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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

The case for Governors intervening in CPS cases

Sadly, the very lives and fate of children, especially those made “wards” of the state, often lies squarely with the Governor of the respective state.  While Governors repeatedly insist there is nothing they can do, and it’s out of their hands, that is completely untrue.  It is all Governors’ primary function to keep all people in the state safe, most particularly those in their custody, being “cared” for by an agency under their direct control.


Few cases of medical kidnapping are as renown as the Justina Pelletier case, despite the hundreds, if not thousands of similar cases throughout the country.  Unique to Justina’s case, however, was an anonymous billionaire financing the legal fees of the prominent Liberty Counsel lawyers and the assistance of what appeared to be a professional, full-time, family spokesperson, Reverend Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition.

Justina’s case also received national and international attention in the media like no other similar Medical Kidnap case, from everyone including Glenn Beck, Meagan Kelly, former Governor and Presidential candidate Huckabee to Dr. Phil, and more.  All the local and major networks covered her story, as well as very many alternative media, bloggers, facebook pages and the likes.

This all lent to the fact that tens of thousands mounted a campaign to #FreeJustina, lyonsand to many who participated in this movement, Justina was a household name they had never met.  There was even a rally where thousands lined the street in front of the Massachusetts Statehouse and demanded her release . . . but none of that mattered.

Despite the tireless efforts of so many, the then Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, insisted that he could not intervene, because “it was in the courts”. This was repeated to callers for months and months and months as Justina suffered the unconscionable incarceration, first for 10 months in a locked down psych ward until the public learned of this atrocity, and thereafter in group homes where she was still denied her family, even on Mother’s Day.

All of this attention, legal expertise, full-time advocacy, rallies and more, mattered not.  It was only when the Governor of the state that held her captive was confronted that things took an immediate turn at his behest, after months of claiming he could do nothing.  You can watch that here:

sq 2ALL the teens at left, and many hundreds more, were Medically Kidnapped because their parents dared ask for a second opinion.  These four teens, and many, many more were told it was in their heads, and separated from their parents, siblings, homes, schools, friends, pets, and everything they knew and loved.  They were also, all abused in and by the foster care system. http://medicalkidnap.com/2015/11/05/teenage-girl-speaks-out-about-being-medically-kidnapped-in-los-angeles/




No justice for JUSTINA Pelletier or anyone else!  How long are we going to keep getting it wrong, and ripping families apart needlessly?  This is how it was ‘said’ to be done by Massachusetts’ Department of Children and…Continue reading

THE Governors of every state CAN intervene in CPS cases, and it is there duty to do so. The Governor of Massachusetts ignored the international media attention and more of Justina’s plight, insisting he could do nothing.  That was proved untrue once confronted as seen in the above video that went viral within hours of its occurrence.  That very day the Governor set in motion that the parents met with the head of DHS the next.  Within 24 hours of the confrontation, plans were put in place for Justina’s return to her parents, and for her to be freed.

The protection of our most vulnerable falls squarely on the Governors for all children of their state, but is especially true of the children they have made wards of THEIR state. It is time to take these cases straight to the GOVERNOR.  Nothing else appears to work!

The case for Governors intervening in CPS cases

1- They are the Heads of State.

2- They RUN the State.

3- They have enormous power and connections.

4- They have EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY of their State.

5- The heads of CPS serve at the pleasure of the GOVERNOR.

6- The Child Protection Service agencies in their states are part of the EXECUTIVE branch.

7- The EXECUTIVE branch is controlled by the Governor.

8- ALL Governors are responsible for all those under him or her, and the buck stops with the person at the top.

9- The excuse that it is “in the courts” disregards the fact that it ONLY got there due to the actions, statements, activities of the CPS agency under the Governor’s control.

10- The ultimate responsibility for the oversight and accountability of any agency in the Executive Branch is with the Governor.

11-  These agencies are being shown to time and time again FAIL the children who have been made wards of the state.

12- The Governor is the ONLY one who can effect and demand changes by the hiring or firing those not protecting the children under the STATE’S care!

13-  The Governor can demand an outside, independent investigation of the agencies under their jurisdiction.  

14- The Governor can DEMAND the return of children via Executive Order, OR via demanding the head of the agency require the agency withdraw from their claims over these children they have failed to protect, OR by requiring the agency to immediately file a MOTION to DISMISS and CLOSE their case.

15- The Governor can grant clemency for convicted CRIMINALS so any Governor can certainly grant clemency over INNOCENT CHILDREN imprisoned by their state!!!

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