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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Lawsuits and rape of children mean nothing in S.C.


In the wake of a LAWSUIT and the damning exposure by the Post and Courier’s series in 2015 titled “Warehousing our Children”, and on the same day as the release of this article, the Governor’s appointed FOSTER CARE REVIEW BOARD is recommending FORCED ADOPTION for the Headley children.  (This was determined yesterday 6/7/16).  Both the Judge and GAL have recommended REUNIFICATION, but there’s no $$$ for the state in that.  Apparently S.C.’s solution to: “Part of the settlement will require South Carolina to find alternatives to group homes and institutions for children.” IS FORCED ADOPTION.

Conclusion:  The state of S.C. is FAILING children right and left, and as the title suggests, Lawsuits mean nothing.  The barbaric act of ripping children from loving parents, warehousing them, and then farming them out to strangers for the bonus incentives of adoption is alive and well in S.C.  WHO WILL STAND UP AGAINST THESE ATROCITIES BEFORE THEY COME FOR YOU . . . AND YOURS?

raped 1


The Post and Courier recently reported Lawsuit demands safer conditions for S.C. foster children.  It was announced that Department of Social Services settled a class-action lawsuit that alleged, among other things, that children in foster care were abused and neglected.  One of many stipulations was, “Part of the settlement will require South Carolina to find alternatives to group homes and institutions for children.”  What makes this particularly disturbing is that is has long since been shown, over and over again, that group homes are the worst place for children, so why did this even need to be told to an agency whose alleged mission is to protect kids?headleys

While the state was paying out big dollars and making this settlement agreement, an advocacy group was pleading with the Governor to intervene on behalf of a family where a young boy was raped in a group home,  Meet SC’s latest RAPE VICTIM in CPS care!

The rape victim and his 3 younger brothers are still in that very same group home!  Here is an excerpt from their mother of what was reported here last March:

I want everyone to share this post to warn others about Epworth where my children have been “warehoused” for almost 9 months!   PLEASE also, I ask for everyone to call SC Governor Nikki Haley and write on her fb page.  Even if she doesn’t acknowledge this tragedy, maybe enough of her followers will become concerned, and she will start caring more with public pressure and outrage.  She must be told what’s happening to children in places she has unilateral control of by way of the head of the agency who serves at the Governor’s pleasure.  To allow this to continue is obscene for ALL children in that home, but most especially mine.  SEE  The case for Governors intervening in CPS cases

What makes this story even worse is CPS, the same agency that rips children from homes where NO abuse or neglect has occurred, refuses to move Connor from where he is still reliving what happened to him.  He is forced to live with and among his abusers, and the very people that allowed for this to happen.  They took him to the ER two months after the rape occurred!

That this could even continue in the wake of the Post and Courier’s series in 2015 titled “Warehousing our Children” is obscene.  The series “showed the state places its youngest foster children into group homes and institutions at a much higher rate than any other state in the country.” The series went on to claim that more than 20 percent of the almost 4,000 South Carolina children placed in state custody lived in a group home, institution or orphanage.  Also from the series “The South Carolina Department of Social Services spent $28.1 million in 2014 placing children in group homes — more than five times the amount the agency paid foster families. Group homes earn at least $86 per child per night.”

13256466_10206897055570375_1954366980196053975_nOver and over again, state after state, we see lawsuits like this.  It begs the question how sincere or concerned anyone in government really is about “our most vulnerable” when a series says it all, and still nothing changes.  But now, a lawsuit being settled, we will hear of the major overhauls promised, and, of course, more money thrown at a dysfunctional, if not outright corrupt agency.  And, time after time it amounts to no significant changes as generations are affected and destroyed under the guise of “protecting” children and families.  The tired excuse of infusing more money into the system because it is ‘understaffed, underfunded, and the social workers are under trained is universal to all states, so here we go again: “Berkowitz agreed that the settlement will require the state to spend more money.

Never are the obvious fixes put into place, which are more transparency, more accountability, and an outside forensic investigation done of the agency from top to bottom, including every service provider because – – – that would stop the gravy train:  From Child Protection to State-sponsored Child Kidnapping: How Did we Get Here? 


Note that neither DCF nor the Governor of Massachusetts was named in the Pelletier Lawsuit though this nightmare could not have happened except for state policies, and taxpayer funding!  There will be no accountability for what was done to Justina by the state of Massachusetts when the public was openly privy to the retaliation and torture this family was put through.

Gov. Haley was a named defendant in the lawsuit recently settled in S.C.  She issued a statement through her spokeswoman:  “There is nothing more important than the safety of our children and our most vulnerable citizens, particularly those under the care of DSS. Whether it’s increasing the number of caseworkers or working with partners across state government and in our communities, we remain focused on strengthening DSS,”  

NO GOVERNOR, ALL GOVERNORS!  WE SAY FIX DSS and work on STRENGTHENING FAMILIES INSTEAD!  STOP the Federal (kidnapping incentive) Funding!

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