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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

They took my kids!

This page is purposed for the families that have been contacting us to tell their stories.  We have found that people often tell us what happened and their stories leave many questions needing clarification to provide enough information to know what went on.  Hopefully this will help everyone to be able to give a concise summary so that they aren’t re-telling it every time they seek help.  Eventually we hope to provide you a link so that when you need to give someone the background info, it’s all there, and you can readily access it whether it is for your facebook page, go fund me account, or simply to explain in a group what has gone on to get advice.  Of course it can’t be all-inclusive, but a summary of the situation.  Ultimately the goal is to gather ALL stories so the world can see this is happening at an alarming rate, and see that there are common themes and patterns that lend to the state kidnapping of our children, and this abuse can no longer be ignored.  Please use the comment section below to tell your story, keeping it all in ONE (1) comment, and see below for some helpful ideas of what to include.

HELP WANTED.  We are looking for volunteers to help edit.  We are asking others reading this to “partner” to help edit these stories.  This can be done by copying and pasting into another comment where you have the ability to edit the story, and ask questions to further help you edit other people’s work.  Ultimately we will go through and clean them up by deleting old and re-doing new so that the comments include one story per person, and we can show the world it’s not a few, but hundreds of thousands of families being destroyed by “protective” services agencies that have gone far from their original good intent.

Some ideas of information to include.  We will not be vetting these stories, but it helps you to make your summary as accurate as possible.

1.  name and state

2. facebook page if you want it promoted

3. age(s), and month/year kids taken

4. circumstances/how it went down

5. accusations, and anything to counter

6. current status

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22 comments on “They took my kids!

  1. mary howlett (rader)
    April 16, 2015

    My 2 boys were with their father for his court ordered parenting time when he suddenly moved from his apartment and went into hiding with my boys and his girlfriend. As soon as I lost contact I put my things into storage got rid of my van to get an rv and came back to west Virginia from Ohio to look for them. This started in late September of 2013 and I was back in wv by late November 2013. Me my boyfriend my grandson and my teenage daughter stayed with friends while trying to locate them. In January 2014 I found a house to rent closer to the county they were supposed to be in and from the time my internet and phone was turned on till July 2014 I continued to call the sheriffs office, cps, dhhr, school board, court house, in the county they were supposed to be in and told them who I was who my exhusband was and that I was trying to locate him and my boys because I was in fear for their safety. I later found out that they had been taken from him in mid January 2014 and that he and his girlfriend were charged and arrested for child abuse with injury and that the county only posted an ad in the county newspaper classified section. Late July 2014 I posted an ad on Facebook saying that my boys had been taken by their father and were missing. I found out from one of his family members on Facebook that he was in jail and cps had my boys. I have trying since then to get them home. Cps and the county court told me I didn’t do enough to find them and classified me as an abandoned parent and took my parental rights away. I went to the courthouse myself and petitioned for a lawyer and to reopen the case. They had me go to several appointments with cps and the lawyers involved. I gathered my own evidence, the little there was. And my lawyer did nothing. They court hearing was in December 2014 and they ruled the same again. Please help me to get my boys back home. I have been looking everywhere for advice and help to get them home. The boys are separated and one is in a home for boys with behavior problems and the other in a mental hospital and the cps told them I didn’t want them, this is information I heard them talking about in the lawyer room before the hearing. I am desperate and distraught and am running out of places to go for help. My health is bad and I have been trying to get my disability for the past two years but with all of this distress it is even worse and I have developed health problems that could potentially be fatal, not just keep me from working. I love and miss my boys so much and so does their older brother and sister.


