A Miracle for US

STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Michelle Rider addresses Governor on Facebook

The Governor of Illinois is in full control of this nightmare, and with six kids of his own, one has to wonder what he would do differently if any of his children were enveloped in pain after an amputation that was supposed to be the cure. With a wife on the Board of Lurie Children’s Hospital who Medically Kidnapped Isaiah Rider, (like so many others), to make him a ward of the state, he doesn’t have much to worry about, but Isaiah’s Mom begs for their lives back.  She has endured every mother’s worst nightmare, and the Governor and his wife seem immune from not just this threatening their own family, but the suffering of thousands of other children and families despite what is well known of the system they thrust these innocent children into.  Shocking abuse and neglect in ILLINOIS DCFS exposed

2Michelle addresses Governor who has ignored all calls, emails and appeals from media and an outraged public alike.


This is truly a joke right?  You only care about some children Governor? Only some families matter? Isaiah’s suffering in severe pain right now. Did you know that? Isaiah, the NOW adult man that your state has been leeching off of for 18 months? The young man who has called you at your office for help and you never returned his calls? The young man who is from Kansas City and was thrown into the ghetto in Dolton Illinois from the ICU in Chicago and horrifically assaulted while in your state care. The perpetrator is still running free today. Probably hurting others. Isaiah, the same young man who cant get proper medical care for his REAL undisputed complex medical issues. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about right Governor? The same one you claim to be “looking into” the situation for months and months now. Yet, you continue to ignore ALL of our many pleas for help. Why??? I will say it again…Isaiah can’t get the medical care he needs because of you and your state. Isaiah is being medically neglected on YOUR watch. Isaiah should be afforded the same rights as everyone in this picture, the same rights that you and your family have, the same rights that are suppose to be secured under the United States of America Constitution. Is that now a thing of the past? No longer applies? When I heard you were taking office I got a glimmer of hope. I truly thought you would help free Isaiah and resolve this awful nightmare , I thought you would do the right thing. I see now, I thought wrong. I’m tired of being silent, I’m tired of watching my boy suffer. This is wrong! You are wrong Governor for allowing this to happen and for it to continue on your watch. You have no mercy! None

Maybe instead of these events you should work on a budget and help your state too! Just a suggestion….Free my son and work on helping your people. There’s many others who are not happy here. You have your hands full, stop the MADDNESS and let this now Missouri man have his freedom! Let him get the medical care he needs! Then maybe focus on what you were elected to do! Help your people!!

Ps: to all the trolls Greg, Matthew and whoever else has Joined in on the slander and lies….I speak the truth so go ahead and try to turn anything and everything I say. It’s all the truth and I’m tired of being silent.

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