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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

How CPS & Judges break law to destroy families


Tennessee Attorney Connie Reguli is a hero to many across the country.  That means she is no “friend” of CPS or the courts, so it takes a large amount of bravery to go against a system everyone knows is broken, but does little about.  (Learn much more about her important work here.)

There are other heroes out there, but they are too few and far between for a system that Arkansas Senator Alan Clark describes as:  “No horror movie ever prepared you for … It obliterates the mirage of what you thought being an American meant. It changes you and scars you forever.”  

He wonders: “Why are more people not concerned about the children and families we destroy in the name of protecting children?”  and is doing his part to try and make changes, SEE:  Breakthrough fix for CPS in ALL states!

devaniFor a small sampling of what is going on across the entire country, read this Arizona horror story, and everything else that the site MedicalKidnap.com is reportingArizona Child Removed from Loving Family and Placed into Foster Care Where She was Repeatedly Raped – then 80% of Body Burned

Then you can rejoice that SOME get their kids back, but at what price and HOW can this be happening in America?  Please visit this site where the below quotes are taken from and THANK the author for exposing this!  http://fox17.com/news/ferrier-files/ferrier-files-murfreesboro-dad-wins-custody-after-battle-with-court-system  FERRIER FILES: Murfreesboro dad wins custody after battle with court system by Dennis Ferrier  Wednesday, August 2nd 2017 (WZTV)


This is judge that removed kids without cause!

“His fourth amendment rights were violated,” Reguli said. “By ordering a suspicion-less drug test. It is absurd to think that you can lose your kids for not cooperating with a government agency when that agency has no grounds.”

Russell appealed, and the decision went public with a Fox 17 News exclusive interview.

Eventually, he won without even going to court. DCS gave him his kids back.

“I kept pushing them,” Reguli said. “They had nothing nothing. No evidence that he ever abused drugs or alcohol or mistreated his children, and they needed to get the kids back to him. They finally agreed.”

The kids were taken from their dad for four long months, and now Russell is worried they will come after him again.

“They are home and they are ecstatic to be home, but now they are marked,” Reguli said. “Because the sad truth is once you are in the system you are in it for good. Forever.”

2 comments on “How CPS & Judges break law to destroy families

  1. Helena shackett
    August 12, 2017

    I’m in massachusetts and am about to lose my granddaughters to this forced adoption from dcf.


  2. andrea renee sim
    March 11, 2019

    I want you to meet Natilee Lynn Sim she was born on August 30 2015, in Alaska, her brother Brandon Mathew Sim ( unfortunately we don’t have a current picture of him ), were both kidnapped at the same time, they were placed in a house that was well known for it’s drug trafficking and both selling children for it’s drugs ( oxi cotton to be precise ), so everyone knows lets be clear Brandon Mathew Sim is Autistic with mental retardation, and Natilee was 6 months old when this happened, Brandon was sold for sex, drugs, and money, and is still being held against his will by the state, Natilee had her name, birth weight, the father was removed, how she born and where off the birth certificate, the people that were involved in these two kids being exploited was also collecting their welfare, medicade, ssi money, and child support. they held Natilee for over 18 months and when we were to finally rescue her she went through drug with drawls ( which meant that her assailants were feeding her drugs ) they also damaged her legs which makes it hard for her to walk ( the has to break them to fix them ) she is now almost 4. Now Brandon is 22 , and the assailants have kept him away from his family for the last 3 years even though there has been countless times that we’ve tried to get him back, he has begged to come home and they wont even let him call home anymore, they are continuing to steal his ssi, Medicare, anything they can, he’s has to flee from these people in failed attempts in doing so, the sad thing is that how many families have been put through this, losing their children and government officials getting away with child and disabled adults, ( maybe these families don’t have the knowledge, the support, the recourses, or the money, it’s not that they don’t love their kids they just need everyone’s help in doing so, I have located a few different attorneys that can help but they want allot of money, which our family like others cant afford. The child that has been affected by this is Faith Sim she was born January 26 2017, but because these government officials are working together, when she born the hospital pumped her system with different drugs which has made her permanently disabled.



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