  2. Bobbi Parker
    April 30, 2015

    My children were taken. My oldest 16, my middle ages 10 and 9, my youngest age 6. It started February of 2013. I called in a police report because I had caught my oldest with my middle child. She was forcing her to do sexual things to her. Cps wanted to remove my middle daughter that night and the detective stopped her. It was April 5th 2013 and I sent my two middle children to school. Here comes the start of my nightmare. My oldest being in juvenile. It was a snow day so we played Xbox before time for school laughing and enjoying our time. It was bus time. My daughter and I yelled love you to the moon and back… Snuggle bunnies. That’s where we rub our noses together. I love our moments. They got on the bus. I had my normal day babysitting and caring for my youngest. We danced, we sang, we made snacks, lunch, watched tv, played candyland, took naps, then we waited by the door for the two to get off the bus. The bus pulls up and the younger kids got all happy. My daughter always gets off the bus first but it was her brother. The bus pulled off. I watched him fall to the ground. I ran to him in panic. He was crying uncontrollable. I held him tight baby where is your sister. He said the mean people took her mommy. They took her. They had to put her in shiny things on her legs and arms. I cried why baby. Mommy she was screaming, hitting, crying, she even bit. I went inside with the kids and sent them all into the playroom. I picked up my phone and called cps. I demanded to talk to my daughter. They refused to let me talk to her. They told me that we have court in the morning at 8am and the contacted her dad. I began to cry uncontrollable. He had been in trouble before for abusing my two middle children that he fathered. I went to court. In court the said the removal is nessery because I failed to protect her. That’s all They said in that matter. They said They were placing her with his step mother whom did not like my family or I. They set up my visits in a place where They knew the people and would lie for them. I would have a ride 43 miles a week to go see her and They refused to let the to younger children to see her. They would cry mommy we want sissy. My heart would break. I did all my classes but nothing ever changed. My ex would leave me message that I would never get her back and next he would be getting our son. It was a year to the date. April 5 2014 They removed my two youngest from me for moving to much. Since that started I moved five times. My two middle kids dad would call my youngest dad. He is an ex as well. He would beat me all the time. It was mentally, physical abuse, sexual ect. I would run from him in fear. They said that was childish and I was hurting my kids. So the gave my two middle kids to their father. It’s been one year and I haven’t seen them or heard their voices. My oldest and youngest is still in Foster care. My oldest is doing well. She is almost 18. My youngest has been moved out of one home for physical abuse and sexual abuse. The new Foster parent wants her moved because of her behavior. Nothing has moved forward because I married a man that protects his family. They case worker called me a whore and told me my grandmothers death was an excuse. Remind all I was the only family she had and all I had besides my kids. He called her and said some pretty nasty stuff but maybe if her words were not so harsh he wouldn’t have been so nasty. He hasn’t seen my daughter in almost 7 months. We are doing everything They want but nothing is going anywhere. It’s a nightmare everyday on my youngest and us. We are losing each other from their pain. We are still fighting to bring her home. We all need justice. There are people out there that really do bad but the one being punished are the family’s that love their children and care for them. Yes I moved a lot but my kids we clean, in abused, in school, happy, loved, spoiled, ect.


  3. brialeha
    May 27, 2015

    Are we supposed to leave our stories here?


    • Yes, and if you want help with it say so, and it won’t get posted until you want it to, because it has to be approved first, so nothing goes in automatically.


  4. Trashenna Patterson
    July 28, 2015

    I need help!! My son is in Detroit and I’m in Texas he went in 2008/2009 because my house burned down andy brother’s wife grandmother said she would help until I get on my feet. That following October I called to inform her I would be on my way to get my child, she said she went to court and I could not get him. The judge granted her guardianship and I have no idea why


  5. Trashenna Patterson
    July 28, 2015

    This has been going on all these years and I don’t understand, well I am FED UP and ready to do anything. My son entire family is here in Texas and I’ve been stable and have support with my mother as well and my entire family. I’m not understanding how they can rip a family apart. It’s like legally kidnapping my child and I need this madness to end. How do I get help.


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  7. Freddie Verzosa
    February 15, 2016

    My wife and I just moved to Kidsimmee Fl – from South Carolina as the work there for line of work
    : wood and tile floors and other home improvements. Florida, the place our first daughter was born. We sold or left everything for the promise land, five kids and one on the way. Well, things were tough establishing myself for work but I got a job – the man ripped me off $1000. We had enough for the motel and food – but we wanted enough to get our own place. The motel was not a safe place for kids to we kept them close to us. Other children were being taken away everyday by DCF -be careful warned a man – they’ll come for yours if you’re not careful. We are good Christians – and did our own Sunday school. My eldest daughter saw children that were hungry, and asked to give her food to others at various time. What a heart of gold. One day in xxx DCF showed up at our door and offered us help. We were appreciative

    We finally got a house and DCF closed our case April, 2014. Then, dooms day came July 9, 2014 – the police and DCF worker came to our home to take our children because if Tracey having a disability. Never once was there mention of her capabilities and never once did I think she wasn’t capable. This woman is the most patient, kind and caring mother who nurtures her children, takes care of their basic needs with no issue, …

    Tracey became pregnant again and had our seventh unexpectedly at home. DCF came to hospital when she was only two days old – taking her stating we were abusive by having the baby at home and no reporting it. I delivered the baby within five minutes of Tracey saying we need to go to hospital … I Called 911 who helped me with the cord clamping and they sent an ambulance.

