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CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

hold tightAn independent federal agency that advises the White House and Congress, The National Council on Disability, (NCD), says that states needlessly take custody of the children of disabled parents.  Sadly, the same can be said in very many more cases where disabilities may, or may not be the issue.  Just ask the Pelletiers, (the most renown case), and the hundreds of thousands of others across the country whose children are currently in Foster Care.

What most people don’t realize is that states receive millions in Federal money for taking kids, and most horrifically, to adopt them out.  Very many of the children taken are put up for adoption, and their biological parents’ rights to their own children are severed – FOREVER – BY THE STATE!

How can this be happening in America?  How can this be happening at all?  Yet it has been going on for years, and is now happening at a more alarming rate than ever before.  One child removed from a loving parent is an atrocity – tens of thousands is a Holocaust.  Too few are willing to believe it is happening at all.  Those that do, convince themselves it can only be so for good reason.  No.  There are children being taken from their parents that have never done a thing wrong, and issues are literally manufactured to separate these children from their parents.  SEE Protecting families and children from the Child Protective System

The Massachusetts case is indicative of a loving Massachusetts family, fully capable of caring for and raising the child that was taken two days after the mother gave birth.  Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, (DCF),  did not care that this family fought tooth and nail to keep this child.  Two years after she was taken by the state, the state filed to sever the mother’s rights – PERMANENTLY.  Had the Feds not taken this particular case at the behest of the NCD, this child would most assuredly been put out for adoption like so many tens of thousands of others have been, and continue to be.

This is every parents’ worst nightmare, and yet they are powerless against the state when their child, and in many cases ALL their children, have been taken from them.  What was determined by the Feds in January of 2015 in the Massachusetts ‘Gordon case’ relative to disabilities is no less true of the very many other cases where no disabilities exist.  Robyn Powell, an attorney for the council states: “What happened to this mother is very common … States are removing these children for the sole reason of their parents having a disability.” 

The presiding reviewer recommended that DCF reverse its course. “Adoption is no longer the most appropriate permanency plan,” she wrote. It was obvious: Sara wanted the child. She lived with her parents, who were willing, and able, to help. In light of these facts, the reviewer suggested that Sam and Kim become Dana’s legal guardians, allowing “their disabled daughter to play a role.” One observer dissented, noting how bonded Dana seemed to be, at nearly 2, with the Foxes.   <<<Editor’s Note:  Dissenting over a bond because the STATE had removed the child at 2 days old, and relegated the biological mother to once every two week visits is obscene and yet is commonly used to remove children from their parents – FOREVER!

And in January 2015, DOJ and HHS issued a letter finding the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families had committed “extensive, ongoing violations” of the Americans With Disabilities Act in the case of Sara Gordon. “DCF acted based on Ms. Gordon’s disability as well as on DCF’s discriminatory assumptions and stereotypes about her disability,” it said.     . . .

Dana Gordon was reunited with her biological mother in a courthouse in Greenfield, Massachusetts, on Monday, March 9, 2015. . .  Jenny Fox’s eyes well up when she recalls that moment — the suddenness of the reversal after being mother to the child for two full years.                                            . . .

Finally, someone walked into the room holding her daughter, Sara remembers. “And the minute she saw me, she was like, ‘Oh my God, I get to go home.’ ”

“And out come the arms,” adds Kim.

And then Dana said “Mama.” The Gordon family grabbed their stuff, including a few sacks of Dana’s belongings. And then all four of them booked out of the courthouse as fast as they could, before anyone with any power had a chance to change their mind.



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  1. granpachuck
    April 24, 2015

    Do you have the link to the National Council on Disability?

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  2. Vickie Aubry
    April 24, 2015

    DCS/Juvenile Justice System is corrupt and DO REMOVE CHILDREN for MONEY with false allegations not based on facts or evidence and do everything to KEEP children in foster care! In my hometown they are encouraging people to report to the hot lines so they can increase their bonuses by removals based entirely on false allegations and “No Contact orders that are put in place for six months or more and NEVER even when known is the false allegation acknowledged by this Corrupt System that violated and continue to violate the persons Constitutional rights!

