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Baby Bella’s Sister has Arrived!

b14As promised, BABY BELLA was promoted to big sister on May 17, 2015 at 7:19AM when Braelynn Marie Hinote made her entrance into the world weighing in at 5 pounds, 2 ounces.  It was a little early, and Braelynn was half the weight of her daddy at birth, but her tiny mom was as thrilled as can be that there was not the 72 hours of labor, and premature birth that made Baby Bella so fragile, and ultimately resulted in Boston Children’s Hospital, (BCH), kidnapping her at the tender age of 3 and a half months. This time, labor went particularly smoothly, and Braelynn had no health issues or complications, so bonding was immediate, and the happy family went home as scheduled, but not without incident.  b15

Trying to imagine all the emotions Bella’s parents, Christina and Jonathon, had throughout the pregnancy with Braelynn is near impossible.  When Chrissie first found out she was pregnant, another child was the furthest thing from her mind as every waking moment was consumed with fighting for the daughter who had already been pried from her arms in Massachusetts. After the initial shock, panic set in. Would the state come for this baby, too?

There is precedent that Massachusetts, and other states, takes other children from their parents once they have taken one – – – regardless of there being no justification to do so, b17and against parental rights or the children’s best interest.  CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!  It is an outrageous act of government over reach that the average person refuses to believe is occurring in America.  Even more alarming is that the government is actually taking children from their biological parents, like the Hinotes, and adopting them out to unrelated strangers like they were puppies at a puppy mill.  (States get between $6,000 to $8,000 for each child for this act alone!)

Beautiful Baby Bella up for ADOPTION before her little sister arrives???

Here, in one sentence, Massachusetts notified Baby Bella’s parents that they were changing their goal from re-unification to ADOPTION!!!  Does the Governor and his Lt. Governor really know what their names are attached to? Do they have a clue of the evil already over-burdened tax-payers are funding?

adoption blacked out

For obvious reasons, Christina tried to keep her pregnancy a secret as long as possible, but within a week of her finding out she was pregnant, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, (DCF), blatantly said “a little birdy” had told them she was pregnant and they were trying to confirm the rumor.  This only increased the terror the Hinotes would have throughout the pregnancy with Braelynn despite DCF continuously insisting they “had no interest” in removing another baby from them.  Why should they not be skeptical after the lies and deception by this department from the start?  If you are unfamiliar with Baby Bella’s story, see here:  bchMedical Kidnap, Calculated Heartache, and Destruction of Families

Moreover, if they could go to the drastic measures of adopting the Hinotes’ only child away from them, on what basis were they doing so if they were “allowed” to keep their second child?  None of this makes sense, but fighting the government over the right to even “see” your child had become the Hinotes’ worst nightmare.  There seemed no end in sight to the antics DCF would take to deny the Hinotes access to their only child, whether it was cancelling the 1 hour a week visits that Christina had in the oppressive DCF office in Lynn, MA after coming up from Alabama expressly for this precious hour, or cutting short the even rarer father’s visits after he had made the long trip.  Rarely would the parents be allowed to see their child TOGETHER!

Mass miscommunication, or Mass trickery?

LIERecently, Baby Bella’s father drove the 23 hours to Massachusetts from his home in Alabama for a DCF review board hearing that was scheduled in March for April 29th. Christina was unable to make the long drive, or fly, as she was restricted to bed rest, but was assured she could participate via conference call.  Before the meeting occurred, the parents were informed that the meeting time had been changed to the following day, SEE text message at RIGHT.  Not the biggest problem in all the nightmares DCF had created for this family, but when the meeting took place at the time it was originally scheduled for, and neither Jonathan or Christina participated because they were unaware of it until the following day, DCF compensated this major disruption to the Hinotes lives by apologizing for the “miscommunication”.  HOW can this happen, and over something of such importance?

Next up would be that they would schedule the Hinote’s trial for the day before Braelynn was due to be born, and inform Christina that it didn’t matter that she was on bed and could not travel from Alabama to be present at the trial in Massachusetts.  Is this really what is happening with “child protection” agencies in Massachusetts, and throughout the country?  You bet it is.  There are worse stories than this, all day long, and everyday, but people want to believe that our government would never be so barbaric, especially when it comes to children and families.

Charlie and daughterDoes Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker know the day-to-day torture his agency is perpetuating on children and families in the state he governs?

