A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Meet SC’s latest RAPE VICTIM in CPS care!

HeadleyMeet Connor!     Connor is an amazing 11 year old little boy who loves cars, trains, and loves collecting anything and everything from little pieces of scrap paper, to pokemon cards and minecraft. Connor hates healthy food and loves junk food. He doesn’t eat chicken unless it’s in the form of nuggets. Connor loves wearing his big coat and hood even in the summer months. Connor loves lining things up, and gets easily excited over the smallest things.  He also gets very easily upset, is hyper sensitive, and has no self defenses.

Conner doesn’t care how badly others treat him, he is still everyone’s friend. Connor is not greedy, and is instead, very generous.  He would give the shirt off his back to anyone who asks, even his abusers. When Connor is taken advantage of, he doesn’t even notice, and that has happened repeatedly in his life, but none more so than when out of his parents’ protective care and nurturing.  

Conner is autistic, and much of the above is very common to autistic children.

Connor has often wondered why his “friends” never include him in games, or sit beside him at lunch. He doesn’t understand. He sees the world differently than we do, and the one thing that upsets Conner the most is change.  Connor’s best friend is 

Nick.  Sure he loves all his family, but Nick is and was Connor’s first, and forever friend.

On July 10, 2015, Connor was ripped away from his home, family, and everything familiar to him by police, at the behest of Child Protective Services (CPS).  This was simply because his parents asked for a second opinion at Greenville Hospital System for his baby brother. Connor didn’t understand, and had never spent a night away from home.  He never even went on overnight field trips with the school because of change and his inability to cope with not sleeping at home, in his own bed. That is where Connor was and felt safe.  nick and connor

Connor was placed in Epworth Childrens Home in Columbia SC. He lived in a different “cabin” from his brother, with older kids.  These kids immediately realized Connor was different, and vulnerable.  They became his predators, and Connor an easy target. Connor was the youngest and smallest of the teenage boys’ group, so on top of Connor’s being different and special, this made what would go on in this environment easily predictable and preventable.

It started off by Connor being approached while he was about to shower and the older, bigger boys threatening to beat him up if he didn’t expose himself. Connor was scared and complied. Connor has been beaten up several times, but ultimately the predictable and worst would and has happened.  raped 1

Connor went to use the restroom, and was followed by the another older, bigger teenage boy. In the stall he was told to bend over or else he would be beat up. Connor, not knowing what was going to happen bent over, and he was RAPED – – – sodomized.

When the social worker asked him how he felt Connor replied, “it hurt and made me cry, so I don’t want to be his friend anymore.” That’s the sad response of a little boy with autism, a boy who likes everyone, but hates change, and has been ripped away and isolated from everything he knows.  The love, support and comfort of his family is non-existent, quite simply because it is not allowed.  As a mother, not much can bring greater pain and heartbreak than not being there for your children, not being allowed to comfort or protect them, and not knowing what is going on.  Finding out can be even worse, and all four of my children are in that group foster home!  Headley-boys-lost-their-real-smiles

I’m sharing this post to warn others what happens when children, especially special needs children, are taken from their parents for no good reason. They place them in homes where they are way more susceptible to abuse mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually. It is a statistic and a fact that this is far more prevalent in foster care, and happens even more so in group homes.  SEE:  Meanwhile, youth in group homes continue to suffer far worse outcomes than foster children raised with relatives or foster parents. Studies cited … http://www.contracostatimes.com/breaking-news/ci_29180217/california-aims-stop-warehousing-foster-kids-group-homes


I want everyone to share this post to warn others about Epworth where my children have been “warehoused” for almost 9 months!   PLEASE also, I ask for everyone to call SC Governor Nikkey Haley and write on her fb page.  Even if she doesn’t acknowledge this tragedy, maybe enough of her followers will become concerned, and she will start caring more with public pressure and outrage.  She must be told what’s happening to children in places she has unilateral control of by way of the head of the agency who serves at the Governor’s pleasure.  To allow this to continue is obscene for ALL children in that home, but most especially mine.  SEE  The case for Governors intervening in CPS cases

What makes this story even worse is CPS, the same agency that rips children from homes where NO abuse or neglect has occurred, refuses to move Connor from where he is still reliving what happened to him.  He is forced to live with and among his abusers, and the very people that allowed for this to happen.  They took him to the ER two months after the rape occurred!

Connor and his 3 brothers have a loving home where they are/were cared for and loved. But Epworth makes close to $140,000.00 annually by keeping my children there, so I guess there is no financial motivation to get Conner out of where he was abused, and his brothers to where they won’t be.  Please share this story, and help us to get our sons home.  Also visit Medicalkidnap.com and read the horror stories of these medical kidnapings that are real and happening to thousands of children and families.  

Justina Pelletier was just the “Tip of the Iceberg”, and this needs to stop.  12782242_10154048539609490_452076190_n

Please join Mad Angels Army.  Let’s help get justice for Connor and all other children this is happening to.

Thank you from a heartbroken mom living in constant fear of what is happening to her children.

angel # 2 square

2 comments on “Meet SC’s latest RAPE VICTIM in CPS care!

  1. Terry McCourt
    March 19, 2016

    why did the kids end up in foster care


    • Nicole Tozier
      July 8, 2016

      Because the youngest child had health issues that his doctors were not addressing well. His parents wanted a second opinion, and the hospital saw this as reason to contact CPS. CPS has not accused the mom of making her child seem sick for her own attention, and all of the kids were taken. It has since been shown that she is mentally fine, and her son really is sick, but the courts refuse to hear it.


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