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  3. Annette Baynes
    April 29, 2015

    I would never had believed this had I not seen it with my own eyes in my grandchildren so lives. After all the lies and violations I thought this was a rare case but after seeing the same stories being told over and over again, I realized that this is the norm. Now I can never stop fighting.

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  4. Yvonne Macias
    April 29, 2015

    My daughter was taken from school by CPS on March 12th, 2015. The allegation was that I left threatening messages on both the principle and my daughters 1st grade teachers voice mails. I did not. My daughter had been kicked in the stomach, called “butthole” several times, her boots thrown over a fence where a teacher had to get them and slapped in the face. When I found out nothing had been done I simply left a message on their voice mails expressing my disappointment and lack of action. I also let them know we would be moving. In one incident it was the maintenance workers relative at the school. My child was also taken from school 2 days after the social worker said that they were not going yo if I followed their guidelines. I have been told by some, it is kidnapping. Most just say “WOW” in disbelief and most are terrified CPS will come for them if they help me. They are deceitful and have twisted everything I say and do in court documents. My daughter has amazing grades, never had any type of behavioral issues and does not retaliate. That is a child from a bad parent? I need advice, letters, an attorney that doesn’t have 61 cases and anyone anyone willing to listen. They have already damaged her emotionally and the workers response, We will take the hit”. Please help me get my 6 yr old baby girl back. I raised her as a single mom for six years and now half of me is gone, the other half is breaking. I am also advocating on Facebook. I have contacted our Congressperson Duncan Hunter. I do not know what else to do except keep trying to fight for her. Thanks for listening, Yvonne and Maddox macias

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    • Mary Bissell
      April 30, 2015

      Hi, Yvonne, I’m in California, too. Are you part of the facebook group California T.E.A.R.S? It’s a support group for California families who have been targeted by CPS.

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  5. This is my story :
    On July 9th 2014 mid afternoon, me and my daughter Selena was coming back from the store, we have seen the Dcf and the sheriff’s car park by the corner by our house. We ignored them and rode along . Right before we rich our house they pulled me over and stop me from going to my house. DCF came up to me and said that they are here to take the children away, and I had ask them why ? They replied because I didn’t wanna cooperate with there programs. And I told that I never refused any of it. They were supposed to bringing in some services but never happen. When I started getting upset, the officer then handcuffs me. I ask him I wanna see my family and he refused, as they refuse for my wife to call me, they took the phone away from my wife and threw it on the floor. As I was on my knee begging for mercy my daughter ran into the house in tears if I may say devastated and lock herself in the bathroom. My wife ask her what’s the matter? Then comes the Dcf and sheriffs officer’s walk in with guns. One of the officers who is 6ft tall bang on the door and told selena that if she doesn’t open the door that he would break it down. What kind of an officer would talk to a 9 year old like that. The case worker kept telling selena that they are not there to take the family apart but yet as she was talking to my daughter my wife is watching all the children being hall away. The other case worker then snatch the baby away from my wife. The baby hanging for his life trying to grab my wife shirt crying his eyes out. They grab him as if it was no big deal, with no heart. Soon then selena had opened the door after my wife had spoken to her, as they grab her, she was trying to hanging on to her mother’s hand and begging her saying “please mommy don’t let them take me away “. My wife felt so helpless that she cannot help her kids. All the kid’s came out in tears and I couldn’t even give them a proper hugs cause I was handcuff on my knees, it was the hardest moments in my life that I have ever gone through. Once the children drove off the officer finally release me, only to find my wife tuck in the corner crying her heart out. I then look around after they’ve turn my house upside down looking for guns, drugs, and dead body , I was then lost, trying to understand what did we do to deserve this.
    For the last 8 months thay were supposed to meet with us once a month and we had not been contacted ever since. And so far all this kid’s have spent more time in the clinic and hospital more than before they were with us. I’m finding out that one of my kids are digging in the garbage and eating of a leftover snack, and it was just recently I was told that one of them hasn’t been getting their gifts for the last 4 month. Not even the birthday gifts and the Christmas present that we gave.
    For those who have read this , I am simply trying to have my voice heard. Please share this story if you believe that my children should be returned and be reunited with us. We have not been charged of anything. All it is was that lack of supervision and a medical neglect.
    Lack of supervision – my wife is an adult she has raised this kids for 9 year, hellllooo!!!
    Medical neglect -we miss a couple of appointments, which by the way they were supposed to take us and failed to do so,no phone calls nor rescheduling, dahhh! !!
    Its time to stop being silent, I’m speaking my voice to be heard
    Thank you