We very much doubt it.  He is known to be a family man,

Concentrating on a candidate’s family life isn’t the most radical political strategy, but Baker’s campaign has gone pretty far in promoting the messages of his kin.

and from every perspective his first 100 days in office have been hailed as a tremendous success.  He is currently receiving Overwhelming Support for Baker’s MBTA Reforms.  Imagine the support he would receive for doing the same to the rogue agency that is ripping families apart, losing hundreds of kids in the system, and has children dying under their watch!  We want the Governor to personally meet the Hinotes, BOTH their children, and learn first hand what his state is doing to children and families in Massachusetts.  Until he fixes this Baby Bella atrocity, such a meeting would be the first and only time the Hinote family can be together.  The time is now, and this should lead to the Baker administration personally sparing the tens of thousands of children and families that have been similarly harmed.  He can do this.  We hope he will!!!

The kidnapping of Baby Bella occurred during Governor Patrick’s tenure, and under his administration when thousands lined the streets to rally against BCH, and Massachusetts’ kidnapping of Justina Pelletier.  Alabama born Baby Bella has been in Massachusetts state custody for over a year now, and it is long overdue for the new Governor of Massachusetts to take inventory of what is still occurring in his state, even if inherited.   Here is the turning point with the former governor being approached to send Justina home after he contended it was “in the courts”.  BOTH these cases, and many, many more, NEVER SHOULD OR WOULD GET TO THE COURTS EXCEPT FOR THE ACTIONS OF BCH in collaboration with DCF.  The Governor has complete and unilateral oversight of DCF, and who runs it!

This article was supposed to be about BORNthe joyful miracle and arrival of a new child into this world, and the announcement of Baby Bella’s promotion to big sister.  HERE SHE IS:  It is readily understandable, however, how this young family has suffered, and been literally tortured throughout this whole pregnancy, and then some, by a hospital sworn to “DO NO HARM”, and an agency supposedly devoted to “CHILDREN AND FAMILIES”. born 1

Just as this article deviated from the announcement of this new life, so too were the Hinotes distracted just about every waking moment in between their waiting for the blessed event.  Filled with paranoia, anxiety, and sheer terror, on top of missing their first and only child while awaiting the birth of Braelynn, as expected, CPS showed up at the hospital in Alabama the day after Braelynn was born.  The Alabama social worker was a sharp contrast to the social workers from Massachusetts who had helped to kidnap Baby Bella, (also born and residing in Alabama at the time).  BEFORE they ultimately took Baby Bella, it was demanded that Baby Bella be brought to Massachusetts, or she would be taken.  Then it was demanded that Baby Bella be brought to BCH, AFTER a Beverly hospital had cleared Baby Bella to go home with her parents – – – in spite of the parents’ pleas to bring her to Tufts!  The Hinotes were threatened no less than 3 times by MA DCF, that DCF would take Baby Bella if they didn’t comply with their demands.  We all see where compliance with DCF gets you.

According to the very nice social worker from Alabama, they were contacted anonymously and told the parents abused drugs.  Despite there clearly being no drug use in their system or past, Alabama will be monitoring the Hinotes for the next 6 months when they expect the case can be closed.  So Massachusetts, what’s to stop you now from returning Baby Bella to her parents forthwith?  You have stolen precious time that can never be replaced from this young family, and if the care and welfare of children and families is your goal, stop making this young couple drive 23 hours from their home state to get a one hour weekly visit with their daughter, and let the sisters be raised together – NOW.


END THIS NIGHTMARE FOR THE HINOTES, and investigate and prosecute those that are committing these atrocities under color of law.  Throughout the Justina Pelletier nightmare the Judge kept looking to Connecticut DCF to step in, clean up Massachusetts’ mess, and take over the case.  Here you have a state that has already stepped in based on an ‘anonymous’ call.  There is no reason Baby Bella should spend another day without her mother, her father, and her new sister.

Let’s make Massachusetts great  – – – starting with strengthening, not tearing down FAMILIES!

An excerpt from Chrissie’s journal of Braelynn’s birth:  bree
When I held Braelynn in my arms for the first time, I went numb. She looked just like her sister did. I was petrified to let go of her. When the hospital would take her to the nursery to check her vitals and do their standard testing, I went into panic mode. Watching the clock, wondering how long until they’d bring her back to me….IF they’d bring her back to me. So when a woman entered the room about 24 hours after she was born, identifying herself as a caseworker from Child Protective Services, I froze. I truly felt like I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t want to let it show…

MORE TO COME, but meanwhile:


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u3ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of LOVING PARENTSu11

turquoiseSIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE . . . BEFORE they come for you, and do what you can to share this story, and raise public awareness so these families don’t fight this Goliath alone.

One comment on “Baby Bella’s Sister has Arrived!

  1. E. Blalock
    October 11, 2015

    I have been writing about MA DCF for several weeks now, and have cited your case on a few occasions.

    Please come to Punkenomics. I want to make sure that I don’t blog anything about your family that you would find hurtful.


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