A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

The Wave is YOU!

aloneMAKING A DIFFERENCE IS YOU!  All of us, together.  There are over 450,000 kids in Foster Prison, and tens of thousands more who have lived this nightmare.  That’s a formidable army if we can organize and be one loud voice.

By taking 3 minutes a day to do one simple task, YOU can create a huge wave of support and have great impact.  Each of you can make a significant difference if EVERYONE participates.  The key is #s.  Numbers have impact.  Numbers speak volumes.  Alone we are a single voice shouting in the dark. 

Here are the 3-minute tasks that were put up and have received very low participation, thus, very ineffective to accomplishing anything.  If anyone has time to do any of these, please do, but until we get everyone on board, rowing together, we will have little effect.  Please recruit others in the group to participate so we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We can do this, and take the power from them to us by our sheer numbers and united voices – who’s in?

Also – – – PLEASE think about writing a summary, kids back, kids lost, kids still in, so that when we go to let’s say, a John Stossel, or 60 minutes, we have a WAVE of 6,000 well written stories to show that this is BIG and needs national attention! And then all of us can partner up to help edit each story to be as powerful as possible!  Go here and post:  They took my kids!     https://amiracleforus.wordpress.com/they-took-my-kids/

Sunday’s Task:

RECRUITING an army:  There are almost half a million children currently in state custody, and tens of thousands adopted out, or eventually returned home, traumatized, abused, and affected for life by what they endured being ripped from their families.  THAT is our army, i.e., the hundreds of thousands of families affected by Child Protective Services, (CPS).   Once we get everyone on board, we will start soliciting what the targeted efforts should be.  With THOUSANDS of people doing the same thing, at the same time, we can overwhelm them, and make an impact by our sheer numbers – – – when enough people participate.  You know how broken the system is, and how weak we are against it when we go this road alone, up against the tax payer funded Goliath.  We need an army.  We are an army if acting in concert.

For now, let’s recruit from our team.  Simply go down through all the threads on this page and post this link https://amiracleforus.wordpress.com/the-wave-is-you/ to build up participants so that the 6,000 plus people that are here are all doing one, 3-minute task, in unison, everyday.  Think what that will do when we start calling, emailing, or other to a specific Governor, Media, etc. and they hear from 6,000 +++ in one day or week!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s do this – EVERYBODY!  Let’s get EVERYONE on board to be a powerful WAVE of action.  Any of these can be done at any time, but if we consistently hit all threads on say, a Sunday, we are likely to reach everyone in the group at some point, as opposed to randomly.  But again, any of these tasks being done at any time can’t hurt 🙂

Monday’s Task:

SIGNING a petition:  6,000 + people here. Let’s support each other. How about 3 minutes to sign a fellow comrade’s petition? THIS will help all of you if 6,000-plus people swarm to get rid of a bad judge. Let’s create a big wave – One, 3- minute task per day, from all of us. If we can start a trend of exposing bad judges, we all win, and if we keep going, your judge will start shaking before we even get to them. Click and sign, so simple. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/the-removal-of-judge?source=c.em&r_by=12895146  DONE.

Tuesday’s Task:

SHARING on FB pages:  3 minute task, by 6,000 -plus people who belong to this group:  Forced adoption goes to the heart of what is happening in this child trafficking scheme. Those who have pure hearts and are taking in foster children, and adopting them have no idea what is really going on. If we can stop this, they will start taking fewer and fewer children. Let’s expose the root of this money scheme. If everyone here even just shares this to their own page, it will get traction because FB will more readily push it into newsfeeds. Traction is everything to build up a massive public awareness of what is going on in state sanctioned kidnappings.

Go to the post and click on share, and share wherever you can, but at least your own page. https://www.facebook.com/AMiracleforUS/posts/818523884902672  DONE.

Wednesday’s Task:

LIKING and Commenting:  Let’s support this story and make it go viral. When this first happened, the Governor really did claim to get over 6,000 calls, and got the parents an attorney for their first court date (due to the public awareness and pressure).  The result was these parents got their kids back that day.  How often does that happen when no one is looking?

Let’s do that with this group, i.e., 6,000-plus targeted, 3 minute tasks a day, everyday, by all.

Read this story, https://www.facebook.com/AMiracleforUS/posts/818098834945177 and see if it doesn’t tell it like it is. Then like the page, like the posts, and leave comments. DONE.  If willing, go to ALL these pages and at a minimum “Like” 🙂  Many MORE will be added, but let’s get started.

Cps Bring Our 5 Stolen Butner Children Home



photovisi-download-3 (2)

Thursday’s Task:

CALLING Governors and more:  If ALL of us call the Governor of a particular state, on ONE (1) case, all on one day, or maybe on three cases in one state, like the ones below, WE WILL BE HEARD.  For now we focus on these 3 Connecticut cases.  We will continue to add more states and more cases once we get some traction.  A potential script would be, (but mix it up):

How is it your state has so many high profile cases of children being taken by the state that shock the conscience, and you also did nothing to FREE JUSTINA, a resident of your state, when she was taken by the state of Massachusetts?  What are you doing about this assault on Parental Rights, Children and Families?

There is a Facebook page set up to support the family and get updates called Pray for Weston, Bring Baby Jaxon Home!, FreeCassandra,  (Cassandra is home as of April 28th, but after months and months of being held captive against her will, and the Governor silent!)

Friday’s Task: (HELP WANTED)

One person to organize Twitter campaigns, another to organize Instagram campaigns

Saturday’s Task:


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