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  6. Kathleen Arthur
    June 20, 2015

    Here is the awnser:
    Senator Wyden is asking for bold and innovative foster care reform in his discussion draft.
    It is urgently needed.
    I have been both a nurse and a foster mother for over thirty years.
    When my own grandchildren were placed in foster care…the State would place foster kids in my home…but not my own
    grandchildren !!!!
    Their excuse was that the department did not get reimbursed for kin placement. REALLY?
    Well, we got a herd of lawyers…and got legal guardianship of all three of our little grandkids…and they are doing great.
    But now I want to advocate for a complete overhaul of our Children’s Administration.
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    So lets try something different…something that keeps kids both safe and with kin. See the attached.
    I am in Washington DC for the summer with my grandkids.
    I am going to stay all summer and fight untill this bill is passed. Call your Senators and tell them to support this bill.

    Grandma Kathleen Arthur

    ERN15204 Discussion Draft S.L.C

    The Family Preservation Act of 2015
    Using Science Based Diagnosis and Interventions
    Respectfully Submitted by Kathleen Arthur RN BSN BlueKathleen@live.com
    Nurse, Foster-mother, and grandma…An army of one.
    114th CONGRESS
    1ST Session S. _______

    A Bill
    To amend parts B and E of the Title IV of the Social Security Act to invest in funding of science based diagnosis and interventions to preserve families. Prevention and family services to focus on keeping children safe and supported at their home with their families and for other purposes. Our national goal is no foster care or group care by 2020.

    The current Children’s Administration (CA) Model is not working.
    Foster Children are suffering irrevocable permanent neurological damage. (See The Charlie Rose Show: Brain Series, The Biology of Parenting.)
    Social Workers are unable diagnose ICD-9 based medical diagnosis. Social Workers are only able to assign punitive labels.
    80% of CA caseload is labeled as abuse and neglect.
    The focus is on punitive, not restorative.

    The new Title IV e and b funding will focus on science based diagnosis and treatment.
    The focus will be restorative, not punitive.
    90% of the CA caseload can be categorized into three ICD-9 medical diagnosis:
    Postpartum Depression
    Attachment Disorder
    Parental Drug Addiction

    The Family Preservation model will replace the CA model using home health nurses on the street level. Nurses will use a care- path model to assess child/parental needs and formulate a ICD-9 diagnosis. The Family Preservation Model will provide services that have objective, research based interventions and outcomes. The resources focus will be bringing help to the child’s home/kin..…not removing the child to the resources.
    (This model will be much less expensive, as the primary family assessment does not involve activating the judicial system, or foster care. In 30 years as a home health nurse, I have only had 3 cases that required judicial involvement)

    Page 1
    Line 5. (Suggestion) Family Preservation Act of 2015

    Section 2. Findings
    Page 2
    Line 9. Recent research indicates that Children who are raised in foster care have permanent neurological damage. Children who do not receive adequate neurological neuron stimulation (love) in the first 24 months of life will have irreparable damage. Our national goal is no foster care placements by 2020.

    Line 10. Add… Title IV-E also provides no incentive for timely resolution of the child’s judicial case. The current judicial model pays appointed lawyers an hourly reimbursement rate. Children are languishing in the judicial system, because their lawyer will get paid less for a timely resolution.
    Innovative new judicial structures are encouraged such as a mediation cycle with bonus for early resolution to replace the hourly paid model. The goal is speedy resolution, and family preservation. Kids have a short shelf life.

    Page 3
    Line 17. Add…

    1. Science Based Interventions:

    A nurse model will focus on restorative interventions based on ICD-9 diagnosis and restorative treatment interventions.

    Social workers are simply unable to diagnosis medical conditions.
    Social worker can only label: Abuse and Neglect

    Currently parents with post-partum depression are grouped under the “Abuse and Neglect” category.

    In 2010 1million parents suffered from post-partum depression. A curable, time limited medical disorder.

