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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

CPS – Don’t let the name fool you!

Child “Protective” Services – the agency that harms children most.


It is a known fact that child protection agencies across the country are failing children and families at almost every turn, and are doing more harm than good.  The recognition of this fact has resulted in almost every state either claiming to overhaul their broken system and starting over again, or outright abolishing it.  The ONLY thing that changes, however, is the name, leaving a plethora of alphabet soup initials, DCF, DCFS, DCS, DSS, DHR, etc., etc., to identify what is really the same agency.

This agency reeks havoc on virtually every life and family they touch! If you never spend any more time than watching this 25 minute video, you will know virtually everything you need to know about what is ‘REALLY‘ going on with agencies people want to believe are protecting children and families:  Children continue to be taken from loving homes they never should be removed from, traumatized, and all too often put in dangerous situations they otherwise would never be subjected to.  Even in the rare situations that might warrant removal, the agency entrusted to protect kids, puts them in situations most often far worse than anything they came from.  $$$$

Incompetence and mismanagement is a major problem, but the total lack of transparency and accountability insures this will never be fully known and/or fixed.  But don’t ever forget to FOLLOW THE MONEY.   CPS is human trafficking at its worst, and re-distribution of children at its best, and very much tied to federal funding.  The biggest problem in everyone seeing the atrocities inflicted on children and families by our government, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of children a year, is succinctly put in this article by PJ Media:

There is a tendency to think that the government and the agencies we give authority to are just. We need to believe that a “service” intended to protect children does just that.  The problem with this false sense of security lies in the idea that government institutions are inherently good.  Since these are made up of human beings, we also assume that people are trustworthy and moral by nature… Although they knew and understood corrupted power, it’s doubtful they could fathom our republic … would become incapable of recognizing rudimentary parental rights.

What if the system is not good? What if men and women steeped in their selfish desires use their power for their gain?

PJ Media goes on to explain how a child is a valuable commodity in a morally bankrupt culture.  Michelle Rider, the mother of Isaiah [ #saveisaiah ] “said she noticed a notation on Isaiah’s transfer papers, which stated he is Title IV-E eligible”  What does that mean?  “Funding is awarded by formula as an open-ended entitlement grant and is contingent upon an approved title IV-E plan to administer or supervise the administration of the program… Funds are available for monthly maintenance payments for the daily care and supervision of eligible children; administrative costs to manage the program; training of staff and foster care providers; recruitment of foster parents and costs related to the design, implementation and operation of a state-wide data collection system.” Children’s Bureau

best interestIn conclusion, separating children from their families is a cash cow for states regardless of all the other issues from lack of transparency, corruption, incompetency and more.  Billion Dollar Children for Profit Industry: Foster Care Deaths and Sexual Abuses only touches on the foster care aspect of this money train, but consider how the below story could happen, and connect the dots from there when you ponder Massachusetts’ most recent death of a child under the supervision of DCF!

The media tends to only take note of what is going on with DCF when a child goes missing or dies.  They do not expose the bigger picture, or how much this agency is torturing and destroying families in our midst.  The onslaught of demand for MORE money to better staff these dysfunctional agencies will soon drown out the fact that children are dying and being destroyed because of these agencies.  Then things will quiet down until the next completely unnecessary and avoidable death of another child occurs without anything really changing within the agency.  It’s the classic use of a tragedy making noise, and bringing bad press.  Promises to fix are made, and more money is needed to do so to prevent it from happening again.  Nothing of substance changes, but the agency grows and the demand for more kids to feed the beast is the result.  Rinse and repeat every 1 to 3 years as though this time they will get it right.  They don’t, and generations of children and families continue to be adversely affected because once in the system, you become a product of it, and that alone ‘red flags’ you.  The agency grows with the new funding.  More children are needed to keep and grow the agency every time, and the real issues never properly addressed or even measured.  The agency originally designed and named to address the problem, ends up destroying what it was designed to serve.

lyonsMassachusetts is the state that kidnapped 14-year-old Justina Pelletier.  That case, unlike the thousands of others occurring across the country at the same time, received international attention, and the outpouring and outrage of the public.  THOUSANDS RALLY FOR PELLETIER FAMILY AT MASSACHUSETTS STATEHOUSE.  

