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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Want REFORM? Jump on board!

Here it is.  Advocates are working hard to save our children, but they need your help.

Not only does their fundraising activity help get more people to DC, but it succinctly explains the vicious circle that needs to be broken to STOP states from taking children for the Federal (kidnapping incentive) Funding.

Here is the Public Event on Facebook- for volunteer organizers and attendees to network and plan for June! https://www.facebook.com/events/1403711346596904/  

The groups Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/80PerCapita20Incentives4FamilyPreservation/

and Twitter : @TheFamily1stAct

Those that can’t help with the planning or attending, can help with the funding, but no matter what, PLEASE share this information far and wide so that more people can become aware of what is going on.  MANY legislators and even Congress DO NOT KNOW how the bills they are voting on are destroying families! fed fnding

It is explained here.  Share it with your legislators at both the state level, and in Congress, and, of course, share it with the public, because only an irate citizenry will get this to STOP!

As congress tackles foster care reform in 2016, State Legislators across America have their hands tied. The states’ budgets are dependent upon a $7.3 BILLION dollar yearly payments from Congress in the form of Title IVE payments for foster care, and adoption incentives.  PLEASE READ: 

BONU$ $chedule for $tates to adopt kids away from their parentscr

Congress has placed all states in our union in the position of taking our children in order to receive Federal Funding, and many don’t even know this is happening.  Because Title IV of the Social Security Act is distributed to the states based on how many children are taken and put into the system, BONUSES for adopting them away – any new law or change of policy introduced into State Legislation that will significantly reduce the state foster care rates is doomed to fail until FEDERAL FUNDING is taken out of this equation, and vulnerable children are cared for by their respective states!!!  Anything less is a Kids FOR CASH program that destroys both children and families.  CPS NAME

CPS – Don’t let the name fool you!  Child “Protective” Services – the agency that harms children most. It is a known fact that child protection agencies across the country are failing children and families at almost every …Continue reading

This is how the system currently operates with decades of dysfunction, abuse, neglect, and even corruption.  Because of this, Child “Protective” Services, (CPS) has been abolished, and/or had name changes, repeatedly, in state after state.  WHY?  Because it is an abomination that they keep trying to fix, over and over again, at the expense of children and families as they continue to get it wrong – – – and the money incentives undermine it ever being done properly.

  • Currently, foster care episodes only beget Federal Funding if the child is removed from parents, and are put in the system to trigger the ever coveted Federal Title IVe funding.
  • Each state’s children’s department gets a bonus based on the number of foster children they hand over to be adopted by strangers.
  • And, if the state places children with kin, the state does not get the placement bonuses, thus, better to warehouse children with strangers than place in loving kinship placements and forgo those dollar$!.

This is a no win situation for children and families, and a win win for states to take more and more children.  And that is before all the bureaucracy, red tape, human error and outright corruption takes its toll on these children and their families.

These federal IVe payments have become critical to the states’ budget. We know first hand that if some rouge legislator tries to introduce laws to reduce statewide dependence on foster care, they are blocked. They are stopped in their path as money trumps children and families well being. The truth of it is that states can not afford to take the financial hit. If the foster care numbers were reduced by half, so would the money states get from the federal Social Security Funds Via “Title IVe” payments and Medicaid (Title XIX) . Both of these use a per person spending structure, and are an endless source of income, as long as the child is a ward of the state.  Here a judge in AZ explains how to insure you get those Federal Funds.  (It was part of a 2 hour training program)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJjWyAZbUj0&feature=share    13256466_10206897055570375_1954366980196053975_n

TitleIVb, which is for Family Preservation and Re-Unification is a mere 8% of the funds available- and has a cap! If we get into the output on the other end of this systematic failure to humanity, you will find, a school to prison pipe line, where 8 out of every 10 inmates, on death row, were in Foster Care. Out of all of the children removed from their parents, only 1 in 17 is actually in life threatening and/or emergent situation. Sixteen of the 17 children removed from their parents and often their siblings as well, are for ”potential risk of harm”.  That is measured by an often unlicensed Social Worker, usually who is very young, inexperienced, and even with no parenting history of their own, who fills out a form.

The form asks if the parents were ever in foster care themselves – STRIKE ONE because they know children in foster care have very likely been abused and screwed up!  If they were ever abused as a child- They do not follow up with, the question, “Did that abuse occur while in foster care?”

Have they ever taken drugs? STRIKE TWO even though many were forcefully drugged in foster care to get them to better cope with the trauma of being ripped out of their homes and away from everything and one they knew and loved.  Many other questions that are very vague in nature and open to the OPINIONS of the Social Worker provide unsubstantiated reasoning for the removal of their children, with no transparency or accountability.

How can we as a nation, not DEMAND reform, from every party! This so called Child Protection System has caused far more harm and death, than police shootings.  A foster child has a 201% higher chance of being killed while under corporate care, than we do being shot by a cop! This is INSANE, and all being done for Federal Funding incentives/MONEY!

We can NOT continue in this fashion any longer- We MUST CEASE and DESIST in the manner in which our nation handles Child Welfare.  Hundreds of thousands of children are being taken and affected every year, their families destroyed generationally.

States must take over and offer:

  • Housing Stabilization and Long term Home Ownership programs.
  • Advanced Directives for Parents in Recovery (from any and all covered medical/mental health condition)
  • Family Unity and Family Planning Incentives.
  • Transportation, Drivers Training as needed, assistance to obtain licenses.
  • Peer To Peer / Client To Advocate Models.
  • On Going Parental Education equal to that received by Foster Parents and Adoptive homes- Readily available to the Public, and offered to the Parents (Access to the Foster Parent Lending Libraries)

Among other complete and total transparency and accountability must be forced on a system that relies on “protecting the confidentiality of the child” while destroying the child and the family.  Everyone knows that sunshine is the best disinfectant and currently the ONLY people protected by this confidentiality is the broken system and their flawed ways.

As long as Title IVE payments are TRIGGERED by entry into foster care…..then it follows that the more kids in foster care, the more federal dollars the state receives. This perverse payment incentive system, is the rock that needs to be removed. This Shift- Is where things went wrong so many TRIES before, and it is where the changes must be DEMANDED!  Do not tie negative outcomes to positive stimulation….money. Do not be tempted to INCREASE the IVe funding when the state statistics show, time after time, they programs are a complete and dangerous failure, while they are rewarded for the more they destroy.

If states are required to manage a budget based on their own results, instead of how many kids they can kidnap from parents, i.e., how many foster care placements occur, positive outcomes will happen. We have a lot of great state legislators out there with their hands tied. Congress needs to free the states hands so they can do good work and pass good laws.  It’s time for Congress to start compensating states ONLY for the children they successfully reunite with their families, and ween these states off of all federal funding that incentivizes taking kids!  We need a IVe payment system that is neutral or rewards for good behavior. Not funding for negative behavior triggers!!!

Will arrive in time to wear in Washington DC in June is ordered now !

Foster Care Reform Rally Wear! You can Support the cause from afar- and help send folks to DC to RALLY CONGRESS for Per Capita Funding- and Incentives for Family Preservation! We went in February and March! We want to take other families along…

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