    We have a non communicative court appointed attorney, we have never done anything to neglect nor harm our children.

    Our children are neglected and abused in foster care … The children who were bonded together were separated, and the children are in four different foster homes. DCF denies us increased visitation, medical records, school reports, …

    The said the kids would be coming home in July, then December and now it is February. We’ve completed all our case plan since July 2015 … And reunification STILL has not started.

    We were never told our rights and we were not allowed to defend ourselves in court – the judge did not allow of to speak and he believed the lies told by DCF. Lack of supervision and medical neglect.

    We never medically neglected our children.

    I called them for financial help to pay our electric bill, and they opened another case – unknown to us, and then plotted to take our babies They offered us services but provided none before taking the kids.

    We have done all they ask … But still our children are not home.

    If I had known the corruption and lies, the services they require us to take would not get our babies home at 19 months, … I could have gone pro-se .., WE DID NOTHING WRONG …. Our babies have been hurt, sick, cut, surgeries, crying, emotionally, mentally and physically abused in FOSTERCARE.

    How can this be happening in the USA? Children taken and abused where the parents did nothing wrong!

    We cry everyday for our children. Our arms are empty. Our children cry everyday and we are not there to hug them, comfort them, protect them …

    Our case is simply DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MY WIFE because she has mild autism. You know they say every person with autism has a gift – like Einstein was autistic – and Tracey’s gift is being a Mom – she feels her children’s needs – and how to best teach them.

    DCF has damaged us, and I pray, please Lord, keep us strong, … This torture is of the devil … Please fix it.


  8. Keri
    February 15, 2016

    My boys were taken out my life & adopted in October of 2011 they were both 3yrs old at the time. They are 10mos apart today they are 9 & 8yrs old. We had been involved with CYS in Lackawanna County Pa. I was in active addiction from 2006 til May 2011. After I had gotten help & was following the safety plan plus more I ended up pregnant in August 2010. When we went to court in October I was still clean & still am to this day. I was informed by CYS that if I didn’t willingly sign my rights away I would lose the child I was carrying as soon as she was born. I was so scared they wouldn’t allow me the time to even get opinions from other people including the father of my unborn child. So my boys were adopted out it was & a an open adoption I do see pics & was able to see them but haven’t been allowed now since March of 2014 when myself, fiance & my older daughter & 2 youngest daughters moved out of state to Sc. We jus recently moved back to Pa in May 2015 after my last & youngest son was born. I refuse to live in Lackawanna County but am close enough to know they are still lying & using intimidation on parents. I don’t know if there is any help for me but I did want to get my story out. Hopefully if anything someone can learn something & not allow CYS do to them what was done to me & my boys. Thank you!


    • Ann howard
      June 20, 2016

      Same thing happened to a family members of mine she was pregnant the other two was in state custody and she done everything and I do mean everything that was required for her to do and still did no good and said if u don’t sign ur right away we will take the one ur carrying now how in this world can they get away with this


  9. Kleigh
    February 15, 2016

    It’s been 7 months with no contact with my son. FALSE allegations. I’ve been fighting since 2009 to gain custody.I reported assulted and I get alienated from him


  10. Bianca Soto
    February 18, 2016

    Bianca Soto ARIZONA
    14, 7, 4, 2 They we’re taken July 7, 2015
    The investigator originally said criminal charges of sexual abuse! I was beside myself and in shock. Officers briefly interviewed me saying no such thing appeared to be true. My children we’re still taken. Two days later at the TDM the charges or allegations changed to neglect due to my instability and depression. What it really was the grandmother to my youngest son wanted him and I said no so she called CPS on me. I passed a hair follicle and my substance abuse assessment proved I didn’t need substance abuse counseling. My psych eval is where they got me because it was all fixed. Lies on top of lies. I have since moved out of Maricopa County and am in Cochise County. Still waiting for the case to be transferred. I am currently taking pain medication and they are now trying to make that an issue. I have had three different caseworkers who rarely respond to calls or emails.


