a restraining order (dated January 20, 2015) and served on the January 21, 2015 right after using coercive/armed threatening methods to remove mother from MMC and moved to Sagecrest Nursing, Las Cruces, New Mexico Gerald and mother believing they would have daily visitations to help her fully recover and receive good health care, visiting hours (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) believing she would do rehab the typical 28 days and return home, the restraining order is/was shocking and unconscionable, and demonstrates the corruption and unclean hands in equity being reported herein. That the appointed guardians would seek the forever removal of both their capacity to love each other as they had done for 8 years is most abusive and trespasses conduct of humanity! Gerald asked Sandy Meyer (court appointed guardian scammer) why the restraining order, her reply “it makes it less complicated.” Such little compassion, and unclean hands basis for the intrusive disruption of a very happy couple is beyond words. Truth is the case was baseless and Gerald would have undone the fraud, deceit and perjury. So, removing him served the cover-up of the wrongdoers.
    Gerald challenged the whole of the matter in writing before the January 30, 2015, hearing (and again on April 6, 2015) — was given visitation, very short duration, read on, but upon the first visit, ten days at Sagecrest (January 31, 2015) learned from mother that she’d fallen in the bathroom just prior to his arrival on January 31, 2015, the slippery tiled bathroom floor and her back hurt. Gerald witnessed mother telling the nurse of her fall, Gerald asked why there wasn’t a walker available or portable bedside commode for though she was returning to be ambulatory (was still continent) her leg strength was still weak, they didn’t answer him. It took three days to get an x-ray. Her back hurt for many weeks, the facility dismissed her report of the fall, Gerald told the court that it was/is lethal to mother if her reports of hurts and such aren’t accepted as valid. Our mother doesn’t make-up stories; she has a strong will and constitution.
    Our mother hasn’t walked since January 31, 2015 and hasn’t been continent mostly because of drugging (she was always continent before this ordeal). Not given any physical therapy to walk and traumatized with psyche-warfare! Most are drugged and don’t walk at Sagecrest Nursing and Rehab, Las Cruces. Sagecrest is on the “Hall of Shame” list of Medicare as one of the worst nursing homes in the country and is being sued by New Mexico’s AG. Attorney General Balderas (1-866-627-3249) amended (enlarged) First Judicial District Court case D-101-CV-2014-02535… accusing nursing homes i.e. Sagecrest – of permitting patients go hungry, have falls and languish for hours! The seven New Mexico nursing homes named in the complaint scored poorly in five-star ratings, averaging 1.4 stars, bottom rung “much below average.” We commend the law suit, but is New Mexico’s lack of helping Mary, because it might prejudice the lawsuit? If so, we don’t appreciate our mother being a sacrificial lamb!
    We, her family will give her the maximum therapy to walk again! Ensure she has integrative medicine to peak her performance mentally, physically and spiritually in every way! She walked 700 feet on January 19, 2015, the day of our visit and Gerald reported she walked 1,400 feet on January 21, 2015 the day they stole her away! For 20 months she’s being merely warehoused and drugged to die! This abuse must be stopped now! Help us!
    On the 4th visit (February 19, 2015) Gerald reported that mother said she had sore wrists, breasts and was very hoarse. Gerald learned that she had been to the psyche-hospital and held and abused at Mesilla Valley Hospital, Las Cruces. Gerald reported bruises and blood draw mark on her left inner-arm and her voice very hoarse, obviously she had been manhandled and traumatized! He reported her condition to the guardians and to a county detective that mother wasn’t receiving good care and though our mother never smoked or drank alcohol; and never would violate her body with such poisons as psyche-social drugs, off-label uses, was now being abused physically and mentally with the trauma of the ordeal and now forcibly drugged!
    It was after Gerald reported the abuse to the detective that the guardians sought to have our step-dad jailed for interfering, when he like ‘all’ are required, should and did report institutional elder abuse! The court’s corruption again was demonstrated for not only trying to intimidate and jail him, the guardians terminated all visitation and the court upheld this, thus, allowing this and even more trauma to our mother unabated, and even rewarded these guardians on March 4, 2015 with permanent guardianship, even though Gerald was doing his best with court filings to inform the court of the abuse and abusers.
    In fact the perjury by wrongdoers can be identified in the transcript of March 4, 2015, wherein the guardians said our mother didn’t remember Gerald, 10 minutes after his visits, and the psychologist’s perjury was that mom has 6th stage dementia and would need 24 hour care, yet when the guardian ad litem spoke, though he too needs to be criminally investigated for not allowing our mother’s rights fully exercised with a trial by jury etc., he stated that she for weeks sits on her bed, is sad, mad, cries, and wants to be with our step-dad Gerald. Imagine crying to come home and nobody validates you or enforces the Residents’ Rights in nursing homes! This is gross abuse! That information should have undone the whole matter, but corruption prevailed to this day.
    By the way, mother was fully functioning as a home-maker, ambulatory, continent, had a full life, did all her daily activities, hygiene, cooking, writing friends, cleaning, hair styled, operating her car etc. We believe this whole incapacitation, guardianship, administering her and property and liquidating property are RICO white collar crimes against mother and step-dad Gerald! Entities contacted herein must fully investigate the allegations! Equity Maxims; Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak for fraud and Equity will not suffer a wrong to be without a remedy!