    In 2010, thousands of parents lost their infants forever to mismanagement of a curable, time limited medical disorder.
    And now those parents are being targeted for removal of any subsequent births….their infants are being taken from their arms at the hospital and placed into foster care.


    Section 475 of such Act (42 U.S.C. 675) is amended by adding at the end the following:

    (A) All Family service timelines will be driven by evidence based ICD-9 diagnosis interventions.

    Time limited services to be driven by specific evidence based ICD-9 medical diagnosis.
    90% of all Children’s administration caseload could have been served under three ICD-9 diagnosis timelines:
    · 0-3 month Post-Partum Depression of Mother or Father
    · 0-24 months Detachment Disorder
    · Drug Addiction of Parent *

    Postpartum Depression is a time limited specific medical condition.
    It can occur in either the mother or father.
    A newborn has a 25% chance of having one parent with postpartum depression.
    Postpartum depression is a treatable time limited medical diagnosis. Not abuse and neglect.

    In the current system, parents are losing their infants forever to a time limited, treatable, medical diagnosis. Social Workers are only able to label parents as abusive. Home health nurses can make a diagnosis of postpartum depression under a standardized nursing care path.

    · The CA Model labels postpartum depression as abuse and neglect. The CA Model then will offer parenting classes and counseling for postpartum depression. The CA model will then judiciously intervene and removes the infant from the parent if the services are not completed.
    · The Family Preservation Model labels postpartum depression as a treatable ICD-9 medical diagnosis. The nurse will offer in home services to the parent, as profoundly sad parents are often unable to attend counseling or classes….because of the depression.
    Postpartum depression is a time limited treatable condition.

    In three months…the CA Model will probably result in removal of the infant.
    In three months …the Family Preservation Model will probably result in resolution of post-partum depression and an intact and thriving family, no longer in need of services.

    Attachment Disorder 0 to 24 months.
    New science has reviled there are only two types of caregiver in the child’s 0 to 24 months of life.
    1. Positive stimulation of nurturing neurons within the hypothalamus (IE loving interaction between caregiver and child)
    2. Non- stimulation exchange of nurturing neurons within the hypothalmus.

    · Foster care has been proven to cause permanent, irrevocable e neurological damage in children aged 0 to 24 months who do not have a loving caregiver exchange. (Positive stimulation of nurturing neurons)

    · Kin placement should be the first choice child placement, if the child is unable to safely cohabitate with parents.
    · In home services at the child’s home of origin should be deployed until a loving kin relative can be found.
    Monkeys is deprived light in their infancy will be forever blinded. And so our children are becoming forever damaged by deprivation of love in foster homes.
    If a child is deprived of love during the period of 0-24 months permanent irrevocable brain damage will occur.

    Parental Drug Addiction= Child age 0 to 24 months =
    1 month immediate inpatient parent/child centered treatment services for parents with any child aged 0-24 moths with 6 month follow up.
    Child aged 24 months and greater= 1 month immediate inpatient drug treatment for parent, with in home care for children in the parents absence, if no kin are available. Then a 6 months of follow up care.

    (If mom or dad had a burst appendix, they would not have delayed treatment….drug addiction is a medical diagnosis that must be given scientifically based resource in a timely fashion to assist with a cure.}

    All parents will be offered an Advanced Directive of Child Placement and Care
    Much like an Advanced Directive for health care, this will be a legally binding document that directs what kin children should be placed with in the event that the parent is unable to fulfill their parenting role…kids to kin….not to foster care. The only requirement is that the selected kin be able to pass a standardized background check.

    This one document alone will significantly reduce foster care placements and increase kin placements.

    Incarcerated mother
    Funds to keep mother and Child aged 0 to 24 months together during incarceration of mother of non-violent crime. The neurological nurturing stimulation will neurologically make them both better human beings. The nurturing neuron stimulation will alter for the better the inmate’s behavior. Lack of infant neurological nurturing stimulation will cause irreparable neurological damage.
    If possible delay incarceration of mother until the child is 24 months.

    Homeless Child and Parent

    Funds to avoid separation of child and parent because of homelessness. Children aged 0 to 24 months will suffer irreversible neurological damage if not loved during this period. Special intense funding should be given to homeless children aged 0 to 24 months to prevent irreversible neurological damage to the child.
    (Perhaps vouchers for family friendly hostels for homeless familys….at $30 per night the William Penn House is pretty cool. Or perhaps a tax deduction for hotels donating unused rooms to homeless folk)
    Children in a yert with a loving parent will have better brain function that children cared in a mansion with kind strangers.

