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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

LEXI and the truth about FORCED ADOPTIONS

l2While the public rallies to support AGAINST the removal of Lexi from the foster home she has been in for years, http://www.people.com/article/lex-page-devastated-foster-parents-part-native-girl-taken-from-home, they are clueless of the tens of thousands of stories of forced adoptions happening everyday across the country.  And they are not lead to understand anything beyond Lexi being in the foster parent’s home and lives for the past several years.  Lexi’s FOSTER parents have been fighting the court’s decision that was the premise on which they originally were given Lexi to foster back in 2011!  save-lexi-800(See excerpt of court docs above)  Thereafter, the foster parents have fought to keep her, year after year, appealing EVERY decision and court order that has come down so that Lexi was not placed where she was intended to be throughout all that time.  That is why Lexi was not moved over 3 plus years ago, i.e., the foster parents fought to keep her when she was supposed to have been among siblings and relatives long before now.

For the families who have had their kids wrongfully taken, and forcefully adopted away from them in secrecy, behind closed doors, and often with UNconstitutional gag orders, they did not have the muscle of the ICWA laws to help them determine that their children should stay with them.  No laws protect them except the Constitution, and that is all but abandoned in Family Courts that determine custody cases.  It is very painful therefore, for these parents who have sacrificed and lost everything to get their kids back from fostercare/the government whose custody they were put in, to watch Lexi’s foster parents rally unprecedented support, while they receive none, and are even retaliated against by CPS and the courts, and publicly shunned.  Lexi’s fosters raised $40,000.00 in four days, and garnered in just 5 days, over 100,000 signatures in support of them keeping Lexi.  Much of this support is based on misinformation, or more accurately, lack of information on what is really going on in the world of CPS, Foster Care and Forced Adoptions.  When foster parents start dictating the rules and terms of children put into their care to foster, and disregard the intent of the placement, the courts, the relatives, and even often the parents who are fighting a Goliath for the return of their children – – – there will be even MORE OF THIS:

crCONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

An independent federal agency that advises the White House and Congress, The National Council on Disability, (NCD), says that states needlessly take custody of the children of disabled parents.  Sadly, the same can be said in very many more cases where disabilities may, or may not be the issue.  Just ask the Pelletiers, (the most renown case), and the hundreds of thousands of others across the country whose children are currently in Foster Care.

What most people don’t realize is that states receive millions in Federal money for taking kids, and most horrifically, to adopt them out.  Very many of the children taken are put up for adoption, and their biological parents’ rights to their own children are severed – FOREVER – BY THE STATE!

How can this be happening in America?  How can this be happening at all?  Yet it has been going on for years, and is now happening at a more alarming rate than ever before.  One child removed from a loving parent is an atrocity – tens of thousands is a Holocaust.  Too few are willing to believe it is happening at all.  Those that do, convince themselves it can only be so for good reason.  No.  There are children being taken from their parents that have never done a thing wrong, and issues are literally manufactured to separate these children from their parents.  SEE Protecting families and children from the Child Protective System

The Massachusetts case is indicative of a loving Massachusetts family, fully capable of caring for and raising the child that was taken two days after the mother gave birth.  Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, (DCF),  did not care that this family fought tooth and nail to keep this child.  Two years after she was taken by the state, the state filed to sever the mother’s rights – PERMANENTLY.  Had the Feds not taken this particular case at the behest of the NCD, this child would most assuredly been put out for adoption like so many tens of thousands of others have been, and continue to be.

This is every parents’ worst nightmare, and yet they are powerless against the state when their child, and in many cases ALL their children, have been taken from them.  What was determined by the Feds in January of 2015 in the Massachusetts ‘Gordon case’ relative to disabilities is no less true of the very many other cases where no disabilities exist.  Robyn Powell, an attorney for the council states: “What happened to this mother is very common … States are removing these children for the sole reason of their parents having a disability.” 

The presiding reviewer recommended that DCF reverse its course. “Adoption is no longer the most appropriate permanency plan,” she wrote. It was obvious: Sara wanted the child. She lived with her parents, who were willing, and able, to help. In light of these facts, the reviewer suggested that Sam and Kim become Dana’s legal guardians, allowing “their disabled daughter to play a role.” One observer dissented, noting how bonded Dana seemed to be, at nearly 2, with the Foxes.   <<<Editor’s Note:  Dissenting over a bond because the STATE had removed the child at 2 days old, and relegated the biological mother to once every two-week visits is obscene and yet is commonly used to remove children from their parents – FOREVER!

And in January 2015, DOJ and HHS issued a letter finding the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families had committed “extensive, ongoing violations” of the Americans With Disabilities Act in the case of Sara Gordon. “DCF acted based on Ms. Gordon’s disability as well as on DCF’s discriminatory assumptions and stereotypes about her disability,” it said.     . . .

Dana Gordon was reunited with her biological mother in a courthouse in Greenfield, Massachusetts, on Monday, March 9, 2015. . .  Jenny Fox’s eyes well up when she recalls that moment — the suddenness of the reversal after being mother to the child for two full years.                                            . . .

Finally, someone walked into the room holding her daughter, Sara remembers. “And the minute she saw me, she was like, ‘Oh my God, I get to go home.’ ”

“And out come the arms,” adds Kim.

And then Dana said “Mama.” The Gordon family grabbed their stuff, including a few sacks of Dana’s belongings. And then all four of them booked out of the courthouse as fast as they could, before anyone with any power had a chance to change their mind.



turquoiseSIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE . . . BEFORE they come for you or yours! Please also do what you can to share this story, and raise public awareness about the carnage of Children and Families because government and foster parents WANT our kids:  

BONU$ $chedule for $tates to adopt kids away from their parents

(This doesn’t even touch on the money foster parents can and are making on children in their care, the more children the more money.  Often this can exceed over $100,000./ per year, while the struggling families from whom the children were taken wind up bankrupt, homeless, and devastated while they fought to get their children back.  There is no money in returning children to their families or relatives 😦 )

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