Justina, a Connecticut resident, was released after 16 months of what could be considered torture and worse as a ward of the state of Massachusetts.  Too few know and believe that a Federal law provides that wards of the state can be used for research and drug trials.  Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent to harm this family on every level from financial to emotional to permanent medical damage to Justina.  More than two years later the family still struggles to recover from something that never needed to happen except for government over-reach, in this case by a state that should have had no jurisdiction!  

What has changed or been done?  NOTHING!  WHY?  The current Governor does not have this catastrophe on his hands, but can fully investigate, disclose, and learn from the outrages perpetuated by former administrations.  There is very much that can be learned by investigating every aspect of what happened to Justina, and the public has a right to know all so that it doesn’t happen again!  SEE also:  How long has BCH been kidnapping kids – – – from OTHER countries?  


Massachusetts was also the focus of a DOJ investigation that released its findings just as a new administration was coming into office.  It found they were wrongfully adopting out an infant they removed from the mother 2 days after birth.  This was but another wake-up call so these horrors being inflicted on families by the state could be stopped.   CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!  Again, has changed?  NOTHING – Massachusetts, and the rest of the country also condemned in the report as doing the same, is doing the same to HUNDREDS of other families as we speak!   How is it that anything trumps protecting children and families?  The unfortunate answer is that Money $$$, incompetence, greed and corruption all come first, despite the shallow cries of how important protecting “our most vulnerable” are.

And here we go again.

Massachusetts! Another CPS nightmare.

9 comments on “CPS – Don’t let the name fool you!

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  2. granpachuck
    September 8, 2015

    Of course the Agency is not doing their job. However, the issues of those not doing their job is much, much more than Just the AGENCY.
    On Feb. 27, 2015 this information was shared with the public, “Shame on US”
    We highly recommend that you check it out, explore it, especially the links for your state; and use this Negative information for a Positive Defense for Our Families, Our Children, Our Future.
    True Reform comes from the Bottom up, Our Families, and not the Top Down.
    Our home page of this report and related state information>> http://nfpcar.org/Children_Advocacy_Institute/index.html
    Official Information organized and Published by the “Child Advocacy Institute” and “First Star”


  3. hall201013
    February 3, 2016

    I am actually going through a Cps case now, involving my two year old and five year old. I’ve been going through it since sept. 2015. Since then they have threatened to take away my kids, bring up false accusation that got my fiancé removed from our hone. They put a protective order against him for the kids, and now threatening to take away our unborn child. I am scheduled for a c-section fen. 9th. I’m scared they’re going to take my babies away. They’ve not only tried breaking up my family, leaving me vernable when my baby is due, but have my children and I scared to death. I just don’t know what to do. We’ve done all they’ve asked. Participated in theropy, and met with our lifeline case manager twice a week, and it’s still not enough. They keep saying we’re worse than deluge dealer, because we spank our kids, and that they will push for removal. They’ve even went as far as trying to help give my ex custody of the kids, by showing up at my custody hearing. I’m scared and don’t know what to do.


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  7. Lisa Ann Deweese
    October 29, 2018

    Send Complaints against the CPS/CYFD to:
    The Honorable Luis Moreno-Ocampo
    Office of the Prosecutor in re: OTP-CR-60/18
    International Criminal Court
    Post Office Box 19519
    2500 CM, The Hague
    The Netherlands
    Fax No.: 31-70-515-8555
    Email: OTP.InformationDesk@icc-cpi.int


    • Shari Mayfield
      May 11, 2019

      Dallas CPS is just as crooked! It took a devistating fight of 6 months for me to regain my grandchildren! When they were first taken, they should have been brought to me immediatly! Instead: they bypassed me & put them in foster care. After the fight of my life, I was granted custody. It was the most agonizing torture I’ve ever been through! I want justice for them not bringing them to me in the first place!!! I was treated like a criminal, degraded, humiliated, and hounded!! Changes HAVE to be made for CPS taking children from their families!! There should be MANDATORY 2 years state jail for giving a false report! It needs to be MANDATORY to give your name, phone number, address, etc..if it’s proven that a false report was made, it should be MANDATORY 2 YEARS STATE JAIL!! This HAS to stop!!!


  8. emailmeserena
    May 13, 2019

    EVIL will perish. Light WILL always overcome darkness! God is with us and the children. #WORLDWIDE


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