    Gerald can provide evidence that this corruption has not abated and our step-dad has unlawfully been forbidden to visit our mother and his God-given wife! Thankfully, for some 16 months a friend of our mother’s has kept tabs on Mary. From reports of the friend our mother has had two known urinary tract infections, the first was so bad, had the UTI infection not been reported to staff by this friend and medication not been started we believe our mother was close to being septic and death. Our mother has had three known falls, (picture of a bruised forehead available) and been dangerously drugged sometimes to a near coma state, had everything removed from her room, but a bed and a box in her room for a year depriving of all stimulation to purposely degrade her cognitively, as inhumane as ISIS or a North Korean gulag! We believe she was given a roommate after some much reporting. The roommate dislikes mom, for mom snores, that on 12-31-15 she may have caned our mother across the face. A video exist of mother being questioned of the red mark, but mother being sedated didn’t know the cause. The roommate commented negatively towards mom and does use a cane. Gerald reported this to Las Cruces police; they warned him that guardians saw the report as interfering and again threatened arrest of our step-dad. Do you ascertain a pattern of corruption in New Mexico?
    These wicked people play and prey to destroy our mother’s mind, body and soul. Please help us abate this and quickly give us our mother to restore her freedom! Facilitate with the agencies that can immediately intervene. Our mother should be given visitation with our step-dad so she can learn of our plans to move her. She was never told why she was put in a nursing home, the guardians kept it from her. For months she cried, knowing she was a prisoner of some real wicked people ruining her life and no one would help her return to community. She was just written off. Real elder abuse here is institutions taking her estate and warehousing her to die!
    Presently, our mother is being less drugged, which is why it’s an opportune time to relocate her. She still loves and wants to be with our step-dad Gerald (demonstrating the willful false diagnosis of 6th stage dementia and original false diagnosis of incapacitation and perjured testimony) and misses us. Our first priority is getting mother free from the abuse and abusers in New Mexico, getting her released to us to get her well here in Oklahoma, I trust that this will happen immediately without delay, without obstruction or legal tricks. The malicious designation of incapacitated and appointed guardians and appointed guardian ad litem abuse certainly happened in a day, her release to us should happen in a day! We believe there is collusion and conspiracy to defraud mother and Gerald by all the actors.
    There are numerous provisions violated by perpetrators. Mary’s and Gerald’s un-enumerated rights via the Ninth Article of the Bill of Rights have validity as those enumerated Meister v. Moore 96 U.S. 76. Enumerated rights being violated 20 months are federal Bill of Rights articles 1,4,7,8,9, and New Mexico Constitution Article 2 Bill of Rights sections 1,2,3,4,5,7,10,11,12,18,20,21,23 and 24.
    (cf.) “To take away all remedy for the enforcement of a right is to take away the right itself. But that is not within the power of the State.” Poindexter v. Greenhow, 114 U.S. 270, 303 (1885).
    With the help of all we are contacting in this “Notice of Felonies, Official Oppression and Demand for Rights Restored!” it can and must be achieved. We require she be moved from the jurisdiction of New Mexico and the entities therein need to investigate the corruption in so many entities in New Mexico. Gerald has reported much, visited the legislature and is seeking sponsorship and passage of a ‘Mary’s Law’ to ensure this abuse doesn’t happen again to anyone! More protections must be in place. Most these cases are rubber-stamped by corrupt ill-informed managers (judges) in corporate courts. Our step-dad Gerald widely reported and sought that guardianship abuse, institutional elder abuse and this ordeal to be exposed and cease!
    There is more we could say but for brevity we believe our mother has been and is abused by all that has happened. We believe we can provide a restorative happy setting for our mother here in Oklahoma and give joy to her remaining years God will allow. Help us! We seek the entities contacted herein to work together to facilitate and not further disregard or hide the criminality of our mother’s ordeal. We seek a full accounting of the last 20 months of all transactions by the present guardians, Sagecrest, the CRIS and CUSIP accounts used by the court for retirement and pensions (conflict of interest 18 USC 208?), all the documents created with our mother’s name used. We believe embezzlement also is suspected. We need all the authority to re-establish our mother’s federal pension and social security due her. We want to ensure she hasn’t had her burial policy liquidated and she isn’t designated under “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) health directive, and much more. We want are mother made whole! The status-quo of her remaining where no opportunity exists to be returned to community, the deliberate isolation from her true love, our step-dad, the dishonor, disrespect, forced drugging, and belittling of her dignity should appall every fiber of decency of you contacted herein! If one percent of this abuse were done to a dog, horse, or cat, or young child there would be uproar. Make uproar for our mother, save her life from these abusers and grant us temporary guardianship. It’s an emergency, Do it today!
    Thank you Luis, for your attention and grace to help save a soul from premeditated destruction. To contact gerald-keith of the family boland write: c/o P.O Box 1834 [RST], Elephant Butte, New Mexico [87935] or email qtcotc@yahoo.com he will respond. Please expedite/remit this!
    Best wishes, Gerald-Keith; Boland, Date 9-21-16


    • We are sorry that a computer glitch made us unable to monitor and respond to this until now. We are even more sorry that this has happened to you, and so many others, and people want to continue to believe it can never happen to them. Do try and contact MedicalKidnap.com where they have other similar stories. The more that get out there, perhaps the more will realize that the government is kidnapping both children and seniors for the federal funding incentives, and destroying and killing families. It is the crime of the century that most won’t believe is even happening. We are so sorry that this is true.


  2. Jennifer Propes
    January 2, 2018

    We need help


  3. Jennifer Propes
    January 2, 2018

    How can this be legal


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