    Page 8
    Strike child’s case plan and insert child’s ICD-9 treatment plan or family preservation treatment plan.

    Service shall follow the child, not the adult

    We do not need research to find a better model. We already have one. It is a public health nurse. Social workers cannot diagnosis, and should not be used in the care and planning of children in critical developmental phases. Children have a short shelf life, and are being irrevocably harmed by the current model.
    Use these funds to transfer the CA model to home health nurse based services.

    Page 10
    Services should be provided in four categories
    · Postpartum intervention period child 0-3 months
    · Attachment disorder prevention intervention child 0-24 months
    · Parental Drug Addiction
    · Other

    For children currently in foster care, kin should be offered the same amount and type of support to get kids who are currently in foster care to get out of foster care.

    If a child qualifies for SSI, the full amount of SSI disability payments for the child must go directly to the child’s caregiver.
    The ssi disability payment qualification follows the child not the adult/agency.

    Page 11
    This is important: All research must be done by a federal independent research facility. It is very, very easy to lie using statistics, and at a State level there is an incentive to stack the information deck to keep federal funding intact.

    Creation of a legally binding Parent Child Advanced Directive that allows parent to choose kin placement of child. This one document will significantly increase kin placements, and reduce government reliance.

    Page 17
    Part E Amend to read as follows
    Federal Payments for Child Permanency….skip the foster care part…our goal should be no foster care by 2020.

    Page 20
    Line 23 made for ICD-9 diagnosis
    Based and evidence-based programs

    Page 21
    Research should be done by independent transparent entities that are not in any way connected to the current CA. Very, very bad and biased research has gotten a lion’s share of the research funds so far.

    Time limited voluntary respite care vs foster care
    Open all records/transparency
    Parental and kin rights to contact with child
    Parents may have medical and mental health care provider of choice
    ADA individual assessments and accommodations
    Remove Social Worker immunity. Nurses and Doctors to not have immunity. We should all be accountable equally for forgery, evidence planting, forging criminal background checks, falsifying doctors reports, purchasing PhD and consolers testimony ect.

    From a news article
    : Children’s Rights has been involved in cases through out the United States in part because of glitches in the Federal law http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title04/0400.htm Title IV, parts B and E. This law, enacted in 1997 by Congressional Act with Presidential signature, focused on ways states would manage dollars related to generate fostercare placements and adoptions placements. Children’s Rights follows problems in state policy and operations that involve the demise and death of children resulting from policy and implementation problems on the state level. Oklahoma has those problems.
    One of the things that happened in this series of 1997 laws was that the Federal Government in the Administration to Children and Families, which is a faction of the Health and Human Services is unable to intervene, even when there are known problems in systems service delivery, use of monies or injury to children or families. So, it’s really true that people have said both in the individual cases, in the community and upwards to the federal services above the OKDHS that there are problems… pending death and death …. but nothing happens. Nothing happens because there is Federal 1997 policy that hogties the outside help.

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  7. Jo Swanson
    June 21, 2015
  8. Angela Hayse
    July 17, 2015

    Its sad when no one wants to send your children back to family. The. gal attorney wants my grandson adopted instead of reunification. Gal attorney said he was a foster child and my grandson would be better off with foster family. Then judge saying I really font think you want him. Why in the world am I there for. Crazy and messed ups system