  11. Melissa
    February 26, 2016

    Me and my sister kids was taken before we got them back my kids was abused in foster care and me and my kids was never a Philadelphia pa resident it happened October 15 false accusations and other nonsense i want to sue for all they put us and our kids thru


  12. Betty Carpenter
    June 3, 2016

    Almost 10 years ago I lost my 5 children. I live in Ludington,Mi. I was working and the father was at home taking care of the kids. I came home on lunch to grab some baby stuff for a friend have all the kids a hug the twins were sleeping so i let them be. I’m not even at work for a half hour and I get a call saying one of my twin boys only 6 wks old quit breathing so i left work and rushed to the hospital by time I got there they said they were going to transport him to Devos. From there they found old blood and new blood on the brain, fractured ribs and a couple other things plus had eyes examined and said there was blood behind the retinas. There they claimed he has been shaken. They removed the kids from my home and claimed if I didn’t do something the the father did which he denied. Instead of taking it to trial cuz they said they didn’t have enough evidence that we signed a no contest plea to try and work for our kids back. My husband at the time slacked alot one minute cps wanted us together then the next minute I’m a bad person for staying with someone who possibly hurt my kids. I kept fighting jumping through all the hoops like they wanted th at even started in home visits saying they were going to reunify the kids. Then they took that away and put me back at kids house. They told my husband at the time that seeing how he was the one being accused if he signed his rights off then it would make it easier for to get my kids back. Not even 2 wks after he signed his rights off they terminated my rights. I asked my court appointed attorney to file an appeal cause I wanted to fight it. He told me he did but it got denied. So after 10 years my ex husband has a 4 year old son who he has some how got joint custody of. His son has made a complaint that his daddy samcked him in his mouth and hes mean to him and a cps case is now open on him. I went up to Mason County Courthouse to talk to someone to find out how it’s possible that he got custody of this child and if he gets charged for this if they would charge him for what happened to my son. They told me no that it happened almost 10 years ago and I said yea but my son could have died and I lost my kids for no reason. He has someone who helps him get pictures of our kids and gets to talk to our oldest. They claim that it’s impossible that i just need to let it go they will investigate. She said she feels so sorry for me that she knew my case was a bogus case but I need to just move on for now until they are of age and look forward to getting to spend the older days with them. That’s so not fair that i got robbed of my kids get told to just let it go. I can’t it eats at me every day and even more knowing this man is out there able to still hurt kids. I’ve tried everything and have gotten no where but I’m gonna keep trying hopefully someday someone will take my case and help me. Half the time I feel lost without my kids


    September 20, 2016

    Please someone , if anyone can hear me, please help me. I had my Eli and my Abby taken away. They claimed that I would be a danger to my children if they were left in my care because I was on drugs. They tested me that very day they took my kids, and I was OF COURSE free of any drugs. I do not use drugs I say. You act erratic and your behavior is absurd and all over the place. My response, well you just kicked my door in and stole my kids, how would you act. Katie Lampson, investigator at CPS response, I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS. Why are you taking my kids….Just sign here and go get yourself cleaned up, let your parents keep them for the weekend while you calm down. Now you must leave the premisses whee your kids are or else I will put them in my backseat and drive them to foster care and you will never hear from them until possibly each court date in the future. I called the children father, we wee separated at the time, he drug tested on the scene but they told him because he had allowed his children to be in my care , he was a danger to their wellbeing . 2 clean drug test. 2 parents naive and scared to death. 2 children ripped from 2 parents who loved them like no other, we truly believed our kids were our purpose in life. Eli and Abigail were the light in every dark corner. And we were /are/ will always be PARENTS WHO LOVE OUR KIDS TOO MUCH FOR THEIR TOO BE ANY REASON WHY THEY SHOULD HAVE TRAUMATIZED AND RIPPED THEM FROM US. and so begins THE SLACK FIGHT TO WIN OUR “SlackPILE” back. March 1st 2016 the day I entered HELL.

