A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

No justice for JUSTINA Pelletier or anyone else!

How long are we going to keep getting it wrong, and ripping families apart needlessly?

The recent news that the Pelletiers have filed a lawsuit, (3 years later, and after massive damage and suffering), against Boston Children’s Hospital, (BCH), who medically kidnapped their minor child, will do nothing to stop this from happening again, nor to fix the damage done by the state.  The hospital couldn’t have done any of what they did without the full collaboration and support of the state via the Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families, (DCF).  SEE also, How long has BCH been kidnapping kids – – – from OTHER countries?

This is how DCF was ‘said’ to be reformed back in 2009A New Approach to Working with Families.  An investigation would show this is a far cry from what really goes on.  Three years later, in 2012, the Foundation for Government Accountability, a conservative research group in Florida, listed Massachusetts as 50th out of 50 states because it fared so poorly in so many categories of child protection.

In 2014 the Globe reported on the: Savage toll of abuse for children in DCF care  The same article makes this claim:

Over all, children who received services from social workers at DCF in 2010 were about six times as likely as the general population of Bay State children to die from maltreatment, according to the state’s own calculations.” 

Almost all accounts of what the problem is with DCF ultimately resort to claims of funding, overworked and overburdened social workers, and no one is looking at how many children are ripped from loving, stable homes, and put into the system to perpetuate a self fulfilling goal – overwhelming the system to allow for never ending expansion and justification for their jobs.

reneeIt’s 2016 and the fixes offered are no different. They have already started to make things worse: more money = more kids taken, and more misses of those that really need saving because the system inundates itself for survival and profit. BONU$ $chedule for $tates to adopt kids away from their parents

Can we really afford to continue getting this wrong over and over, when study after study has shown children in foster care are at significantly higher risk of physical and sexual abuse and neglect than if left in even high risk homes?  Add to that, DCF is taking children from loving families and adopting them out to strangers where little to no risk was even involved. SEE this case where it is cited, and Massachusetts is the subject case:  CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

About all people know about DCF’s wrongful taking of children is the Justina Pelletier case, but she is by no means the only such case.  There are tens of thousands of Justina’s throughout the country, SEE here for just a fraction of the cases: MedicalKidnap.com  lyons  Yet even with the international attention Justina’s case received, too few have even heard the name, and even fewer know any of the details.  In fact, most all of what really went on is still unknown, shielded in secrecy with no accountability or transparency of how the atrocities of what was done to Justina and her family were allowed to happen.

What we do know is that it was all done by an agency that professes to be about children and families.  How then, could they allow a 14-year old teen to be put in a locked down psych ward for 10-months in state custody, when a team of experts at another hospital had a conflicting diagnosis of what was wrong with her, and were properly treating her for such?

A thorough investigation into the facts, not the self serving fiction that was promulgated by DCF and the Courts would go a long way in preventing such from happening again.  Instead, it was and is continuing, even at the exact time thousands filled the street in front of the state house to rally to FREE Justina from the clutches of Boston Children’s Hospital, (BCH), and Massachusetts’ DCF.

THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY REAL FIX UNTIL ALL THAT WENT ON WITH JUSTINA PELLETIER IS FULLY EXPOSED AND ACCOUNTED FOR!  It should not take the Pelletiers filing of a lawsuit to get it right.  No one in Massachusetts should be satisfied that DCF can or will ever be fixed, nor should taxpayers spend another dollar, until every cent of the millions spent to wrongfully incarcerate Justina, and destroy her health, family, and more is accounted for.  

THIS is something the Governor can dictate be done.  Any and all other efforts to “save” or “protect” children are meaningless, and wasted dollars if we can’t account for the most renown case of the state’s taking of children, (from another state no less), and making them “wards” of the state.  CPS is under the Governor, and the agencies fall under the Executive Branch.  [SEE more here:  The case for Governors intervening in CPS cases ]

One would have hoped that the Jan. 29 2015, report released from the Justice Department, (DOJ), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, (USDHHS), would serve to bring about drastic change.  It has not despite that it clearly stated that DCF wrongfully moved to terminate the parental rights of, and put out for adoption, a child they took 2 days after birth Imagine that child/family’s fate had the DOJ not intervened!

This, and Justina should have been landmark moments for bringing change to an agency that can be shown to do far more damage than good.  Instead we see grandstanding of the “investigations” into dead or severely harmed children that were in plain view of DCF, and never protected by the agency.  So concurrently the state was shown to take Justina and a 2-day old baby, forcefully, and wrongfully, while completely ignoring children under their supervision whose need for removal was blatantly apparent.  Yet DCF only did so when they were dead or in a coma.

