A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Dead Children in MA DCF’s care

In all, 64 children receiving services from various state agencies died in fiscal 2016, which ran from July 2015 to June 2016. Another 68 died in fiscal 2015. The numbers marked significant hikes from previously available annual data — covering calendar year 2014 — when there were 40.  Boston Herald, Matt Stout Friday, February 10, 2017  http://www.bostonherald.com/news/local_coverage/2017/02/report_despite_efforts_35_kids_died_in_state_care
Massachusetts has taken a record number of children from families in the past year, and adoptions are up more than 20% over the prior year’s available statistics. Plan on taxpayers spending MORE $$$ (money) to take, steal and abuse children, bonuses to adopt them out, (SEE:  BONU$ $chedule for $tates to adopt kids away from their parents), fed fndingbecause every time children in state care are abused or die, and the bad headlines stir up public outrage, there is a cry for more money to avert these horrors.  The self fulfilling and serving vicious cycle of taking more kids, and then needing more money because they are overwhelmed is always proceeded by a tragedy such as the Nationally renown case of Baby Doe, DCF worker who copied reports in Bella Bond case keeps job
and Jeremiah Oliver:  “The boy’s name has since become synonymous with one of the worst lapses in the history of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, after it was revealed that a state social worker had skipped eight mandatory monthly visits with Jeremiah, overlapping the time the child disappeared. ”   The short, unhappy life of Jeremiah Oliver, failed by all
Never is it because they are taking kids they shouldn’t or getting it all wrong, or the system is broken, corrupt, non-transparent, and unaccountable.  It is always they are “so overwhelmed and understaffed” children are being harmed and/or falling through the cracks under state care because they don’t have enough money or staffing.  Therefore, if you take more kids, overwhelm the system and staff, you get more money no matter what, then rinse and repeat, over and over again with every publicized tragedy or outrage – – – to “save” the children.
Connect the dots:
STOP taking kids that should not be removed from their family, and the system will not be overwhelmed.
STOP the federal funding that incentivizes states to take as many kids as possible for the reimbursements – bonuses to adopt them out, and less children will be put into the “overwhelmed” system.
STOP the “confidentiality to protect the children” that only serves to hide what is really going on, and people will start realizing how broken and corrupt this system really is.
STOP funding this proven broken system!
* – *
START demanding transparency and accountability for  children in the system so that they do not continue to be used as a commodity to balance state budgets, and to support the cottage industry that has sprung up under the guise of child “protective” services.

And oh yeah, send the children that never should have been taken in the first place, HOME, and see how much money there already is to save and protect the real children in need, currently ignored because the system is so “overwhelmed”.  

Every state in the country is “fixing” their Child “Protection” Agency, (CPS), for the 5th, 6th and 7th time because they are ALL BROKEN, and cannot be fixed.  Just try and find the state that is not in turmoil with their CPS department’s FAILURE to protect children.  The solution is NOT more money thrown at the problem, but they will surely get it, because no one wants to be seen as not protecting our most vulnerable.  And so the carnage goes on, day after day, month after month, year after year, and decade after decade, when it is known it is broken and harming children and families more and more with every new dollar provided.
CPS – Don’t let the name fool you!  Child “Protective” Services – the agency that harms children most. It is a known fact that child protection agencies across the country are failing children and families at almost every …Continue reading
The fix will only come when the money stops flowing, investigations are done, people prosecuted, the corruption exposed, and this child trafficking industry is required to be completely transparent. Let’s start with every dime that was spent to destroy the life and health of Justina Pelletier, and her family, which is surely in the millions of dollars. If they can hide from the facts in THE most visible case in the country, imagine all the others no one knows about.  Boston Children’s Hospital alone, (who did this to Connecticut resident Justina in collaboration with MA DCF and the courts), hotlines over 400 children per year! (That’s more than one child per day that is selected to be the next Ju$tina).
bchWhere is the accountability? Where is the “protecting” of children and families? Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and put some serious thought and investigation into  How long has BCH been kidnapping kids – – – from OTHER countries?  and how often is this happening in your state and across the country.  Never, never, never forget and remain passive.

No justice for JUSTINA Pelletier or anyone else!

How long are we going to keep getting it wrong, and ripping families apart needlessly?  …Continue reading justina-pelletier


57967741169b6What is Lyme Disease?  http://whatislyme.com/melissa-kerins/
Multiple Systemic Infectious & Viral Disease Syndrome
What is Lyme

In fond memory of Melissa Kerins, who, among other accomplishments, spearheaded the boots on the ground and other efforts in Massachusetts to #FREEJUSTINA.

RIP Melissa.


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