  9. Natisha Street
    August 30, 2015

    My 9 year old child was bullied at school. Kicked, pushed, beaten by multiple students at a time, and stabbed with pencils. Prior to that, he was always happy. I repeatedly complained despite the school’s refusal to address the issue. On 4/11/2014 , our lives changed forever After an argument on the phone his teacher, she filed a false report with CPS that led to series of very unfortunate events. On 5/8/2014, Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare Dept filed petition alleging physical & mental abuse, that I don’t want my kid, that he had a mental disorder, and I could not take care of him. My only child was removed from school and placed into foster care for 6 months. No visits. No telephone calls. No letters. Not even a hug goodbye. Child returned on 11/7/2014 after trial ended. 2 weeks prior to his 10th birthday. Court found that my child was not in need or protection or services.
    An inquiry has been completed by Wisconsin representative Evan Goyke’s and Wisconsin senator Nikiya Harris-Dodd’s offices. They have also requested an audit regarding the Bureu of Mikwaukee Child Welfare (BMCW’s) practices.
    A complaint has been filed with the Social Security Administration
    Office of the Inspector General
    Allegation Management and Fugitive Enforcement Division for investigation of possible fraud. For the first 7 months, there was an open disability claim for my child that was filed by one of the entities involved. My child is not and has never been disabled physically or mentally.
    A complaint has been filed with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights regarding the psychiatrists involved and the administration of psychotropic medications in a healthy child.
    The NAACP and the ACLU have not been helpful. Recently, I have spoken with many attorneys that have informed me that I can sue the entities and individuals in federal court. A well known and highly respected attorney said that my case would be “setting the precedent”. My interpretation: ground-breaking. The issues addressed effect every family around the world. We need your help. Please contribute to this fund. Be a part of major changes in a broken system and keep families together.
    Attached are links to related media broadcasts.


    Natisha Street
    gofundme. com/SamuelStreet

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    • Tracey VERZOSA
      September 8, 2015

      I know the feelings, I have a son at the time he was only 7 and he came home with a black eyes and holes in his stomach from being stab with a pencil. The guidance concelor at the time told my daughter that” let’s just keep this to ourselves we took care the matter “that was his response after she had ask him if he had notified me. I had inform our case worker at the time and said that they will follow up on , which they never do. I figure I would share this cause it look like a similar situation.


  10. Lori Goss
    January 24, 2016

    Another story worth reading……………………. SAD BUT TRUE! Ginny Law’s photo.
    Ginny Law
    January 14 at 1:38am · Springfield, MO

    This is my trunk full of the belongings of a 13 year old boy in foster care. A boy who, until 2:30 pm today, thought he was finally being adopted into a family who wanted him.
    At 2:30 today, he was told by his case manager and adoption specialist that the family decided it wasn’t a good fit. They told him that he couldn’t go back to that house and that I was in the process of packing up his belongings from his home and would try to get as much as my car could hold (don’t worry, I think I got it all..).
    I waited with this 13 year old child at the case management office while we tried to find a place for him to sleep tonight. He fake slept on a couch there, not wanting to be present with us because that reality was too painful.
    I just left his new foster placement and left him to sort through the fact that his life isn’t what he thought it was when he woke up this morning. He was obviously terrified, not only about his lack of stability, but about being in a new home and a new urban neighborhood. I sat there for a while trying to help him feel comfortable, but he shut down after 2:30 today. I could barely get nods out of him. And I left. And I can’t do anything except try not to cry.
    I don’t write this as a pity party. I write this as a reality check (for myself and for you.). Our problems are so insignificant in comparison to what this boy is sorting through right now. Most of us will never know what it feels like to have a family verbalize that they don’t want you anymore( on top of being SO wronged by your biological family..). Most of us will never wonder if the home were sleeping in a) has people that are going to consistently care about you or b)will be the same place you sleep tomorrow night. I hate that this system is broken, and I hate that it exists….but both are the result of humanity and we’re a messed up species, y’all.
    As I read this I thought of our children, Children that were loved and still loved by their biological parents. It is hard for me to read, because we would take that child in and Love him, but the system took our children. A yearPLUS later we are still working at reunification of our family, with no help of CPS, FST. These abbreviations sound good CPS (CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES) and FST (FAMILY SUPPORT TEAM) But if you have been involved with them in any way, what they stand for is not always what they actually are. I am not saying all of them, but I am saying many times even the ones that started out working for the families , fall through the cracks of a failing system. Failing the children, failing the families and yes failing themselves, because of fear if they don’t go along, they might lose their jobs, losing sight of what they’re actully there for, the children and their families. Through our journey it is our hope that God will use us to to vessels in helping others like us, regain and reunite with their families as God intended. It is supposed to be FAMILY REUNIFICATION, but what we have seen in our journey, is not that at all, we have seen DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY, along with ALIENATION OF AFFECTION, destroying once good families, without a care. Because of MONEY and NUMBERS (QUOTA if you will!) This young man’s story is sad and should not be happening. Don’t know the background, did his biological family Love him, did they throw him away? Why was he made to think he was being adopted only to find he was again being throwing away. What happened, did the money run out, did the foster home have to make room for a child with $$$ signs attached? We have taken children and adults into our home, not expecting them to pay, we did expect them to help, because it wasn’t for a hand out, it was for a hand up. Our situation, we are not perfect parents, never claimed to be , never did we think we would ever have our children taken away, NEVER! But we did Ad a lie to any given situation that can start out fixable can also burst like a granade if thought another lie has to justify the 1st and so forth and so on. Our situation needed Family Theropy to nip it in the bud, before the plug was pulled on the granade, but the plug was not only allowed to be pulled by DFS, CPS , but encouraged to then cover their butts for the systems wrong doing. When I was young and we wanted to get someone in trouble we called it tatle tailing and another was a game called telephone.. In todays world some of these people that think they’ve grown up, might not even realize (BUT I BELIEVE THEY DO! It’s called Hotlining and Gossip. Inocient fun as a child, devastating destruction of others if continued. This young man, may be wondering if he will strike out again (3rd strikes aren’t good!) But hopefully people that have crossed his path, have chose to pray for this young man, encouraged him to not give up, have told him, he to can be forgiven, if there’s any blame he’s feeling. Hopefully someone has come across his path to telling him about a Savior, our Savior, that can give him NEW Life. A Savior that will never leave him or forsake him, like it appears so many others have along the way. Hopefully through those prayers, this young man will except Jesus into his life despite the pain he has had to endure and suffer at the hand of another. Hopefully through Salvation will he see, that God can allow his bad situation to be used for the good, giving God the Glory. Hopefully he won’t sit alone in his pain and become a citizen and/or social worker with revenge. Did you or have you prayed for this young man and the many others that have and/are needing the same?


