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STOP taking OUR children – ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents.

Massachusetts! Another CPS nightmare.

Avalena+Conway+CoxonBREAKING‬: Gov. Baker’s Office confirms that two social workers who had contact with a child who died, and another hospitalized in critical condition while in foster care, were not licensed: http://wcvb.tv/6181BGqTVCPS NAME

PLEASE BE SURE TO READ:  CPS – Don’t let the name fool you! -Child “Protective” Services – the agency that harms children most.

DCF visited the home days before the foster child’s death.  While the Governor’s office confirmed that the two social workers who had direct contact with the child who died were not licensed, his office told NewsCenter 5’s Janet Wu that there were a total of ten DCF workers working with the family.  “Of those, Baker’s office said, seven were licensed and three were not, including those who made the most recent visit to the Auburn home.”

The incompetence, AND money trail in this tragic case where ten, (10), DCF workers were involved is not an aberration.  Neither are such tragic results new, nor the fault of an administration that inherited all this.  But it goes a long way to show that nothing has been done to change the status quo in an agency where desperate pleas for its reform and/or for it to be completely abolished reverberate across the country – – – yet fall on the deaf ears of those empowered to help.

This story gets worse!  The Rabid Republican asks:  WHAT are three (3) foster kids doing living in PUBLIC HOUSING – with a mother who already has three (3) of her own?!?”  in a blog posted August 16th, 2015 by Iron Mike:  Another Dead Baby On YOUR Watch Charlie  [Warning – unnecessarily crude in making a valid point]

Add to Iron Mike’s question that Police records show that the homes of the foster mother, Kim Malpass, had been the subject of dozens of visits from Auburn police, and another question arises:  How can a child protection agency put any children in a home where dozens of calls to police varied from assault, domestic disturbances, and disturbing the peace, as well as for vandalism and annoying phone calls.  Police are still investigating what happened at 2 Pheasant Court, where 29 of the police visits took place.  The calls were not reviewed as a part of a background check, Gov. Charlie Baker said.

All told, in one foster home with 3 foster children, in addition to 3 biological children, one foster child is dead, another in critical condition, and a third foster child, 6 months old, was hospitalized as a precaution.  The mother’s children are also now in DCF care pending this investigation.  An additional six other foster children are known to have previously lived in this home since it was licensed JUST THIS PAST YEAR, in 2014.

A neighbor who lives across the street told reporters that Malpass was planning to adopt some of her foster children.  (As was the situation in the DOJ case cited above, children taken from loving homes can and are put up for adoption even while their parents, as well as next of kin relatives fight tirelessly for their return.  States get between $4 – $8,000.00 in bonuses for each child they adopt out of foster care – – –  above and beyond the federal funds for putting them in foster care in the first place.  Parents who adopt FROM foster care are very often compensated, for life, for adopting these children, while their biogical parents are bankrupted in every possible way fighting for their children back.  It’s called forced adoption, and it is the equivalent of a DEATH SENTENCE for every loving parent it happens to.  There are hundreds of thousands of devastated and destroyed families out there, and for the most part, none have been convicted of any crime for this to happen).

Theresa Kapurch, says she has known Malpass since she was a teenager, and said her son has dated her off and on for years and was living with her when the incident happened.  “I just know that neither one of them would hurt anybody. Maybe each other or themselves by their own actions, but never children,” she said.

Governor Baker promises it’s “all hands on deck” until the investigation is complete.  We ask: What about all the other cases, past and present, screaming for investigations?!?

Definition of insanity:    in·san·i·ty  inˈsanədē/  noun    the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.  extreme foolishness or irrationality.  informal craziness  “it would be insanity to keep repeating the same mistakes”           – OR –

Insanity:  Doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result.

COMING SOON:  Fostering Profits

This is happening EVERYWHERE, USA, but let’s focus on MASSACHUSETTS for the moment.

longform-original-24027-1434627296-3In An Unmarked Grave, A For-Profit Foster Care Company, A Baby’s Untold Story  BUZZFEED.COM tells of the cover-up of a 2-month-old infant girl who died while in the care of America’s largest for-profit foster care company.  The infant is buried in an unmarked grave in Lynn, Massachusetts, and State officials have never told the real parents about a foster care “neglect” finding in baby’s death.  DCF also tried to keep how she died secret except for Buzzfeed’s investigation.

Mentor was paid $50.94 per day above and beyond what it paid to the foster parents, but never once sent anyone to the home to check on the baby after she was dropped off at the foster home.   The company also failed to get any of the baby’s medical records to prepare the parents for any potential problems…

Apparently the lengths that DCF went through to keep the circumstances of the infant’s death secret also concealed that the official investigations done found ““serious violations of child placement regulations” by National Mentor.  But who is really in charge here?  Time to connect ALL the dots, and take inventory of what is happening to children and families throughout the country, but in light of the most recent infant death, let’s start with Mass!

The state of Mass must be made to stop hiding so much!  Transparency could have readily prevented the most recent death, and no doubt very many more.  It would also STOP the further carnage of children and families continuing uninterrupted.  An even earlier BuzzFeed News investigation “identified deaths, sex abuse, and blunders in screening, training, and overseeing foster parents at the nation’s largest for-profit foster care company.”  It was the same FOR PROFIT FOSTER CARE company featured in the above article.

Where does it all begin and end?  The buck stops with the Governors of all states who oversee the agencies responsible for all this.  When is it going to be stopped?


One comment on “Massachusetts! Another CPS nightmare.

  1. Angel
    August 18, 2015

    Wow my heart is so saddened. America wake up. Families are being torn just like mine too. I’m living the nightmare as a grandparent. Families have no rights in the courts today. I’m a witness to it. Gal attorney said he was a foster child and my grandson would be better off with foster family. Nudge said I really don’t think you want him. Oh and I’m not a bad person either I’m a good person. But not good enough for my grandchild. See what the courts are doing today. Social worker went back into tears. He kept apologizing saying he couldn’t believe he heard such awful things. Some good social workers are suffering too. May God hear our cries and someone puts an end to all the madness and put back families if deemed good. I know some are abusive and drug addicts but if they show they are done give back to family what belongs to them. In the name of Jesus.

    Liked by 1 person

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