What more would or could be learned of what goes on in secrecy and behind the closed doors since what we do know, only comes out through independent investigations, or investigations after the children are removed because they are in a coma, or dead?  This powerful agency that determines, above all others, WHO gets to keep their children has absolutely no transparency or accountability, and on top of that frightening fact, the children are voiceless or unheard, and the parents are gagged.

$$$$ (2)Are the children that garner all the media and public outrage left to die or to be abused as a catalyst for more funding, hiring more social workers and legitimizing that even more children be taken?  The number of children taken in Massachusetts by DCF has soared since all their bad press, and so too has the money the state will receive in Federal Funds.  Adoptions too, are up significanly as a result.  This is attributed to being precautionary – – – an astounding 20% in the past year!  At this rate Massachusetts is on target to more than double the number of children they take from their parents within the next few years.  Remember, this is in the wake of the DOJ determining that Massachusetts was doing it wrong and ordering the return of a child they were putting up for adoption!  ABOLISH CPS KIDNAPPING

Why has what went on in Justina’s case never seen the light of day in terms of investigations by the state, or AG’s office, or anyone?  Again, until complete transparency and accountability for what went on with Justina Pelletier, AND the one case out of thousands that the DOJ happened to investigate, is achieved, everyone can be assured that the same is happening everyday throughout this state, and throughout the country.

Every state has been “reforming” CPS/DCF for well over a decade. Isn’t it time we start to do it right?  These child “protection” agencies don’t protect kids and that can be shown all day long for those that really care to look into it!  Foster Care is a complete failure, but the average person is simply not well versed in the horrific statistics and abuses.  Here is a suggestion from a well informed person whose research can back up the claims and reasoning:


There was already a system in place long before family courts started sprouting up across our nation consuming taxpayer money more than any other part of the ‘justice’ system.  It’s called the criminal justice system!

If parents are breaking the law by abusing their children, then arrest them.  Then come in and find suitable placement for these children!

We do not need, nor want, untrained, unlicensed, uneducated, vindictive, spiteful caseworker, deciding that we are not good parents and need our children removed for “their safety”.

Child abuse is a crime and by NOT charging parents with a crime, but inflicting untold trauma and punishments against parents and their children is a violation of their most basic Constitutional rights!

Law enforcement officers should be investigating every single allegation of child abuse! Someone who is trained to INVESTIGATE, not someone who has a degree in business management, but couldn’t find a job in that field so they became a social worker!

I want charges brought against parents who are abusing their children.

I want parents to be given a fair TRIAL in a fair Court, with the option of a jury by their peers!

I want real evidence to be presented.


I want everyone to know exactly what abuse/neglect/dependency consists of instead of leaving it up to the discretion of a single Judge, Caseworker, etc.

Stop hiding behind what is in the best interest of OUR children!!

Currently parents DO NOT get a trial by jury of their peers, or even have criminal charges filed against them when their kids are taken by the state, and even when they are forcefully adopted out to strangers!  Convicted murders are afforded more rights than parents who have had all their children removed from them – forever, and aren’t even allowed to know where or how they are!

It is long past time to get this right.  STOP THE CARNAGE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES and start by thorough investigations into ALL that has gone on in the past!


8 comments on “No justice for JUSTINA Pelletier or anyone else!

  1. Marie Boyd
    February 24, 2016

    This is a well written page. There are so many pages now,i miss the ones like this. I am praying that the rally is tomorrow. My granddaughter was two and half going on 10. Never left my home, loved by all of us, her mommy was the best. She had her second child in the hospital where she was taken. The r. had a God Complex and screwed up,and induced her six weeks early. We have the video. He weighed 6 pounds,5 ozs. Apcar where 8 and 9. Within,three days they had this healthy baby that should have been in mommy’s belly in a Nicu where the Dr. was told not to induce.

    Dr. Shaw I am asking you please to come forward and tell them what you did. If not you will be part of a federal lawsuit. We have the paper that said the baby had meningitis. Mom didn’t have it,and no strep E. The dad asked the Dr. at SSH how she got Meningitis. The r. said well you know how dirty a womans vagina can be. So the worker asked my daughter to get a urine screen – – – four days after giving birth. Both mom and baby where clean at birth. My daughter agreed, and then this woman, unlicensed, showed up at my home and took my granddaughter. She said that the urine had cocaine in it. She lied right in front of the police officer. Why do i pay taxes? Can we go to our D.A. to press charges on the many workers, sup. Family resource worker, I want them back.

    I never got my day in court. I cannot believe they just given to a foster home, a home that was talking adoption 4 months after she had them. They are not her children. They never will be. These people claim they love my grandchildren, then why won’t they let us see them? They are going to be in court,and loose them now.


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  5. Injustice Oregon
    August 12, 2017

    Please share read our story and help, we are yet another innocent family being destroyed.




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