A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.


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Every state has been “reforming” their Child Protective Service, (CPS) for well over a decade, even changing their names to distance themselves from the failure that is known to be CPS.  SEE CPS, Don’t let the name fool you! CPS NAME

This agency harms far more children than it helps and it is  CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

Isn’t it time we start to do right by children and families?

That these agencies don’t protect kids can be shown all day long with a cursory investigation into the statistics and outcomes of every state’s child welfare system, and Foster Care is a renown complete failure:  U.S. Foster Care: A Flawed Solution That Leads To Long-Term Problems

Must see trailer to documentary about the American Foster Care System:  http://www.fostercaremovie.com/

But, the average person assumes that the government is protecting children removed from their homes, and nothing could be further from the truth.  SEE:  No justice for JUSTINA Pelletier or anyone else!


There was already a system in place long before family courts started sprouting up across our nation consuming taxpayer money more than any other part of the ‘justice’ system.  It’s called the criminal justice system!

If parents are breaking the law by abusing their children, then arrest them.  Then come in and find suitable placement for these children!

We do not need, nor want, untrained, unlicensed, uneducated, vindictive, spiteful caseworker, deciding that we are not good parents and need our children removed for “their safety”.

Child abuse is a crime and by NOT charging parents with a crime, but inflicting untold trauma and punishments against parents and their children is a violation of their most basic Constitutional rights!

Law enforcement officers should be investigating every single allegation of child abuse! Someone who is trained to INVESTIGATE, not someone who has a degree in business management, but couldn’t find a job in that field so they became a social worker!

I want charges brought against parents who are abusing their children.

I want parents to be given a fair TRIAL in a fair Court, with the option of a jury by their peers!

I want real evidence to be presented.


I want everyone to know exactly what abuse/neglect/dependency consists of instead of leaving it up to the discretion of a single Judge, Caseworker, etc.

Stop hiding behind what is in the best interest of OUR children!!  ~TT

Currently parents DO NOT get a trial by jury of their peers, or even have criminal charges filed against them when their kids are taken by the state – – – even when they are forcefully adopted out to strangers!  Convicted murders are afforded more rights than parents who have had all their children removed from them – forever, and aren’t even allowed to know where or how they are!

It is long past time to get this right.  STOP THE CARNAGE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES!


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