  11. Lori Goss
    January 24, 2016

    I am posting this again, as there are many fixable families out there, at the hands of DHS, DDS, DFS, CPS and what ever other initials they may go by, They have failed many. They may be over worked and overloaded, but yet there is NO EXCUSE for such behavior……. I am from MO, Our children were taken December 16th, 2015 from our home and we have been fighting to get them back with no avail. However we get to pick up our daughter in the morning for the week-end. So my heart is greatful, but I as all of you want my children home where they should and need to be. A friend also has a facebook support group. Check it out Operation Family Freedom, check it out and like his page. I believe the more we all stick together, share hope with one another and learn from one another we will be better equipped to fight for our children and get them back where they belong. And better equipped to help others not have their kids gone as long as ours, if they are also taken. It needs to stop. HUGS2U-ALL. My Heart goes out to all of you,because I am in the same boat, lets start rowing. ……… Then on the other side we have the tragic stories of a child’s death…………………… a baby………………………. TULSA, Oklahoma –

    A Tulsa man is in custody following the death of his girlfriend’s baby. Tulsa Police say Kevin Lee Crawford was arrested in connection to the 6-month-old boy’s death.

    The baby went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at a Tulsa hospital Saturday. Crawford, 52, was booked into the Tulsa County Jail Monday morning on complaints of felony child neglect, possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia.

    “The child’s mother, Anna Hyden, left earlier in the day and left her infant son in the custody of her boyfriend Kevin Crawford,” TPD said in a report.

    1/16/2016 Related Story: Tulsa Infant Dies; Police Looking For Mom’s Boyfriend

    Police say the couple lives in a shed behind a residence on the 300 block of South Zunis Avenue. Living conditions were described as “deplorable” with “trash, chemicals and filth” next to be baby’s crib.

    “The shed was also uninsulated which left the baby very little protection from the elements,” the arrest report states.

    When Crawford was arrested, he had methamphetamine and several needles, according to police. Records show he has a felony record that includes several previous convictions including manufacturing methamphetamine.

    Some of the information in this news story may have been provided by law enforcement with the request News On 6 inform the public of, and/or assist in locating a person in connection with, a police investigation. News On 6 can make no independent verification of the accuracy of the information, photographs and/or video provided to it by police or other law enforcement agencies.


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