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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Dead Children in MA DCF’s care

MORE DEAD CHILDREN IN MASSACHUSETTS DCF CARE http://www.bostonbroadside.com/showcase/more-dead-children-in-massachusetts-dcf-care/ READ THE REST HERE:  http://www.bostonbroadside.com/showcase/more-dead-children-in-massachusetts-dcf-care/

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Every state has been “reforming” their Child Protective Service, (CPS) for well over a decade, even changing their names to distance themselves from the failure that is known to be … Continue reading

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No justice for JUSTINA Pelletier or anyone else!

How long are we going to keep getting it wrong, and ripping families apart needlessly? The recent news that the Pelletiers have filed a lawsuit, (3 years later, and after … Continue reading

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Foster Care from a teen that’s been there

The studies of how foster care fails our children have been out for a long time, but are ignored.  Less known is the profit from ripping kids from their homes … Continue reading

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CPS Exposed!

In a recent deposition of Arizona DCS supervisor, Caryn Wagner by Shawn McMillan, (a renown warrior against the state’s wrongful removal of children from their parents), Wagner exposes what those all … Continue reading

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The late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer knew more about Child Protective Services, (CPS), and “State Sanctioned Kidnapping” than what any other politician knew, and some suspect it was related to her death.  She … Continue reading

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STOP Massachusetts from kidnapping babies

A Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families’, (DCF), case detailed below, is strikingly similar to the “Gordon” case investigated by the United States Department of Justice, (DOJ).  It, and very many … Continue reading

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Vacationers from another state kidnapped by Florida DCF

Protecting families and children from the Child Protective System – CPS – Don’t let the name fool you The below story, in the mother’s own words, is the ultimate in “Just when … Continue reading

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Tammy’s Thoughts on Today ROUND-UP

Below is the launch of Tammy’s Thoughts on Today as posted daily on A Miracle for US  – Join in the conversation -ADD your thoughts to the ongoing daily musings, AND SHARE SO THAT … Continue reading

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STOP Forced Adoptions!

Most people don’t know that that very many families have had their children wrongfully taken from them by the state. They are conditioned to believe that the government would only do such … Continue reading

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