    The case worker claims Eli and Abigail are of short stature, yet being in care outside of our home, each of them has lost weight and become withdrawn. The psychologist they did see diagnosed them with having ‘issues with adjustment. emotional distress of losing parents”. Eli was enrolled in pre-k, where they tried to advance him to 1st grade due to him already knowing his alphabet, writing his alphabet, and reading 1-4 word sentence books. {I was the kind of mother that got up everyday and taught my children, for real lessons and fun learning, we did museums, libraries, aquariums, and many parks. We were completing our thousand book of spring and summer.}

    My children have not been able to see me or their father since April when I was late to 1 court, mind you our home is 4 hours from where they are being kept. It has now been 6 months that I have been giving the run around about what the court papers say in order for me to see them, then once i absolutely completely the judges orders the next thing was to just flat out ignore my text/emails/phone calls. To not send my paperwork over to the therapist and counselors that stood in my way of reunification….and to MOST IMPORTANTLY drive a mother completely mad and angered with a side of depressed, withdrawn from things that my family used to attend, cant eat because memories of my children, cannot grocery shop because of thinking of what they would want to eat or who would sit in the front basket and whom would want to walk and help mommy load. I no longer was alive, I was a shell of a person who used to be living. I was a zombie , no more like a mummy because I never came back out, I never braced the world again. I

    I need help . Someone help me. I need my Abby. I need my ELi. PLEASE HELP 


    • So sorry that a computer glitch made us unable to monitor and respond to this until now. Even more sorry that this has happened to you, and we know it is an epidemic in every state that so many people refuse to believe. Please try and contact MedicalKidnap.com where they have other similar stories, and join MadAngelsArmy on Facebook. When someday all the affected and unaffected join together to become a loud voice, it will be powerful. Until then we pray for you and your family and all those whose lives are being destroyed by an agency people still believe is “saving” children. Stay strong and fight unrelenting for your rights and your children. God Bless.


  14. amber
    October 23, 2016

    My son was taken at 8 months because we were living in a pop up camper that apparently had a broken latch holding the wall that i didnt know about. i laid him on the bed for less than a minute while i turned to throw his food away after feeding him..he rolled off the bed through that wall and was injured from the fall. he was taken from us after we were accused of hurting him on purpose, which we didnt..and it wasnt even neglect…if i had known about that broken latch, i NEVER would have laid him on that bed. we were 2 days away from renting a trailer and having a real home…instead of dcfs helping us, they took him and controlled every part of our lives until they lied multiple times, violated our rights and his..and finally terminated our parental rights earlier this year. he was heartbroken. he told me many times he wished i could be his mommy and he wanted to go with me. i dont want my son broken hearted. he doesnt deserve this. we dont deserve this…but he is the most important and what he feels is the most important. something needs to be done about dcfs taking children and terminating rights for their money bonuses they get for adopting out foster children. it isnt fair. selling our kids isnt right. it doesnt just hurt the parents…it hurts the kids. taking a child from parents that never abused neglected or hurt them in any way is wrong….yes we made mistakes before…we lived in that popup camper for maybe a month..but we were so close to having a real home…we did everything we could for him while we had him…i wish we never would have had to stay in that camper but we had nowhere else to go at the time. 😦


  15. Honey
    July 12, 2017

    My granddaughter was taken at birth. The reason was that her mothere had mental health issues that were not being treated. 2 years before baby’s birth she had a physical fight over a guy. The departmemt refused to let the baby go with either of the two family members who would step up because my daughter might come and take the baby.
    My daughter IMMEDIATELY added more services and jumped through every hoop. The departmemt added more hoops.
    Baby placed in foster home where they wamted to fly her out of state for holiday at less than two weeks old. When told no by daughter foster dumped her. Foster #2 had an adopted child die in her arms from heart disease less than a year before our baby was placed. She was overfeeding the baby. At 3 weeks baby was fed 9 ounces at a time every 2 hours. Baby is in a 1970s era mobile home with a small addition. There are 7 people, 4 german shepherds, and other pets in this tiny home. My daughter went to 2 doctors appointments. Foster had mother in law at one and young adult niece at other. When family asked for niece to leave so family medical could be discussed foster made my daughter and myself leave and niece stayed. Daughter banned from medical and labeled aggressive. Foster makes demamds at visits about type of diapers, wipes and creams. Demands no new clothes unless washed in her detergent. Says svratvh mittens must be worn through visits, baby must wear shoes, sunscreen , sun hat. Claims diaper too loose then too tight. Literally picks something every visit.
    Visits are cancelled at a rate of 25% or more and never made up. First 2 hours twice a week-baby cries so visits cut to 1 1/2 hours twice a week. Literally baby cries! In 8 months there have been 17 cancelled visits. Now there is only one visit for 1/ 12 hours because facility doesn’t have time available.
    Conflicts- daughters lawyer is friemds with department caseworker. Foster is trainer for foster parents. GAL is only probate judge who most likely signed for fosters last adoption. Doctors practice oversees ALL fosters for area and holds clinics at area school and daycare. Change of venue and lawyer denied with zero explanation.
    And now the departmemt has started having 8 month old baby see a parent child psychotherapist WITHOUT MOTHER. Claims are mom and baby need to work on their reltionship.


  16. torrie kronk
    August 3, 2017

    Dcf entered our life in Aug. 2014 stating they had my stepson whom had been removed from his mother due to a domestic where he had been a victim of assault by her boyfriend.

    My stepson was in the placement of a friend of the mother while the SCC did the transfer to his father while telling us we had to live separately to do this. My stepson had a lot to say about where he was living and the life with his mother. Statements that involved sex and him(4 years old).

    I was approved to take responsibility of the child throughout getting temporary custody and made several calls to SCC and Manatee Glenn’s for therapy referrals for my stepson. Oct. 22, 2014 my partner of 4 years at this time was given temp. Custody and discussed the therapy referrals. (A later FB search revieled a post from the caseworker just minutes after stating … “I wish someone would get this snake out my yard”. No referrals ever came.

    Nov. 26, 2014 a report was made to the Manatee sherriffs office, after being told by SCC case workers manager “not to involve the law”
    A follow-up cps caseworker sent us to SCAN where sex abuse was verified stating his mother and her adopted brother as perpetrators. No therapy, No help offered for my Stepson. No arrests,. No follow-up actions from SCC, Manatee Glenn’s ever came.

    Dec. 22, 2014 the mothers case closed TPR. SCC caseworker states we are free to move him home since her case closed and they had no jurisdiction over the child. No therapy. No referrals. No arrest.

    Jan 2015 my stepson states he has a toy car in his rectum, put there by his mother and that all those items that had bad smells he had been putting in his rectum, he then states he want to touch the babies butt ! Immediately calls were made to my pediatrician who sends me to Sarasota Memorial Hospital….diagnosis for stepson impulse control disorder and general non sexual x-ray confirmed on our 3 month old child.

    March 2015 after several appointments for his social and behavior concerns, CPS gets a call I am abusing my stepson and shows up stating I do not love my stepson and She is going to teach me a lesson. A request for assistance was ignored, No parenting referrals ever submitted only a referral for sex therapy and one for daycare.

    After seeing the sex therapist 3 times and sex verified The sex therapist accuses me of not feeding my stepson.

    April 14, 2016 cps took my stepson into custody. No referrals faxed to agencies to do Court ordered case plan. After weekly visits through July 30, 2016 the judge orders a no contact order with my stepson.

    Sept, 2015 CPS is at my kids school followed by 30 day open case. Closed

    Nov.2015 CPS is coercing me to sign a safety plan while out at the skyway. Keeping my children for the next 15 days with no info on them.

    Dec 18, 2015 CPS takes custody of my children placing them with my ex for residency stating “I refused to do case plan for stepson. No referrals were ever submitted for me to do.

    March 3, 2016 my case closed stating 1 hour a week visits with my ex as the supervisor.

    March 9, 2016 I was told I could see my children, My son’s 7th Birthday when I arrived I was told to leave that I hadn’t been told to come over and the police would be called. My children were screaming as I had to force myself to drive away Broken.

    May 16, 2016 I receive a call from MSO stating they were coming to arrest me because they had a report stating I was going to kidnap my own children and I was posting voodoo doll on FB, after explaining that was not true the MSO agreed they must show proof to pursue and actions. He then filed for a protection order for himself and all children. (It was also denied)

    After requests of court transcripts the Judge closes jurisdiction in my case. Still no visits.

    Oct 6, 2016 referrals submitted to do case plan. All requested classes completed by Feb. 2017 Denied to reopen my case. Family court grants supervised visits to begin April 30, 2017 and TPR of my stepson for Abandonment in June 2017.


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